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item of the week : Alice en Bataille Costume by Heavy Red

Friday, October 3rd, 2014


image source heavyred.com

Every year goth clothing company Heavy Red release a new Alice in Wonderland costume. An annual Halloween tradition. This year the manifestation is Alice en Bataille. The costume picks up the story from last year’s costume, imprisoned by the Queen, Alice had sunk into a bottomless despair. When her mind had exhausted all thoughts of escape, she was left alone with a silent darkness, save the beating of her heart. Louder and louder it pounded, seeming to cry, “I am Alice! I am Alice! I am Alice!” Gaining strength from this inner drumbeat, Alice felt the will to survive penetrate every fiber of her being. The Queen may have twisted her mind and weakened her heart, but Alice’s soul still lay hidden within her. She was no longer the sweet innocent who had fallen down the rabbit hole, Wonderland had changed her. The mandate was clear, liberate herself and all of Wonderland from the clutches of the Queen. So we see this year’s Alice costume that of a warrior. The highlight of the ensemble being the Armor Corset. The costume comes in two different package options: the basic package including the Blue Alice Dress, the corset and matching gauntlets, and Finger Tattoos or the all four of those pieces plus all the accessories and finishing touches. The biggest perk of this costume is you get several Heavy Red pieces, and when broken up you can mix them into your wardrobe all year!

The Alice en Bataille Costume by Heavy Red is available online for $195 at www.heavyred.com.

- Jennifer Link

item of the week : Babylon Rose T-Shirt by Kill Star

Friday, September 26th, 2014


image source killstar.com

When we cover men’s fashion at Auxiliary, it’s often with the mindset that most men in the scene and immersed in the music make rather low-key fashion choices. Though there are many men in the various scenes we cover that are highly fashionable, opting for making the boldest statements with their clothing. This Item of the Week bridges the gap between. It’s a T-shirt, so it’s a rather easy piece of clothing to wear. But the all over floral print does make it a bolder piece. It’s a bigger print making it a bit less busy. You could pair this with black jeans and boots and be in your regular comfy uniform but in a more fashionable way. Or pair it under a blazer to let just a bit of the pattern peek out. Another point that makes it easy to style, it’s only grayscale and red. You can do it! And if you already do, then maybe this shirt will be a neutral in your wardrobe.

The Babylon Rose T-Shirt by Kill Star is available online for £29.99 at www.killstar.com.

- Jennifer Link

item of the week : Melinda Romper by Nasty Gal

Friday, September 19th, 2014


image source nastygal.com

When you think romper, you might think summer fashion but rompers can be a fall staple as well. Pick one in black with more fabric and coverage like this one by online shopping super store Nasty Gal and you have the perfect romper for fall. The styling of this whole look is a good way to go for a dark fall outfit. Add a pussy bow as seen on the right to add more visual interest to front of this romper. The back is open, so you don’t need anything more there. A black felt hat and crossbody purse complete this outfit nicely. Between the romper style, the contrasting white-collar, and the trumpet sleeves; this piece is very in trend, but it also has a nice classic look about it.

The Melinda Romper by Nasty Gal is available for $88 online at www.nastygal.com.

- Jennifer Link

item of the week : Desiderium Leggings by Alien Botany by Zoetica Ebb

Friday, September 12th, 2014


image source biorequiem.com

Artist, model, and as highlighted here, fashion designer Zoetica Ebb has turned many of her Alien Botany drawings into wearable art. These thick and totally opaque spandex leggings were designed with your body in mind. Unlike many all over print leggings, this design is laid out perfectly for your anatomy. Zoetica Ebb’s Alien Botany leggings come in four styles but we chose this one because you need something that will contrast your sea of black and gray clothing. Pick a pair of bold shoes and top these leggings with a comfy tunic and you’re all set with an easy yet fashionable outfit for a fall day. See more from the Alien Botany collection, see more of Zoetica Ebb’s spot on styling, and read our interview with her in the latest issue of Auxiliary!

The Desiderium Leggings by Alien Botany by Zoetica Ebb are available online for $103 at www.biorequiem.com.

- Jennifer Link

runway : Candydrip at FAT 2014

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Toronto ON, April 25 – Full disclosure, I worked backstage with designer Genavieve White of Candydrip as her backstage manager at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week. I did not see the show on the runway, but rather from the trenches. I did get a chance to watch the video after, and was thrilled at the presentation of Genavieve’s first runway show.


The theme for the final night of FAT was Minimal/Extreme, and having featured Candydrip’s designs in Auxiliary, I knew the collection was going to veer towards the extreme. Even having an insider’s knowledge of the designs, I was left in awe once I saw the final pieces for the first time.



