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Letter To The Editor

Have something to say? One of our main goals at Auxiliary Magazine is to give alternative culture a voice. Share your thoughts on the last issue or on important and current topics. Get your “Letter to the Editor” published in the next issue! Write to us. Our editorial section is for your opinions.
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Auxiliary Magazine is always looking for new contributors.

Please email your cover letter, resume, and 3 samples of your work to :

To be added to our casting files, please send a link to your website/portfolio as well as your name, email, and the city you work out of.
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To send press releases or albums for consideration, please contact our music editor by email. Please note, we only review upcoming or new releases (released within last 2 months).
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To send press releases or to be added to our casting files, please send a link to your website/portfolio as well as your name, email, and the city you work out of.
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Photo Submissions


To send photographs for consideration, please follow these guidelines. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. Only submissions being picked up for publication either in print or online will be contacted. We would love to reply to everyone, but we receive too many submissions to allow us to do this. Submissions are reviewed about once a month.

1. To send photographs for consideration, please send low res jpgs or a pdf as attachments. Files submitted must be at least 500 px wide but no more than 1000 px wide and files must be at 72 res. Please label all files with your first and last name. EXAMPLE: JohnDoe_100.jpg

2. We will consider both photo editorial and photo set submissions. Photo editorials must contain 3 plus different looks. Please keep in mind the aesthetic of Auxiliary Magazine when sending submissions, and only send photos that you feel fit the aesthetic. Please send at least 6 images but no more than 18 images.

3. To be considered for print publication, photos must be unpublished both in print and online. DO NOT send photos that have been published by other magazines or that have been put on websites, facebook, blogs, etc.

4. Send complete team credits (photographer, designers, makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, models, etc.) and websites for each when available.

5. Send possible editorial titles and any styling/concept notes.

6. Send complete credit of clothing items and beauty products featured/used in the photos. For clothing items include, clothing type (shirt, pants, etc.), proper name of item, and the designer. For beauty products include, makeup/hair product type (eye shadow, hair spray, etc.), proper product name, proper color name, and brand.

7. Send email with “Photo Submission” and your name in the subject line.

8. If the submission is picked for publication we will email you with details on files and sizes required, model releases required, photo releases required, and any other info required.