DYM – music review

DYM – The Invilid
released by COP International on 7 October 2008
data : debut release . 10 tracks . 42:00 run time . www.enterdym.com

reviewed by : Razorgrrl

packaging : “The Invilid” comes in a jewel case, with a 4-page liner note. The cover adorns a sexy girl caught in wires, while the inside shows the standard “industrial-style” pose from the band members. The album art seems rushed, and isn’t my first choice for fabulous album art. But it gets the job done and sets a nice tone for the accompanying music.

content : Growing on the strengths of several self-released EPs and teasers, Canadian artist DYM’s debut release “The Invilid” is a start in the right direction. DYM has been active in the Toronto industrial scene for many years, and this full-length release is sure to be welcomed by their growing fan base set from live performances and social networking websites. DYM utilize deftness and skill to deliver ten tracks that cross styles and genres. DYM does not disappoint!  With influences from fellow Toronto acts Fractured and Famine, listeners will hear dark terror EBM, incorporating aspects of glitch, breakcore, and power noise. DYM use a healthy variety of beats and styles to provide us with danceable stomping tracks — No boring songs that all sound alike! The highlights are definitely “Bender” and “The Invilid”. I love these tracks! The glitch breakcore qualities really stand out to me, and separate these songs from regular industrial fare. It is this crossover of genres that gives appeal, and shows how industrial has more to give.  For more traditional industrial EBM anthems, look to “Neuworldbrave”, “Autonomy of the Will”, “Martha Monoxide”, and “Government Stomp!” for rhythmic beats and a good solid crunch, all with a bit of a twist. Excellent dance floor tracks that will appeal to any crowd out to shake their booty.  “Touch” brings a slower quality to the middle of the album, which is a nice change of pace showing us that DYM can provide more than just a good beat that rattles your soul. Variety is good. Yes.  I recommend this album to all. In the this age of bands that tend to sound alike with no variation, and present little in the way of originality, DYM brings back my confidence that good industrial music still exists.  Highlights on the album include the album opener “Bender”, the fast-paced “Neuworldbrave”, “Autonomy of the Will” and the title track “The Invilid”. This reviewer hopes to hear more from the band, as it evolves and gives us more quality releases!  Thank you DYM.

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grade : A (music : A . lyrics : B . recording quality : B)

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