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music video : Clark – Winter Linn

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Clark has released a dark and beautiful video for “Winter Linn” from his new self-titled album, reviewed in our October/November 2014 Issue and featured as our Album Of The Day. Director Chris Hewitt created a video interpreting the album’s vision of “music like sculpture”. This video and Clark show how techno can be so much more than dance music and how it can truly discuss emotion and the human condition.

– Jennifer Link

music video : Liars – Mask Maker

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

When Liars are done, perhaps every track on their latest album Mess will have a music video. Mess has started appearing on 2014 best of lists so this video wraps up the year well. With a bit of a celebratory party feel, this video fits in with the others and focuses on interesting visual elements. Grab this extended version of “Mask Maker” on Soundcloud for a limited time.

– Jennifer Link

music video : Ludovico Technique – Deeper Into You

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Orlando, Florida based dark electronic band Ludovico Technique have released a new music video “Deeper Into You”. The track comes from their album Some Things Are Beyond Therapy out on Metropolis Records. Ben V, vocals and mastermind behind Ludovico Technique, describes the video saying it, “presents a visualization of the depths to which human emotion can deteriorate when stretched beyond its limit.” It sure shows off their dark and thoroughly creepy aesthetic well.

– Jennifer Link

music video : The Gothsicles – Ultrasweaty

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

The Gothsicles have a new album Squid Icarus out now that was partly funded through Kickstarter and a new music video for the new track “Ultrasweaty”. The video features a special guest, internet industrial dance magnate Tank9. Tank9’s inclusion in this video bridges the gap between The Gothsicles’ convention and geekery following and their goth/industrial following. To top it off, “Ultrasweaty” is a highly danceable track which might help put the fun back in clubnights.

– Jennifer Link

music video : [:SITD:] – Dunkelziffer

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

German EBM band [:SITD:] have a new album Dunkelziffer out now and a new music video for the title track “Dunkelziffer”. It’s time to get dancing!

– Jennifer Link

music video : Suren Unka – Flee

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Electronic wonderkid Suren Unka has released a new music video for “Flee” which explores a desire to break out of the everyday, a harsh wake-up call, or as Unka describes it, “a cold water bucket in your face in the middle of the night.” Determined to steer clear of the electronic music rat race, Unka produces to his own beat and this video is simply pretty cool.

– Jennifer Link

music video : Broods – Four Walls

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

New Zealand brother and sister indie pop team Broods have a new video for “Four Walls” that mixes the lyric video with the live video. There has been a lot of buzz around this duo for their glossy and ethereal synthpop tunes. Check them out, maybe you’ll find your new favorite?

Broods Four Walls

– Jennifer Link

music video : Erasure – Dead of Night

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

At mid November, if you’re feeling sad that this year’s Halloween has gone and past, embrace the spirit again with this music video from English synthpop duo Erasure. Classic monsters and horror films comprise the visuals for Erasure’s new song “Dead of Night” from their new album The Violet Flame.

– Jennifer Link

music video : M83 – In The Cold I’m Standing

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

M83 has a new video for “In The Cold I’m Standing,” a track from his third album Before The Dawn Heals Us recently reissued with Mute. The video was originally created for and debuted at M83’s Hollywood Bowl show in September 2013, and is only seeing the digital light of day now.

– Jennifer Link

music video : SONOIO – Thanks for Calling

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Alessandro Cortini, a current member of Nine Inch Nails, has released a new track and video for his solo project SONOIO. An unnerving video turns into a distributing video turns into a thought provoking video.


– Jennifer Link

music video : Chelsea Wolfe – Lone

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

“Lone” is a track from Chelsea Wolfe’s album Pain Is Beauty but this music video is an excerpt from the film entitled Lone directed by Mark Pellington, starring Chelsea Wolfe. Lone is out now and is available on USB or it can be downloaded via iTunesLone is described as coming, “out of a mutual desire between Wolfe and Pellington to expand upon the concept of a classic music video. What began as an idea for a nine minute short film extended into what is now just under an hour-long piece, with Pellington fleshing out the concept surrounding Chelsea’s lyrics and music. A nonlinear film, Lone takes its dialogue solely from lyrics off Pain is Beauty and explores many of the themes and ideas behind the record.”

– Jennifer Link

music video : Die So Fluid – Landslides

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

With “Landslides” London band Die So Fluid offers up slower tempo song. The video is fitting, just showing singer, songwriter, and the video’s director Grog Rox witching around the desert.

– Jennifer Link

music video : Goldfrapp – Laurel

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Goldfrapp has a new video for “Laurel” from their latest album Tales Of Us. The video is described as being, “filmed in and around Los Angeles, ‘Laurel’ tells the story of an actress seeking the bright lights of Hollywood.”

– Jennifer Link

music video : Valerie Gentile and Abbey Nex – Scarred

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Musicians Valerie Gentile and Abbey Nex teamed up and released the live video Live En Sous-sol on September 23rd. The video was shot by Kevin Vonesper, who shoots all the Vampirefreaks events that happen in NYC, and can be rented or purchased on Vimeo. I was privileged to have an early look at this 34-minute concert video, like a half-hour set for the viewer except with cinematography and tight sound production, and no stoppages/stage ad-lib. Both performers are expertly dolled up, looks completed by nylons full of runs, and I would have been disappointed if they weren’t! They each take turns front and center as well as with instruments: they’ll each take a turn working the keys, they both sing, and they both have string instruments to rock out with where appropriate. The set list is a combination of tracks from Gentile’s EP Love Is Luxury, and Nex’s debut album Zondustrial. The two go together really well, and by that I mean the tracks and the performers. Altogether thoroughly entertaining, though I wonder how the rent/sell idea will work. Take a peak with this excerpt of the track “Scarred”.

– Dylan Madeley