A day trip in New York City

I had not been to the Big Apple in about 8 years, so I was pretty excited to ride the Path over from Hoboken into Manhattan. Still smells the same!

The first stop for my fiancé and I was the Gothic: Dark Glamour exhibit at the FIT Museum, which Auxiliary Magazine had an article on in the first issue. The mood and tone of the exhibit was perfect. I saw everything from true Victorian mourning garb to modern designers Kambriel and Lip Service displayed next to each other.  (Check out Auxiliary Magazine’s Invitation Only editorial featuring these designers.)  It gave a great correlation between the influences that dress the modern goth girl. I also enjoyed the displays because it was just plain eye candy for the shopaholic! The main room of the exhibit featured the “batcave” which featured current and past fashion labels that haunt my personal closet. It featured; Dane, Lip Service, London Underground, Siren clothing, Demonia, and various anonymous pieces (each dated, for example “early 90s”) that may have been DIY pieces or thrift store finds. The largest part of the exhibit was the various high fashion couture designers that may or may not have been influenced by goth style. I found the designs interesting, there were some that were blatant references and some garment choices that were just questionable. The more questionable designs, upon contemplation and reading the description, made it more clear why these garments fit into the exhibit. Yet over all, I found it to be a great testament to goth style and I found myself wanting a lot of the pieces for my closet collection!

Next we stopped off at a store called Gothic Renaissance, which a few of my friends deemed as “stupid” (due to the fact it’s next to a Halloween store) and we were both pleasantly surprised! The store was packed full of the usual club labels (Shrine, Serious, Demonia, etc.) but had some unusual J-Rock designers who’s labels I could not decipher. It was nice to hold up the clothing and see some of the designs up close to inspect the detailing. I enjoyed the massive costume jewelry that adorned the cases, as I am a sucker for anything with spiders or bats! Good store to check out, but the prices are a little on the expensive side for NYC boutiques.

Now it would not be a trip to NYC without stopping at Trash and Vaudeville!  (Check out Auxiliary Magazine’s Men with Style editorial featuring clothing purchased at Trash and Vaudeville.)  Jimmy greeted us and upon introduction of my sweetie as “fiancé” I received a giant hug from Jimmy, awww! NYC love! Trash has mostly Tripp NYC grab in the front of the store, but the back half had a large collection of Stop Staring! dresses as well as some Shrine clothing. I purchased some black Tripp NYC skinny jeans and followed Jimmy’s advise, “Make sure those are the right size, you can’t spare an inch since they stretch out while wearing them!” Oh! I know, I know the powers of the stretch.

When on St. Mark’s you must visit The Sock Man. If you love socks like I do, then you will appreciate the treasures inside! The store contains wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, hosiery mania! Drool. I think we spent over $50 on socks (okay we really didn’t need them) and my favorites were the orange sushi pair and the green pink flamingo pair I purchased. Yes, I am the sock dorkiest.

I stumbled upon a store on Second Ave called Enz’s that carried all major rockabilly/vintage repo clothing: Stop Staring!, Paper Doll, Bettie Page, and Sour Puss.  (Check out a little article on Enz’s by our friends at  Pretty neat to see dresses up close and personal as I have chosen a Stop Staring! dress for my wedding day (awesome quality). The store was very cute and neatly presented. All the garments and handbags were easily accessible to handle and inspect. The only negative was that I had already seen everything in that store, there was no new clothing labels/designers to discover. BUT, prices are great and the staff friendly and helpful!

We ended the shopping tour with a few other choice places, met up with a friend for dinner, and then headed to Trailer Park for a drink. I absolutely LOVED this place! Pink Flamingo mirrors in the bathroom, need I go on!? I fell in love with the décor, the staff, and the deep-fried tater tots! White trash kitsch at it’s finest!

This gal is exhausted!

Meagan Hendrickson
Meagan Hendrickson was a founding member and now is a fashion contributor for Auxiliary.
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