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item of the week : Desiderium Leggings by Alien Botany by Zoetica Ebb

Friday, September 12th, 2014


image source biorequiem.com

Artist, model, and as highlighted here, fashion designer Zoetica Ebb has turned many of her Alien Botany drawings into wearable art. These thick and totally opaque spandex leggings were designed with your body in mind. Unlike many all over print leggings, this design is laid out perfectly for your anatomy. Zoetica Ebb’s Alien Botany leggings come in four styles but we chose this one because you need something that will contrast your sea of black and gray clothing. Pick a pair of bold shoes and top these leggings with a comfy tunic and you’re all set with an easy yet fashionable outfit for a fall day. See more from the Alien Botany collection, see more of Zoetica Ebb’s spot on styling, and read our interview with her in the latest issue of Auxiliary!

The Desiderium Leggings by Alien Botany by Zoetica Ebb are available online for $103 at www.biorequiem.com.

– Jennifer Link

music video : THYX – Robots Don’t Lie

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

THYX, a side project of mind.in.a.box’s mastermind Stefan Poiss, has released a new music video for “Robots Don’t Lie” off his upcoming album Super Vision due out March 25th. Self described as, “atmospheres from cyberspace, a musical image from a far-away future,” this video adds a distinct story to the futuristic sounds of THYX. The realities of constant surveillance and tracking shift into robot uprising and dictatorship; the simple story told in a 5 minute video rings true when more and more facts and realities seem to be straight out of a nightmarish science fiction book.

– Jennifer Link

fashion find : Dystropolis Valhalla Collection

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

DYSTROPOLIS has made the leap from the runway to the shops with the grand opening of their online shop on November 5th. The move from runway-shown, yet unreleased collections to having designs available for purchase in their online store was not a surprise for Auxiliary, we’ve been watching this talented designer since her first runway collection at FAT, Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week, back in 2010. With her strong designs, impeccable tailoring, and a good sense of how different fabrics and textures layer on the body, Wendy Ng’s DYSTROPOLIS line has made a strong imprint on the eyes of fashion watchers everywhere. Ng’s collections have been themed on the whole but each has held true to her vision of the brand, “DYSTROPOLIS has been focusing on the development of its own DNA: fashion as the chosen artistic medium, inspired by everything surrounding us; from nature, architecture, people, music, movies, to world events.”


photos : Paul Hillier

Some of the latest collection, VALHALLA is currently available in their online store, and more will be released in several phases over the next few weeks. The store will contain ready-to-wear women’s, men’s, and unisex pieces. Pieces will be available in smaller limited-edition runs and are made to order, handmade in Canada, and will guarantee the wearer a quality-made and unique clothing item.


The VALHALLA Collection is an assembly of designs inspired by Iceland and the Norse mythologies. It is sophisticated and dark, layering the monochromatic tones of black, white, and grey with various fabrics and textures. The FREYA Hooded Cloak, with its light flowing chiffon, mixed with pleather and stud detailing, will become a must-have statement piece. The LOKI Dress is a versatile piece that can get you through your daily routine and into the evening. The LOKI Dress can be easily paired with a suit jacket or cardigan during the day. With its sheer draping mesh details it is an instant evening hit (especially paired with killer heels and your favorite accessories)!


Separates like the unisex NJÖRÐR Wrap Skirt and the ODIN Riding Pants are amazing unisex pieces that would definitely be well loved in any wardrobe, being stable separates that can coordinate with almost anything in your closet. Men, try pairing the NJÖRÐR with a dress shirt and studded tie. With its classic wrap style, and soft chiffon layers, the ladies might style it soft with a silk blouse and stylish earrings. Or hard, with leather ankle boots and a biker jacket over a dark tank. The ODIN Riding Pants would be just as at home around the office with a casual sweater and high boots, as they would be out in the bustling city streets.



The next release phase is November 19th so be on the look-out for new pieces such as the NOBAHAR Dress, FREYR Trench Coat, VAAKO Halter Top, and more! For women and men, DYSTROPOLIS by Wendy Ng has something for everyone.

The VALHALLA Collection is available online at www.dystropolis.myshopify.com.

– Tasha Farrington

runway : Futurstate at FAT 2013

Sunday, May 19th, 2013


FAT Toronto ON, April 25 – It’s been ten years and Laura Stewart’s Futurstate was just as relevant and fashion forward as ever. At Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT, her show started with the lights turned out and security agents flashing lights through the crowd. The music changed and a collection of apocalyptic street style emerges to take over the runway. It was all the classic elements we have loved over the years, revamped here and there to perfection. The collection was all in our favorite shade of black, with touches of neon orange, silver, and reflective piping. The looks were kept clean and simple, with staple pieces like black tees with shoulder details, or neon prints. There were dark pants with pockets for everything adorning the men. While straps, shrugs sheers, and skirts with long slits looked empowering on the women. The makeup was created and done by Larissa Palaszczuk of Blonde Moxie Makeup. The neon beauty looks were well balanced and help create the overall impression of stepping into a world of rebels, fighters, and anarchists.






photos : Ian Compton

– Tasha Farrington

runway : Dystropolis at FAT 2013

Saturday, May 18th, 2013


FAT Toronto ON, April 25 – At Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT, Wendy Ng chose the Norse gods as inspiration for Dystropolis’ collection this year entitled Valhalla. A collection of what a modern god might wear when summoned to earth. Each look stood on its own, evoking the god it represents. Yet the personality and character each god represents came together in a stand of strength when viewed as a whole.

