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June/July 2013 Issue out now!

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

The June/July 2013 issue is the twenty eighth issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle. This issue features an interview Orge and cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy, an interview with Andi Sex Gang of Sex Gang Children, a introductions interview with OOFJ, an interview and fashion editorial with Nina de Lianin our cover model, a designer spotlight on Ego Assassin, and Ophelia Overdose as our PinUp. The issue also contains an icon feature on Alexander McQueen, a punk meets grunge fashion editorial, a glossy black meets pastels beauty editorial, a runway to vanity feature inspired by Anna Sui’s bold runway eye, beauty picks for the beach bound goth, and a toxic beachbabe style editorial. It features photography by Moritz Maibaum, Bailey Northcott, Ian Compton, Justine Louise, Gregory Moore, Laura Dark, Marisa Pike, Ron Douglas, and Jennifer Link and fashion and products by Too Fast, Jeffrey Campbell, All You Need Is Gl<3ves , Bllk Box, Creeps and Geeks, COVEN by Sonia Kang, Degenerotika, Ellizabeth, Evil Clothing, Fashion Whore Boutique, Hot Topic, H&M, Kicka Custom Design, Lena Quist, MAC Cosmetics, Marina Rock Toronto, Bella Foundation, Moni Novy, Monsther Aesthetics, Opium Latex, Orologisilenziosi, Portland Black Lipstick Company, Rat Baby, Redken, Retro-a-go-go, Royal Black, Shany Cosmetics, Sourpuss, Spookyville Bootique, and much much more.

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london fashion week : McQ fall 2012

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Shown for the first time on the runway at London Fashion Week, the McQ fall 2012 collection, a more accessible brand from Alexander McQueen was beautiful and well put together. I am always interested in lower price point lines as they are often more attainable and practical. This collection didn’t compromise and kept true to McQueen’s style.


paris fashion week : Alexander McQueen spring 2012

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

The Alexander McQueen spring 2012 collection was shown at Paris fashion week.  The collection was highly cohesive and showed that Sarah Burton, now head designer at McQueen, offers a more polished version of McQueen’s vision.  The theme of the designs was the sea, with many soft textures and colors, there were hints of darkness with oil spill black laced into the designs and collection.  The key to continuing to follow the trend of bold silhouettes and exaggerated shoulders into spring 2012 will be adding some softness with ruffles and color.  Peach will be a good way to add some girlyness for spring and will let you avoid baby pink.  Other great colors to add softness, cream and many shades of lavender.  Wear black all spring and summer long by opting for transparency with lace and appliqué, and with lots of soft texture.


exhibition review : Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Friday, August 19th, 2011

McQueen at The Met : The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition, a retrospective on the late fashion designer, ran from May 4–August 7, 2011 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City.

When prompted to impart a final message on his deathbed, Karl Marx said, “Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.” This story has come to mind many times in the past few years, whenever anyone did an Alexander McQueen retrospective, and if you’ve been paying attention, that was fairly often. Every magazine and blog that has ever run the words “goth”, “haute couture”, or “Lady Gaga” has run long, in-depth pieces on McQueen since the designers untimely death over a year ago. I suppose I was bothered by the fact that, in my opinion, McQueen was a genius, not just for the message of his art, but for the eloquence with which that message was given. What seemed perfectly clear in the works themselves has been endlessly reinterpreted, rehashed, and reiterated. McQueen was no fool, and he had certainly said plenty, even in his tragically shortened career; why do we all feel the need to put last words into his mouth?

So there is certainly something refreshing about a McQueen retrospective that is allowed to speak for itself. The Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute put together a powerful collection of McQueen’s best pieces for this summer’s exhibit, and his enduring popularity delivered. Even on off days, the lines for Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, which closed last week, were often an hour long, for the entirety of its three month run. The Costume Institute often utilized a labyrinthine layout for its exhibits. In contrast to the Metropolitan’s airy white galleries, its thin corridors, sharp angles, and dark walls were never more appropriate than for this show. McQueen’s designs were separated into themed rooms, including “gothic”, “naturalism”, exoticism”, and “primitivism”. The curators emphasized the “romantic” in each of these themes, printing quotes from McQueen, as well as rather sappy blurbs on their part, on the walls to introduce each room. Certainly, all of these motifs were present in McQueen’s body of work, but separating them each into rooms felt a little artificial and affected. While there was evolution in the designs throughout McQueen’s career, his thematic palette actually remained remarkably stable and unified. The Angel and Demon heels of his final collection to not disagree with his historically-anchored dresses from the 90s, even his favorite shade of red could be found in almost every room of this exhibit. These curators seemed to need to impose some kind of personal statement on the collection of a designer whose works were always their own statement.


paris fashion week : Alexander McQueen fall 2011

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Sarah Burton, the new Creative Director of the Alexander McQueen line after McQueen’s passing, presented the fall 2011 McQueen collection at Paris fashion week.  The collection is, “The Ice Queen and Her Court”, and it is just that cold and courtly with “heritage silhouettes” but also feminane somewhat soft, full of textures, feathers, and fur.  Love the shoes and boots, the lacing seems very sexual in the shapes of bare skin it leaves.  I also enjoy the contrast of the matte pvc full length gloves and cropped pvc leggings (with that great front knee zipper detail) with all the textural dresses.  I’ve been intrigued by the look of an oversized fur trimmed hood after seeing Chris Corner’s parka in the new IAMX video, and more so now, seeing it here.  Wouldn’t have minded seeing more harness in this collection!  I’ve been dreaming of Ice Queen inspired coats and dresses since Tilda Swinton’s costumes in Narnia, I really love the whole aesthetic of this collection.