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designer feature : Heartless Revival

Friday, May 25th, 2012

interview by : Jessica Jewell
photographer : Liz Besanson
makeup artist : Deidre Grant
hair stylist : Mackenzie Hughes
models : Anastasia Eremenko, Veronica Dawn, and Morghan Dever

Autumn Kietponglert’s evocative designs combine darkness, texture, lines, and movement. Based out of Philadelphia, she’s part of a collective of designers forging a new fashion scene. She’s the creative director of the Heartless Revival brand and the designer of Autumnlin Atelier. Zipping down runways and gracing the pages of editorials, her creations are awe-inspiring. Her work has been showcased at New York’s Fashion Week and has earned international rapport turning heads with her international publicity.

Heartless Revival’s aesthetic is edgy, dark Tokyo street attitude colliding with refined, aristocratic Victorian fashions. Her most recent collection, “Sacred and Profane” maintains a brooding look while still integrating lighter materials and more understated, softer colors. They’re ethereal and carry the models down the catwalk with a mesmerizing grace and fluidity.

What’s the buzz all about? Where East meets West, where nightmares meet dreams, her designs are as unique as they are enviable. Auxiliary had the privilege of getting a minute of Autumn’s time to pick the brain of a prodigal creative.

read the full interview in the April/May 2012 Issue

April/May 2012 Issue out now!

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

The April/May 2012 issue is the twenty first issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle.  This issue features an interview and exclusive photoshoot with Motor, an interview with Praga Khan of Lords of Acid, a designer spotlight on Heartless Revival, an icon feature on Edgar Allan Poe, and Ulorin Vex as our PinUp. The issue also contains an editorial of fashions for a world reborn, a dark city dweller fashion editorial, a morphing beauty editorial, a full spectrum beauty editorial, and a haunting florals style article. It features photography by Allan Amato, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Manny S., Liz Besanson, Daniel Martinez, and Catherine Day, and fashion from Ghost Love Jewelry, Marianna Harutunian, Westward Bound, Betsey Johnson, Miss Be, Lip Service, Hell Bunny, Irregular Choice, Widow, VII Victory, S&G, Too Fast, and much much more.

You can download it for free at :

Print copies are available for purchase online at :
And for purchase in stores at :

in attendance : New York Comic Con

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

New York NY, October 8 to 10 – Comic Cons have clearly become a battle of the coasts.  With San Diego attracting major production companies and crowds numbering up to 120,000, it would seem to be the clear winner.  This year’s New York Comic Con might change all that.  A three-day convention at one of NYC’s largest venues, The Javits Center, tickets sold out on both Friday and Saturday, making total attendance upwards of 100,000, over 20,000 more than last years.  Thus, while cavernous, the Javits Center was unpassably crowded for most of the weekend.  This was particularly true of the vendor’s floor, where small-but-strong indie companies like RockLove Jewelry and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab appeared alongside with megaliths like DC Comics and Square Enix Games.

O So Wrong, O So Right in NYCC’s The Never Ending Closet Fashion Show

The New York Anime Festival, something of a subdivision of NYCC, was in a separate space in the Center.  A collection of artists, panels, and events here with a far more communal feel.  The rest of the con had a lot of that quintessentially New York City activity, pretending to pass others impassively while surreptitiously ogling their outfits in awe.  Anime fans, a decidedly younger set than the rest of the Con, involved a lot more giggling and impromptu karaoke in their day.  It was in this section of Comic Con that The Never Ending Closet Fashion Show took place.  Showcasing mini-collections from six young American designers, it was introduced by Takamasa Sakurai, a Japanese Pop Culture Diplomat.  The designers delivered the way only New York could.


digital editorial : the Stars in Her Skies

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Silk mohair machine knit dress with zipper trim, suede rooster feather neck corset, feather shoulder piece, and bondage strap with brass latch all by Heartless Revival. Vintage evening gloves with heart charm necklace by Guess with model’s own vintage bead and chain jewelry.

Metallic leather under-the-bust corset and chicken leather and rooster feather neck piece by AutumnLin Atelier paired with cotton sateen corset and charmeuse bustle skirt by Heartless Revival.