subtle DAY to bold NIGHT

by Rachel Mazurek

Hours can be short and we all lead busy lives. Being able to transition from one look to another in a hurry can be an invaluable skill in life. One of the easiest ways to save some time with your daily makeup routine is some clever planning. With planning and by carrying the right tools with you, five minutes here-or-there can transform your look from day to evening with minimum hassle. Here are some makeup looks and tips that start with a simple base look for the day and transition to a more intense look for night.

It’s easy and it only takes a few minutes to change your eye liner or to blend another tone into your current eye shadow. The one rule to remember when doing this is that you can always add to a look but taking away can be trickier. Try to start with a light or neutral base that is versatile and wearable. This way, you can add in small amounts and evolve your look.


A light look for work or school can be created by gentle blending of light shimmery tones with a more conservative earth tone or neutral metallic. Add a light lip for some warmth without overpowering the eyes or making you look too formal.

Extend and thicken your eye liner and your look will become more dramatic. A darker look that is more appropriate for evening can be achieved by building on top of your day time eye shadow. Blend in two additional darker tones from the same color palette that you used in the base look. A peach tinted gloss gives a sophisticated pop of color to this very dramatic look.


Light pinks and shimmery whites can be great for a lunch date or shopping trip.  They draw attention to the eyes with sparkle rather than contrast.  It makes for a great flirty daytime look with a lot of versatility.  A clear lip gloss keeps your overall look fresh and light.

By building color and depth on top of the existing base we can create some very interesting looks.  Add some pink and yellow tones to the base you already have.  This creates a night look great for a warm evening outdoor event.  Add a rich pink/red with a lot of gloss to the lip to build even more impact.  Note: eyeliner is very important to defining the shape of this look.


This is an edgier daytime look, with a very defined liner and a fuller lash for a look with contrast and depth.  Mix some light blue shadows with silvers to make a statement that is bold but still light enough for the day.  A rich, matte pink lip balances well against the strong colors of the eye.

Really build up the depth of color with more blended layers of multi-toned blue shadow to create a very dramatic look for the club.  These rich colors will stand up to moving multi-colored lights and dim lighting but still make a statement in the late hours of the night when the houselights come up.  There are many options for the lip with this look but a warm or nude tone will generally compliment it well.

from the February Issue of Auxiliary Magazine

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