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new york fashion week : Betsey Johnson fall 2011

Friday, February 18th, 2011

At NY fashion week, Betsey Johnson showed two fall 2011 collections.  First was her Black Tag line which was full of velvet, black, flowers, and animal prints.  There were many dark, goth and punk style ensembles but all with a Betsey feel.  Each model was wearing an animal print pantyhose bodysuit, which is questionable in general but in some outfits works surprisingly well, and a ruffle neck-corset-esque choker, which I have seen all over the place lately from “alternative” designers, an interesting trend for Johnson to pick up.  I love the exaggerated shoulder coats and the huge floral attachments on just one shoulder of many of the pieces.

In addition to her Black Tag collection, Betsey Johnson revealed her new Pink Patch line.  The models for this collection were Betsey Johnson employees and friends all in matching blonde wigs.  It’s refreshing and fun to see regular sized and shaped women on the runway at something like NY fashion week.  Instead of going to big-box stores to create a lower price point line, Johnson did it herself and created a line full of her signature looks, poofy party dresses to kitschy and floral bold prints, with all items priced at under $100.  I love this because it means it will be easier to get some Betsey items into your wardrobe but everything from this runway show that I am truly lusting after is from the Black Tag collection.


new york fashion week : Rag & Bone fall 2011

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011


The designer duo known as Rag & Bone put their fall 2011 women’s collection down the runway at NY fashion week. Technically the first thing that comes to mind when I see this collection is it’s paneling. I know it’s very anti-climatic to most, but not to me. This is an art that has been meticulously curated by many and mastered by few. Paneling is the trend that has really captured me intently in the last year. It is difficult to find garments that achieve it in a way that is both chic and flattering, not to mention unique. It can very easily end up looking like retro color blocking or worse like patchwork.  Rag & Bone seem to have inspired themselves and their viewers to look at the very shapes themselves within the garment from without. Arranging balance through contrasting weights in fabric, as well as size in the shapes and panels creates a very tasteful asymmetrical balance.

Esoterically this collection reads to me as though there were an emphasis on the strength of the female essence, utilizing the influence of earthy Native American tribes to Scottish warriors. I also felt a very worldly region based almost patriotic feel, like they took every culture’s essence and turned their designs into mini futuristic tribal tributes to each.


Z Spoke by Zac Posen fall 2011

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

New York Fashion Week has begun and fall 2011 collections are being revealed.  The fall Z Spoke collection by Zac Posen is darker and more serious than previous collections.  I am liking what I see!  Many textures, but they are calm not busy, subdued colors, a mix of structure and flow.  Many great business/work options but some good casual pieces too, and everything looks comfy to wear, which is always a plus.  With pieces ranging from $80-650, it is attainable.  Maybe more so than the designs themselves, I am in love with the styling and mood of this collection.  You can do black lip stick and look super chic and it doesn’t have to be paired with over the top hair and clothes.


new york fashion week highlights : trias

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


Spanish designer Joaquin Trias showed his first Fall/Winter collection at the recent New York Fashion Week. Trias is a professional tennis player who’s passion for fashion started early in his life which then translated into him showing his first collection ever for the Spring/Summer 2010 season. His ready-to-wear collection features strong lines in sheath dresses and skirts, with classic tailoring reminiscent of 1960s Chanel. Highlights of the collection included; thin obi-like belts, ruched sleeves, and strong necklines. Over all a classic, very flattering collection for many body types and sizes.



new york fashion week highlights : siki im

Sunday, March 14th, 2010


Siki Im‘s Fall/Winter 2010 collection at New York’s Fashion Week was not your typical menswear design. A mostly black and white collection was filled with; man skirts, kilts, and cropped sweaters, pushing against the normal views of masculinity. The collection read like a sleek business man that combined function with edgy asymmetrical cuts that are pure eye candy. I like the way the kilts were paired with cropped sweaters, accessorized with neckties, trouser socks, and blazers, these pieces all fit together to create a gender neutral silhouette which includes elements from both male and female clothing design. This collection is classic and brings new ideas to the future of menswear and what may become a wider world view of the suit.


new york fashion week highlights : andy & debb

Saturday, March 6th, 2010


Andy & Debb describe their design concepts as, romantic minimalism, and the Fall/Winter 2010 collection for New York’s Fashion Week embodied that label. The designer duo gives us elegant day-to-evening wear with highlights including; a copper tailored suit, a white collar Victorian-esque babydoll dress, a sequined shift dress with strong silhouetted shoulders, and a sleek tuxedo styled jacket. Attention was brought to the necklines; blouses with ruffled detailing, fitted turtlenecks, and boat neck dresses, leaving a very demure and modest feel to the collection as a whole.



new york fashion week highlights : anna sui

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2010


Layers upon layers of different laces, furs, knits, patterns, and textures was the theme of Anna Sui’s Fall/Winter collection at New York Fashion Week.  The collection read as if a 1960s mod met a sherpa and they both were influenced by the layering trend of the 1990s Seattle grunge scene.


The Fall/Winter collection featured the drop waist dress silhouette as the foundation for most of this season’s looks.  Sui seemed take us on a journey into different eras of the drop waist by showing looks from knitted day-wear to ruffled floral evening dresses into 1920s flapper-inspired bridal wear.  This chaotic array of plaids, florals, patterns, sequins, and even some macramé would make ones head spin, but Sui made me a believer that less can be more!  The highlights of the collection were the details in the patterned tights, fur vests, and pops of jewel-tones like; emerald green, plum purple, and royal blue.  Anna Sui always makes a statement by being on the cusp of alternative fashion, always daring and always giving us all something to drool over!


new york fashion week highlights : tony cohen

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Tony Cohen Fall/Winter 2010


Just like the New York chill in February, the set design echoed this theme with a carpeted  runway of black fallen leaves for Tony Cohen’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Born and bred in Netherlands, Amsterdam, Tony Cohen first designed clothes in Italy after going to school in the United States. Cohen attributes his father’s 40 years of woman’s fashion experience that helped him to become a fashion designer.


Cohen takes inspiration in designing from curtain draping, art, and fabric, which is prevalent in his sleek Fall/Winter 2010 collection. The mostly monochromatic collection had a neutral palette of gray, black, and burgundy, featuring draping fabrics and asymmetrical cuts combined to make each piece dramatic. The simplicity of color was overshadowed by the incorporation of rich textiles of fur, leather, and wool. The garments were complimented by seasonal accessories of; gloves, black leather belts, fish net gloves, and silver waist chains. The overall feel of Tony Cohen’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection is easy-to-wear, edgy and sexy, nothing too innovative, but definitely functional and memorable.


new york fashion week highlights : cheng-huai chuang

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Cheng-Huai Chuang 2010 Fall & Winter Collection


This recent Parsons School of Fashion Design graduate and exclusive designer for Drag Diva Sherry Vine showed his debut collection for Fall/Winter at New York Fashion Week. As a flamenco dancer performed before the show, the inspiration of Spanish bullfighters echoed throughout the runway designs. The elegant ready-to-wear collection showed pieces ranging from red carpet gowns to wearable day blouses and jackets. Chuang’s mostly black collection was highlighted by splashes of color with a fuchsia structured bodice top, red embroidered bias-cut jacket, burgundy velvet cropped pant, and classic red dress paired with season-specific opera length, black leather gloves. The debut collection, involved lots of lush materials; lambskin, lace, satin, and multi-colored wool, all tailored into form-fitting pants, flowing gowns, and structured jackets.