a kiss could be deadly – music review

A Kiss Could Be Deadly – A Kiss Could Be Deadly
released by Metropolis on 18 March 2008
data : 5 piece band . first full length album . 12 tracks . 47:25 run time . www.akisscouldbedeadly.com

reviewed by : Mike Kieffer

genre : Electronic, Rock

packaging : Album cover uses the eye-catching colors of pink and black, which seems to be a popular choice for album covers over the last few years. The cover art contains some overlapping images and some optical illusion tunnel vision thing going on. Its not cover art that will win awards or be recognized for decades, but most of the time album covers are disappointing anyways… and as they say don’t judge a book by its cover.

content : This recent Metropolis Records release is not the standard electronic music release that we are use to, but a more pop rock release that seems to becoming more and more popular these days. The album A Kiss Could Be Deadly starts out with the track “The Exit”, an upbeat dance pop punk song with a little darker edge then say Avril Lavine, but not as guitar heavy as The Birthday Massacre. This level is kept at a constant throughout the 12 tracks.  The singing could be considered a little nasally, but it is easy to overcome. The lyrics are about love and life and some fantastical situations, not in the tween to teenager sense, more like twentysomething, although I am pushing thirty and I could relate, then again maybe I am just trying to relive my youth. The songs are easy to listen to and you will find yourself singing along in no time.  “Just Another Mystery” and “The Book, Not the Feeling” are two tracks I recommend. Although I could recommend any of the tracks on the album, they are all consistently good.  Overall, I wouldn’t say this is the best album of ’08 but it is damn good. When you find yourself listening to dark gloomy music and you get in a funk of I want to die in a grey room on a grey cloudy day, A Kiss Could Be Deadly will definitely pump up your spirits and fill you with energy.

grade : A- (music : B+ . lyrics : B . recording quality : A)

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