Candydrip’s collection was one of powerful, sexual, strong femininity. The silicone-infused designs were all individual conceptions of this theme. One-of-a-kind art pieces, made to fit the models who strolled down the runway emblazened with the spirit of the clothing. Genavieve had a full vision for each look, and Spellbound Hair Design rocked the models’ locks. Our lead makeup artist Alison Sharp was keen on making the makeup flawless. We finished off the looks with matching claws from Pinky’s Nails in Toronto and finally Melissa brand shoes adorned the feet of every model.



I won’t be picking a favorite look, I adored them all. And I hope you’ll take a look at the detail and design work in each piece: the silicone-dripped silks, mesh, and structured art work that made up the collection is breathtaking.


This collection was more like living art, each design representing both the women wearing it, earth’s natural wonder, and the talented hand of a budding designer. Congratulations my friend, it was an amazing show!

photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington

runway : House of Etiquette at FAT 2014

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Toronto ON, April 25 – We’ve been fans of House of Etiquette since we first laid eyes on them about four years ago. Designers Ashley Davies and Mina Smart have excelled at filling the gap between fashion and fetish with their latex collections. This year at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week they expanded on the staples and showcased new showstoppers.


House of  Ettiquette opened with a black and red three piece ensemble that would be equally comfortable at a fetish party as in the pages of any high fashion magazine. The harness piece is a fun fashion accessory I can’t get enough of and when paired with the gloves I really can’t tell where this look wouldn’t fit in. The next look is a pink and black teddy style lingerie number complete with garters.



The third look out is a trench coat. The trench coat is one of my favorite looks added this year. It’s definitely more of a statement fashion piece: totally usable as a raincoat and yet still very much entrenched in the fetish world. It’s a perfect balance of fetish, fashion, style, and when worn as it was in the show: sex.



Red, blacks, and nudes were prominent throughout the collection. There were a few more statement pieces; another coat in metallic pink, and a two piece bra and high-waisted skirt in light pink. The very last look was a contender for my favorite: featuring a heavy rubber overbust corset in black, matching panties, thigh high garters, and red and black latex stockings, it was something I would love to wear personally or see in the pages of Auxiliary.


House of Etiquette is fast becoming one of the top latex designers globally, and now really all that’s left to do is figure out which new piece to add to your own collection.

photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington

runway : David C. Wigley at FAT 2014

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Toronto ON, April 24 – David C. Wigley premiered his new label CLAN GORDON at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week. I’m already a fan of the collection WORTH by David C. Wigley, and had been anticipating the new collection to be colorful and inspiring. I was not disappointed. He may have blurred the lines between alternative and mainstream, but he does it with flare.



Each look was styled to showcase the clothing the model wore, and so there was the greatest care to individualism, yet on a whole a feeling of connection was present. The show started with a young male model battered and bruised, yet undefeated in spirit, walking confidently down the runway wearing his CLAN GORDON sweatshirt and a tartan kilt. There was an infusion of color, fabric, and textures that left me wanting more. A strong motif of gold and black, with classic Wigley details of fringe and chain, were given a refreshing modern vibe with bright greens, blues, and yellows. Pieces were both vintage and modern: a sense of Celtic traditions mixed with grunge rock.




I fell in love with a few looks: the first female model was dressed in a yellow toque with black netting, dark eyes showing through. A stunning bright green suede jacket with black and gold textured sleeves, layered over a multi-colored print T-shirt. This was paired with a high-waisted black and gold skirt with long black fringe over ripped stockings and finished off with some Dr. Martens. It was a strong look that stayed in my mind through the whole show. A wide leg black pant and a bright blue women’s jacket with the black and gold patterned sleeves (a theme in the collection) is the next look that stood out to me. It was both classically feminine and yet still felt risky, edgy, in-your-face with fashion. I absolutely loved the pairing of the navy suede jacket over a sheer lace pattern full length dress. This look was already fierce on its own and was wisely downplayed with just a simple black toque on the models head and a pair of classic Dr. Martens on her feet.




For the men’s pieces we had just as much variety between sweats to suit jackets. Two looks that stood out to me. First, a simple white T-shirt that included an off-the-shoulder halter piece in black with silver studs and rings, paired with a laser-cut leather skirt over matching leggings. This look was a perfectly styled combination of the uses of black and whites. While the model had a strong presence that helped make this look stand out, its seeming simplicity is what really made it so striking. Next, was the beautiful black and gold dinner jacket. It was styled off the shoulders of the model. The model was clothed in a short sleeved tartan dress shirt, which was tucked into black leather pants. A black leather bowtie finished off the look. It was strong, masculine, very much a Wigley classic, but with details like the pin on the lapel and hand beading that was ever so breathtaking.



