the PinUp

Auxiliary’s playful take on the sexy centerfold pin up. This month we bring you the striking Nofar Avigdor in vivid red Betsey Johnson! So flip the page, cut out, and tac on your wall!

Photographer : Studio X
Makeup Artist : Mimi Makeup
Hair Stylist : Aliza Williams
Model : Nofar Avigdor

dress by Betsey Johnson with hat by Taissa Lada Designs

name: Nofar Avigdor

nickname: Noffi (Hebrew nickname =] )

birthday: May 21st

birthplace: Jerusalem, Israel

eye color: brown and sometimes they are very light and almost seem green

hair color: naturally light brown

turn-ons: intelligence, inside beauty and even sometimes out, funny, loving, caring, tall, nice eyes, beautiful smile, says the right things, family man, and someone who knows when you need or want something without having to say

turn-offs: high ego, shallow, big time show-off, has an attitude, righteous, “know-it-all” but knows nothing at all, and acts nasty to my friends or family

why do you model?: When I get in front of the camera, all my walls are put down. I get this intense connection with the camera. I forget all my problems, anyone in the room, and even my name. I connect with the person in the clothes, make-up, and hair. I become someone else. Plus it gives me the feeling like I can touch the stars with just a little reach.

favorite movie: I hate movies that make you cry, but Life is Beautiful (1997) has gotten the best of movie. I recommend this movie to everyone!

favorite tv show: Family Guy!

favorite book: Sandra Hill’s Cajun Contemporary Series and Jinx Series

favorite color: red or black

favorite outdoor activity: soccer is my second life

favorite indoor activity: Do video games count?

anything you’d like to say to our readers?: Live life to the fullest cause as sad as it may sound, everyday can be your last.

from the February Issue of Auxiliary Magazine

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