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new york fashion week : Diesel Black Gold fall 2011

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Diesel’s Black Gold fall 2011 collection shown at NY fashion week, was nice and dark and gritty.  Layers, leather, textures, and laced-up.  There are some hints at a steampunk aesthetic here.  But I’d rather see it as vagabond troubled artist strolling the streets of a dirty crumbling city or militaristic survivalist cowboy making it in a post-apocalyptic scared world.  At first I wasn’t sure on all the lacing, but once I saw the asymmetrical laced-up leather vest I was sold.  I’m loving the color pallet of black, navy, slate blue, brown, mauve, olive, and ivory.  Maybe it’s because I just rewatched the Matrix after a few years, but I had forgotten the nice styling details in that movie, and this collection is right in tune with that (yet nicely updated), right down to the men’s flapping leather trench coat and the women’s tight long black leather ensemble.

image source style.com

– Jennifer

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