CLAN GORDON was implacability designed, David C. Wigley is going to storm the catwalks of tomorrow in a blaze of glory.

photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington

runway : Artifice at FAT 2014

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Toronto ON, April 25 – Artifice is always one of my favorite shows at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week! Their corsets of succulent PVC were infused with lace and  faux furs this year. The collection was all shiny and matte black on black, with the final piece a striking red ensemble.



The first model stepped out onto the runway with a headpiece by Posh Fairytale Couture, a mask of beads and lace covered her face and blackness fanned out around and above her face. She was dressed in a clear PVC and black lace jacket, matching panties, garter, and peplum belt holding it all together.



artifice is no stranger to the FAT runways, and each year the collection is one of the highlights. Their dark fetish fashion looks are a classic in the subculture scene in Toronto and around the world. I loved all the matte black PVC and soft faux furs seen in the collection. The looks were reminiscent of eras past, though with modern twists featuring materials like matte PVC, snakeskin textured PVC, and faux fur which gives the whole collection a decadent presence.


The last outfit, and showstopper of the collection, is an all red lace and clear PVC ensemble. A slimming overbust corset and matching pantie with ruffle details is accessorized with red faux fur at the shoulders. The model’s own red hair blends into the horns, bone, and cage-like design of the final headpiece.


Designer Emily Rishea creates timeless pieces out of modern day materials, her collections are always a crowd favorite, and this year was only enhanced by her collaboration with Posh Fairytale Couture designer Rachel Sigmon. They showed us a darker fairy tale, where the evil queens and wicked witches are a lot more fun to play with then the hapless princess ever could be.

photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington

runway : Atlier Wonder at FAT 2014

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Toronto ON, April 25 – Designer Paulina Wonder hales from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and this was her first time at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week. Her collection definitely impressed us with a colorful mash-up of Japanese flair and punk vibes.



Atlier Wonder’s collection was an exciting mix of art and underground fashion trends. Spiked collars, oversized clutches, fedoras, and knotted head scarves were seen accompanying almost every look. Heavy, hand-painted leather jackets, pop art patterned tunics, and spaghetti strap dresses. Flames and skulls adorned sweaters, skirts, and pants. Everything was painted, patched, printed or branded with the Atlier Wonder brand.



It was dark and edgy, or electro pop bright. The combination of colors and clothing items, looked almost accidental, as if the models had crawled out of bed from a night of parting and pulled on whatever they could find. It had a very carefree street style look,  but amped up for the runways.

My favorite pieces were the leather jackets. One was black and hand-painted in contrasting white. The other jacket was all pastels in pink, yellow and blues. Both looks had a kind of overall rockabilly vibe, and I liked the ease of the looks.



Atlier Wonder was a fresh in-your-face collection, and a welcome addition to the FAT family, and I am sure we’ll be seeing more of Paulina in the years to come.

photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington

item of the week : Piano Wristlet by Betsey Johnson

Friday, August 8th, 2014


image source betseyjohnson.com

This week’s Item of the Week is anything but low-key; it’s several. Hit a high note in your artsiest ensemble with this Betsey Johnson pleather Piano Wristlet swinging by your side. Elegant and stylish, this little number is secured with a top-flap and is the perfect size for traveling, running errands, or going out on the town. The inside is just as perfect, made of a rose-printed, lush pink satin material. Double chicness!

The Piano Wristlet by Betsey Johnson is available online for $88 at www.betseyjohnson.com.

- Jessica Brant

runway : With Love Lingerie at FAT 2014

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Toronto ON, April 25 – With Love Lingerie unveiled a whimsical and romantic collection at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week, using beautifully embroidered, sheer fabrics, and lace. Nightgowns, robes, and lingerie sets in warm, earthy tones were draped exquisitely in classical early 19th century silhouettes.


Showcased on day four of FAT, With Love Lingerie’s collection pulled inspiration from the early 19th century and mixed it with updated fabric and a modern color palette. Designer Carrie Russell’s models strolled down the runway in soft hues of caramel, chocolate, and cream; broken, here and there, with a dash of red, touches of green, or a hint of pale yellow. Attention to detail was prevalent in every garment. Russell used lace and silks, leather belts, and gold chains to adorn the models.


