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music video : Gram Rabbit – Final Clap Fever

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Gram Rabbit’s new music video “Final Clap Fever” paints a vivid picture of a little girl’s dark, playful fantasy. Front woman, Jesika Von Rabbit asserts herself powerfully as the girl’s seductive alter ego, prancing coquettishly as the girl falls to the ways of the Rabbit. The girl’s pure, virginal spirit devolves under Von Rabbit’s influence. Later, with a face full of makeup, she dons a flapper dress covered in jewelry and wanders the desert, strewn with trailers, transients, and the quintessential bunnies that grace the psychic landscape. The twisted, enticing imagery is relatable for anyone, anyone who’s been touched by their beckoning dark side.

Want more? Check out our interview with Gram Rabbit.

– Jessica Jewell

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