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the winter blahs

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

I do love the cold, because most of my favorite clothing for everyday and going out are long-sleeved and sweater-like items. Yet!  I get stuck in a rut for the sake of being warm and to not freeze my lil’ buns off!  Wearing the same black long-sleeved/tee/jeans/hoodie combo… meh.  B-O-R-I-N-G!  When the snow is falling I’m generally not looking to be fashionable (BUT I will never leave the house in sweat pants) so I grab the “winter uniform” and head out into the snowy Buffalo streets.

In my winter wardrobe dilemma I have done the unthinkable, worn skirts!  Gasp! Well, it helps when you are wearing sweaters on your legs.  Okay, not sweaters for real, but really thick wool leggings.  These leggings are often warmer than my jeans or pants and a lot more comfortable.  I have purchased a few pairs all over the place in order to compare the warmth and comfort, but my favorites came from Hot Topic and Target (go figure!)  Jenny (from Auxiliary Magazine) has purchased a few styles from Express and really loves them, so that will be my next leggings purchase.  I definitely am willing to spend a few extra bucks on a quality pair to keep my stems toasty and allow me to chase away the winter doldrums.

Now, if winter depresses you (like it does for me), don’t fret!  Just get creative and dip into your summer wardrobe; a dark colored summer dress (usually a heavier cotton is better, due to it’s cold!) over the thick leggings with a blazer or sweater makes for an excellent outfit.  Don’t just limit yourself because it’s a “summer” or “winter” piece because pretty much anything goes!  I would recommend just being smart about what patterns and fabrics you carry over from your other seasonal wardrobe. You really don’t look want to look like you should be sunning yourself on the beach in the middle of a snow storm (then again if you really want to, go for it!)

I am determined to not fall into my mindless winter blahs and am working hard to spice up my clothing even when I’m wishing to be closer to the equator.  Keeping warm thoughts really doesn’t help, but snuggling up to my fiancé does!!!

<3 Meagan Kyla

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