A few pieces really stood out for me: first was the lace bodysuit over a cream bra and panties paired with a simple harness-style garter belt, this piece was romantic, sexual, and modern. Directly following that was a long pale yellow dress with a gold rope belt. The hand-embroidered gold bead and sequin details which embraced the foot of the gown were stunning. Accessorized with a gold chain headpiece, simple earrings, and pendant necklace also made by the designer, these were perfectly paired.

My love is tied between a beautiful slip look and the romper look. Both had the same silky sheer fabric in milk chocolate with hand-embroidered and bead details. The slip was paired with a gold rose earring: its look was simple, striking, and strong. The romper was paired with a simple bracelet, and felt a bit more playful and risque.



The last look was, for many I think, the favorite: a beautiful kimono-style gown, in a sheer silk fabric with a soft feather print. Almost like watercolors, the browns melted into the creams, splashes of green, oranges, and blues. Soft and yet strong, the high cuts showcased much of the model’s legs, and gave us a look at the high-waisted panties beneath.



Overall the feeling I was left with was that simplicity does not mean simple. Carrie Russell, once again, showcases her talents creating a beautiful lingerie collection that would make anyone feel like a goddess.

photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington

runway : L’uomo Strano at FAT 2014

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Toronto ON, April 24 – The L’uomo Stranno runway show at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week started with a man stepping out and lying on a coffin-like white table. He was dressed in a black cape, it’s long draping fabric spilling onto the floor. Each model walked out one by one and laid white roses on the deceased, then glided down the runway with the pace of a funeral march.


The first model came out all dark and moody: a caped hooded cloak trailed behind him in a wave of fabric. Heavy metal chains hung from his neck and he wore a long skirt to match the hood that was wide and streaming like a river. The pieces were structural in nature and there was a noticeable amount of skill behind the needle of designer Mic. Carter’s creations.



The next model’s hooded silky cloak was paired with matching pants. The pieces glistened and shimmered due to the material, yet had a sharp architectural style. The third cloaked model was draped in a soft, fuzzy, mesh material which hugged the model’s torso and draped close to the body from his head all the way to the floor.



A noticeable feature was  that the models were all adorned with wigs, which played up the androgyny of the collection. I was, admittedly, more in love with the darker pieces. Much of the collection might be more at home in an art gallery then your closet, though the flowing dark fabrics and hooded cloaks stayed in my mind, making the collection stand out.


I look forward to seeing what comes next for L’uomo Strano, the first taste was divine.

photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington

runway : Diodati at FAT 2014

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Toronto ON, April 24 – Diodati showcased a collection of black-on-black mixed with monochromatic grays at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week. Designer Luca Galardo’s collection was titled Neutral Space, and the pieces reflected gender neutrality with sleek lines, minimalism, and somewhat sensual or possibly fetishised pieces. The overall vision was styled to highlight the designs, the minimal makeup and simple slicked back hair looks were done to perfection.


The collection started strong with a full body sleek black cat suit, overlaid with a long matte black dress. The clean lines and strong pattern with its mix of textures catches your attention and makes you take notice. Each look that followed had a tone of casual sexual tension. Depending on how you choose to wear it, many of the pieces cross the boundaries of work attire and fetish.  Mainstream and subculture fashions collide.


The first female model to walk out for Diodati was in a sheer mesh dress with a black skirt made of matte fabric panels that don’t quite come together. It’s both casual and overt, and that is the strength within the whole collection as well.


My favorite looks were the cat suits and modern overlay pieces. The simple soft black T-shirt style dress with its panels of mesh was something I could see in any grave wave lover’s closet.


The final look was a long mesh tank paired with pants in both a silver grey material and panels of sleek black which wrapped around the legs of the model. This look was just as modern and beautiful as the first, and I adored each look in between.


Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada; designer Luca Galardo does his city proud. Diodati is a brand that blurs many lines in fashion and gender, and does it beautifully.


photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington

item of the week : Bat & Moon Necklace by Empty Casket

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Empty Casket Bat & Moon Necklace

image source emptycasket.bigcartel.com

This week’s Item of the Week comes from UK jewelry designer Empty Casket. If you’re looking for crystal or witchy jewelry, Empty Casket is a good place to look. But their Bat & Moon Necklace stands out amongst their designs. The bat is whimsical, dark, and detailed and the whole design is simple enough to wear everyday but is unique and has a personal feel. You can have this little guy shipped anywhere in the world and he is a very reasonable price.

The Bat & Moon Necklace by Empty Casket is available online for £16 at www.emptycasket.bigcartel.com.

- Jennifer Link