Accessories from COVEN by Sonia Kang adorned the models, and pieces were used to accentuate the looks not overpower them. Memorable pieces were the spinal back harnesses, ear cuffs with leather fringe, and the bird skull choker on the final look.

Thirteen looks were showcased and the palette was classic Ng, with blacks, grays, and creams. This year there was a mix of materials from sheers to leather, a layering of constriction and tailoring showcasing her skill with all fabrics used. Metal details, like heavy claps or studs were used throughout the collection, but sparingly. The focus this year was definitely on design and fit. Overall the feeling was of watching a designer step out of what was, into what will be. And with Dystropolis we are in good hands.







photos : Ian Compton

– Tasha Farrington

item of the week : Lo Res Pump by United Nude

Friday, April 19th, 2013


We featured the Lo Res Pump in our April/May 2011 Issue and still love them just as much as we did then! This season they are out in new lust-worthy colors: blue lavender and aqua. Embrace pastels because they can pair perfectly with black (or black and white, gray, other pastels, jewel tones) while being a bold statement and fashion forward. The Lo Res Pump is part of United Nude’s digital design revolution, cut from rubber with computer aided design to have many smooth facets like a gem stone. These shoes have a removable strap and leather foot bed for comfort and ease of wearing. Multifaceted, they can be futuristic, cyber, retro, witchy, Victorian, lolita, or just plain sophisticated and fashionable. Pair with latex (like we did in our April/May 2011 Issue) or just about any material.

The Lo Res Pump by United Nude is available online for $200 at www.unitednude.com.

– Jennifer Link

style : Blushing Cupid

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

With the Blushing Cupid style concept, if you are daring enough you only need to know how to combine your finest lingerie and studded boots to create a blushing ensemble to steal anyone’s heart from them at first sight. Just be sure to wear it with confidence to make even Cupid blush. Featuring fashions by Sci Feye Candy, Dr. Martens, Cocoa Jewelry, FashionWhore Boutique, and Aldo.

styled and written by : Pretty Deadly Stylz
photographer : Ian Compton
makeup artist : Luda Zadorovich
model : Lovina Yavari

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2013 Issue ]




digital editorial : Cyberella

Thursday, February 21st, 2013


photographer : Cristy Elaine Photography
fashion designer : Genna Yussman
makeup artist : Whitney Stark
hair stylist : Matthew Tyldesley for Redken
models : Megan Ducharm, Kayla Essex, Chris Diaz, and Brittany Pike





We Are Radar closing its doors today

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

We Are RadaR is closing! So sad! Another great brick and mortar gone. Today is their last day open and they are having a huge sale! So if you’re in the Toronto area, stop in before the chance is gone forever. Pick up some great clothes and accessories and pick up a copy of Auxiliary while you’re there. They have our current issue and many back issues in stock.

Plastik Wrap, the clothing line from the owners of We Are Radar is still alive and strong. They are just closing their physical store front. But it is still sad news for a scene that needs a better sense of community, not a lessening one. Brick and mortars, club nights, festivals, and other places you can see people face to face are what started the goth/industrial scene (and all its offshoots) and the internet cannot replace that.

So go out and support We Are Radar today if you’re near Toronto! And make sure you support the brick and mortars in your area.

RIP We Are Radar

For a quick break down of what Plastik Wrap deals you can get today… all skirts will be between $35-100, men’s tops as low as $30, and sleeves and arm warmers starting at $10. Winter coats are all 30% off. Women’s pants between $50-100. All Embody in the shop will also be on sale at 25% off. All Missy Industry silver jewelry on sale at 20% off.

Read more about We Are Radar in our Brick and Mortar spotlight in the August/September 2012 Issue.

– Jennifer Link

item of the week : Drowning In Cocktails Dress by Lip Service

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Lip Service Drowning In Cocktails Dress

image source www.lip-service.com

New Years Eve is next week and that means parties and ritzy dresses. The Drowning In Cocktails Dress from the Disco Killer line by subculture fashion staples Lip Service, is the perfect NYE dress. Sequins and puffed shoulders make it current and glamorous, the mesh contrast and deep v-neck with back strap are a bit cyber and sci-fi making it unique, and the simple overall shape make it comfortable and appropriate for multiple settings. Hop from fancy cocktail party, to club night, to after-hours apartment party with this dress. With a change of shoes, hosiery, or jewelry or the addition/subtraction of a waist clincher or hair accessory, this dress can transform throughout the night as needed.

