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Jennifer Link Kieffer

Jennifer Link Kieffer
Editor in Chief

Jennifer Link Kieffer is a founding member of Auxiliary Magazine and as Auxiliary’s Editor in Chief and Publisher, the primary driving force behind it. Jenny is a photographer and the owner of Jennifer Link Photography but also channels her creative energy into fashion styling, creative directing, production, and writing. She graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design in 2006, spent a summer in Toronto solidifying her love of alternative fashion, spent a year in New York City attending concerts and clubs while working in the photography industry, and then returned to her hometown Buffalo in 2008 to launch Auxiliary Magazine.

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Auxiliary Magazine Mike Kieffer

Mike Kieffer
Music Editor

Mike Kieffer is a founding member and the Music Editor of Auxiliary Magazine. Mike has a passion for electronic, dark, and ear-catching music and is constantly searching high and low for new, fresh, and quality artists. With a background as a DJ and event promoter, he has been playing under the name Darago and throwing parties under the name netwerk23 in Buffalo and surrounding cities for over fifteen years.


Shannon Kramp

Shannon Kramp
Fashion Editor

Shannon Kramp is the Fashion Editor of Auxiliary Magazine. Shannon has been a part of the fashion world for many years as a fashion designer, costume designer, tailor, model, and for the past few years as a fashion stylist for editorials, films, music videos, and commercials. After a couple years in Austin developing her skills she now lives in her hometown of Buffalo and cites rockabilly, bohemian, pop culture, and cult films as her main style influencers.

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Auxiliary Beauty Editor Elizabeth Rhodes

Elizabeth Rhodes
Beauty Editor

Elizabeth Rhodes is the Beauty Editor of Auxiliary and a makeup artist based in Los Angeles. A lover of free spirits, wild hearts, and dreamers everywhere she stays up-to-date on beauty trends and new products as well as music, fashion, and art.  She’s also a budding skincare junkie and pole fitness devotee. Her interest in astrology and mysticism influence her work and she is always looking for new artists to check out and events featuring dark alternative culture.

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Dylan Madeley
Copy Editor

Dylan Madeley is the Copy Editor of Auxiliary Magazine and a frequent contributor. He conducts interviews and writes articles for Auxiliary as well as contributing his writing talents to additional copy and introductions throughout each issue. He brings several years of experience covering the Toronto dark alternative scene with toronto-goth.com and reviewing books for Morbid Outlook. Dylan published his first novel,   The Gift-Knight’s Quest, in 2015 and continues to work on future novels, makes a hobby of concert and event photography, and travels as much as he can.

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Aaron Andrews

Aaron Andrews

Aaron Andrews is a long-time music contributor for Auxiliary Magazine and an electronic music DJ. He writes music reviews and interviews artists and bands ranging from the most influential icons to shining newcomers. Currently he hosts the weekly radio show “Sequence” on Buffalo’s WBNY 91.3 FM. DJ Aaron Andrews has had a shared weekly at Buffalo’s beloved but closed goth/industrial club The Continental, is a frequent guest DJ at Rochester’s Club Vertex, and is the co-host of Transmission’s New Order vs. Depeche Mode parties in Buffalo.

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Hanged Man


Hangedman is a music contributor for Auxiliary Magazine, DJ, broadcaster, and subculture pundit who has done the college radio circuit in and around Toronto since the awesome 80s. Currently he is the host of the weekly underground music live global broadcast “Machina” airing every Wednesday evening on eve-radio.com. In his hometown of Toronto he organizes, promotes, and DJs many different club nights and parties.

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Arden Leigh

Arden Leigh

Arden Leigh is a frequent contributor and writes Auxiliary’s advice column Ask Arden. She is the founder of the Sirens Seduction Forum and the author of The New Rules of Attraction. She maintains her blog at ardenleigh.typepad.com, is currently working on a memoir of her experiences in the BDSM community, and she has released two EPs with her band Arden and the Wolves.

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Lisa Lunney

Lisa Lunney

Lisa Lunney is a frequent contributor to Auxiliary and a freelance writer based out of Edmonton. She attended Grant MacEwan University and has a diploma in Journalism and a degree in Communications and Professional Writing. She is a cat enthusiast, music lover, fashionista, and star gazer. She firmly believes words have the power to change lives.


Liz Walker

Liz Walker is a frequent contributor to Auxiliary. She is a Minneapolis resident, is known to paint silly things and write about stuff she gets much too excited about, likes thrift stores, Lance Henriksen, and (especially) Morrissey. Her babbling has appeared in independent publications worldwide, including Australia’s Bespoke Zine, South Africa’s Georgette Magazine, New Mexico’s rockabilly magazine La Loca, and of course Auxiliary.

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