skeetaz – music review

Skeetaz – Off
released by Proboscis on 25 November 2008
data :  . 11 tracks . 77:40  run time .

reviewed by : Alex Kourelis

genre : Acid/Dubstep

content : Imagine DJing your favorite Two Lone Swordsmen vinyl at a club, then looking down and realizing that you set the RPM way too high on your decks, that’s the initial impression I got of James Watts and Bil Bless’ project Skeetaz.  The adept studio work is coupled with some real talent in the making, some weird noises, and nabbing a few here and there.  Not to worry though as most of what seems like samples in the work are mashed so deftly they don’t distract one from enjoying the track.  In fact, the selections are so eclectic if you spend any time wondering if you heard a honky tonk piano, you’ll miss the Venetian Snares style glitching and forget what music like this is about, fun!  My main gripe however is that Skeetaz seems to try so hard to impress us with the range of sounds they can make that the songs seem to drift like a child with ADD after a Red Bull.  Point in case, the track “Duck Sauce” seems to get lost halfway through without a hope of being found again, until the last minute or so.

recommended tracks : Duck Sauce, Assbref, French DouBa

if you like you might like : Two Lone Swordsmen, LFO

grade : A (music : A . lyrics : n/a . recording quality : A)

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