music review : Combichrist – Today We Are All Demons

reviewed by : Aaron Andrews

genre : EBM, industrial
released by : Metropolis Records on 20 January 2009
data : 4th full length album . 13 tracks . 57:08 run time .

packaging : The signature Combichrist winking skull and cross bones makes its appearance on the cover.  In this instance, with muted grays and hot-rod flames.  Inside, the muted monotone theme continues, offering lyrics and band shots.

The newest full length from Andy LaPlegua (Icon of Coil, Panzer AG) continues to put their noise-heavy first release The Joy of Gunz behind them.  The new album gives fans more of the same EBM/industrial flavor of Everybody Hates You and What the Fuck Is Wrong With You People. The start of the album is well put together and gives the listener an onslaught of well written, in your face tracks until reaching “Can’t Change the Beat”.  With this track you get to take a Nitzer Ebb inspired breather only to be slammed again as the album builds back up.  The end of the album tapers off again with the slower album titled track “Today We Are All Demons” and the epic “At the End of It All”. This album isn’t very groundbreaking or inventive but it is everything you were wishing for if you’ve been waiting on the latest installment of Combichrist with baited breath.  Heavy beats, the signature synth sounds from previous releases, and Andy’s screaming or distorted vocals deliver exactly what you expect.  It’s high energy music that will have you punching the air and stomping around to your heart’s content.  Again, it’s everything you’d expect from Combichrist, no deviation or reinvention. I thoroughly enjoyed every listen I gave this album and was stuck by how much the soul of this release reminds me of the likes of Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb.  This entire album will continue to be featured on my iPod for months to come.

recommended tracks : All Pain is Gone, Can’t Change the Beat, Kickstart the Fight, Spit, End of It All
if you like you may like : Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, KMFDM, Hocico, Suicide Commando
grade : overall 8 – music 8 – lyrics 6 – recording quality 9

from the February Issue of Auxiliary Magazine

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