The Drowning in Cocktails Dress is available online for $90 at www.lip-service.com.

– Jennifer Link

fashion find : cyber shoes invade

Friday, September 14th, 2012

It’s 2012, and cyber fashions have been invading the high fashion runways for a few years now. Rick Owens is one of the industry’s most interesting leaders, and the fact that his clothes all reflect a certain industrial minimalism speaks volumes about the widespread acceptance this style now enjoys. Far from the cartoonish, blinky look that emerged from the British rave scene in the 1990s, today’s futurist has a wide world of refined options with which to assemble her wardrobe.

But designer clothing isn’t cheap and scoring deals is a skill every enthusiast must hone. Luckily, we’re currently in the midst of end-of-season sales which means CRAZY discounts from the big designers. It’s the perfect time to use your saved pennies to buy something special and well-made that while still pricey, would otherwise be out of reach.

Here are my picks for the best high fashion cyber shoes ON SALE right now across the internet, some marked down hundreds of dollars, and a couple steals for under $50!

On left : The sneaker wedge is currently making a big splash, and what’s not to love? The lift of a heel with the cushy comfort of a sneaker! Here we have a sporty example by Ruco Line, which is looking a lot like an updated Swear Alternative shoe with all the bulbous, ecstatic enthusiasm sucked out. All that’s left is a bold rave warrior who refuses to sacrifice style OR comfort. Discounted to $95 from $190 and all the whole sizes from 5 to 11 are still available. Get them on Yoox.

On right : These black and white babies are strongly inspired by past-season Gareth Pugh, the British price of avant-garde. At $90 this is a good opportunity to get his runway look. Still available in 8. At Modekungen.

On left : The Lux Stacked Wedge from Costume National may not be especially accessible, even being marked down from $965 to $483, but it’s great for inspiration. The combination of art deco surfaces and blocky asian details strikes a strong Neo-Tokyo tone. They would look great paired with a drapey cocoon jacket. I’ll be keeping my eye out for a knock-off pair! Check the zoom at Forward by Elyse Walker.

On right : Here are some party wedges by Enzo Angiolini you’ll be able to rock into October. Zebra-printed fur has been sliced up into strips, and the result reads more like TV static. It provides a great textural contrast to the fetishy-slick patent uppers for a look that says I’m bad-ass but also girly!’ Still available in sizes 7.5-10. Snap these up for $29.99 at Macys.com.

On left : The Type Z Rinny wedges have a sexy alien thing going on… smooth and textured leather for the classy cyber lady. Sultry, insectile style for $47.99. On Zappos.

On right : For the advanced cyber dresser, an all-white look is the next frontier. Remember Switch in The Matrix? The dedicated connoisseurs (and the gainfully employed) can indulge in this pair by Rick Owens, an ankle boot that is equal parts Tron Legacy and Marilyn Manson’s “Dope Show”. Still ZOMG-worthy at $548, at full price they’re $1,370 which simply does not compute! Check them out at Forward by Elyse Walker.

– Ariana Paoletti

fashion editorial : Dissension

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

featuring fashions by Plastik Wrap, Futurstate, Victory & Vice, Cyeoms Clothing, The Rogue and the Wolf, Guy Latulippe, Christopher Bates, and more

photographer : Adam Zivo
creative director : Pretty Deadly Stylz
fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
makeup artist : Larissa Palaszczuk of Blonde Moxie Makeup
hair stylist : Larissa Palaszczuk of Blonde Moxie Makeup
models : Sam L. at Spot6  and Madison D. at Spot6

view the full editorial in the June/July 2012 Issue

item of the week : Beachkinis by Sci Feye Candy

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

image source Sci Feye Candy

When looking for a bikini it can be super frustrating but sometimes we spot something new in the sea of basic black or polka dots. Sci Feye Candy’s new collection of Beachkini’s come in a variety of colors and patterns. Hot pinks, purples, and blues, or patterned fabrics mingle with black outlines. Triangle cut tops and boy-cut bottoms, a match made to perfection. The fabric is a shimmering metallic nylon and spandex mix, they have a little stretch, and feel like a favorite second skin on. Hanging out in the water or just catching a tan, you’ll grab more then a few passersby eye’s in one of these Beachkinis!

Beachkinis are $85 and are available at  Fashion Whore Boutique or We Are Radar in Toronto, ON.

– Tasha

paris fashion week : Gareth Pugh fall 2012

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Gareth Pugh’s fall 2012 collection shown at Paris Fashion Week had a noticeable depth to it. There are so many elements combining in this collection that I enjoy. Pointed shoulders, restrictive elements, belted coats creating vague crosses, exquisite textures, cloak like dresses, fitted stretch dresses reminiscent of Kitchen Orange, and boot encasing tied leg coverings! This collection blends the elements of darkness and occult that have been trending and catching my attention with the futuristic cyber elements that have long been the backbone of my style tastes. It’s the best of both worlds!