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new york fashion week : Rag & Bone spring 2012

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The first thing I thought when I saw Rag & Bone’s spring 2012 collection which was shown at New York fashion week was 90s raver fashion is back!  Then I began to wonder if I liked this collection, it seemed a bit ugly at times, but then something caught my eye… so many pieces reminding me of old Illig styles!  Then I was excited. Ruched skirts, netting sweaters, and that white crisscrossing strap skirt!  I think with some careful selection these pieces and 90s raver, streetwear cyber could be incorporated into your spring and summer 2012 wardrobe.  Follow the cues of this collection to bring the style up to date, lots of layers, a sharp color palette, adding floral prints, and retro plastic sunglasses worn like cyber goggles.  I’m digging those old Illig favorites I couldn’t stand to part with out of my closet and seeing what I can do!