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item of the week : Step Right Up One Piece by Lolli Swim

Friday, June 27th, 2014

ModCloth Lolli Swim

image source

To continue with the black and white striped swimsuit theme, this week’s Item of the Week is a one piece by Lolli Swim. You can pick this suit up at retro clothing online shopping superstore ModCloth or if they are out of stock, grab it directly from Lolli Swim. Maybe a one piece is more your style and this one is very classic and sexy in starlet way. The off the shoulders cut and large black bow in the back are fun and playful. You could doll this up or keep it nice and simple.

The Step Right Up One Piece by Lolli Swim is available online for $157 at

- Jennifer Link

item of the week : Black White Striped Swim Shorts by H&M

Friday, June 20th, 2014

H&M goth swim short

image source

The guys don’t get as many swimwear options as the ladies. Have you been searching for an acceptable swimsuit? You can pick one up at H&M this season, they have a simple swim short in a great black and white stripe pattern. Black and white stripe is a fun pattern for swimwear, bringing to mind early 1900s swimsuits (often paired with a handlebar mustache). Grab this suit now before it’s off the racks and use it all summer.

The Black White Striped Swim Shorts are available online for $18 at

- Jennifer Link

fashion editorial : Whispers in the Dark

Thursday, June 19th, 2014


Moonlit encounters beckon and romantic flights of fancy call.

photographer : Saryn Christina
makeup artist : Illyne Michel
hair stylist : Illyne Michel
model : Sarah Hilker

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2014 Issue ]








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fashion editorial : True Blue

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014


The tried and true classics in indulgent textures, patterns, and colors create attraction with an aura of mystery.

photographer : Ian Compton
creative director : Pretty Deadly Stylz
fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
makeup artist : Jen Gemakas
hair stylist : Faye Crasto
models : Rama @ PUSH & Cy @ VictoriaPage Management

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2014 Issue ]




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designer spotlight : The Rogue and the Wolf

Monday, June 16th, 2014


interview by : Reem Jazar
photographer : Sarah Thomson
creative director : Pretty Deadly Stylz
fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
makeup artist : Larissa Palaszczuk of Blonde Moxie Makeup
hair stylist : Larissa Palaszczuk of Blonde Moxie Makeup
nail stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
model : Bre Poisonne

The designers behind accessory label The Rogue + The Wolf are as intriguing and enigmatic as their name implies. Eloise H.R. and Michael W. say they are tech and knowledge junkies. Their collaborations are a labor of love and innovation. The duo use 3D printing technology to craft all of their pieces. Their aesthetic is original yet versatile. Think stunning stackable rings and cheeky animal inspired pieces that will have people doing a double take. I just had to try on their Chase Ring when I spotted it on the hand of our fashion editor, Tasha Farrington, one night. The smooth, lightweight metal and sleek design are just some of the trademarks of their covetable wares. The Fair|Feral collection shot for this feature included striking pieces, so understated in their dark aesthetic. The darkness of the pieces is juxtaposed by an element of whimsy. When it comes to these England-based designers, the charm isn’t limited to their jewelry. Michael says the two are such close collaborators that they finish each other’s sentences in real time. True to form, our interview questions were answered collaboratively.

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2014 Issue ]



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the PinUp : Matty Morbid

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

the PinUp Matty Morbid

Matty Morbid, model, musician, and boylesque performer known for his trademark hoop dancing, never tries to impress anyone but himself and by this method succeeds in impressing many.

interview by : Cassia Sparkle
photographer : Saryn Christina
fashion stylist : TheSix
makeup artist : Matty Morbid
hair stylist : Jeanna Kier
model : Matty Morbid

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2014 Issue ]











view the full feature in the February/March 2014 Issue

fashion editorial : Lost Boy

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Lost Boy

Sleep all day. Party all night. In blue denim and black leather it’s fun to be a bad boy.

photographer : Olivia Witzke
makeup artist : Fia P
model : Matthew Connor @ Two Management

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item of the week : Black White Stripes Yvette Swim Bra and Yacht Bottom by Fables by Barrie

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Fables by Barrie

image source

A black and white swimsuit is a staple. Fables by Barrie is known for their retro cut swimsuits that offer sexier and more flattering options than the all too common triangle top. This swimsuit combo is retro but not overly so, making it easily styled in many ways. The black and white stripe nods to early 1900s bathing suits which is a lot of fun. Play with that look and add a parasol. Pair with red accessories for a nautical flair without the navy. Add purple accessories for a vixen feel. Really this suit is a staple, try a few different looks and wear it all summer.

The Black White Stripes Yvette Swim Bra and Yacht Bottom are available online for $78 and $62 at

- Jennifer Link

fashion editorial : Covet

Thursday, June 12th, 2014


Knockouts in black transition to visions in florals, hold captive every gaze that crosses your path.

photographer : Steve Prue
fashion stylist : Jillian Ann of Ritual
makeup artist : Alyne Halvajian of A World Of Illusion
models : Jillian Ann & Marion Saint-Jean
photography assistant : Nicole Ackerman
location : Shangri-La Studio Brooklyn

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2014 Issue ]








view the full editorial in the February/March 2014 Issue

runway : Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Toronto ON, April 22 – Amplify Apparel’s collection shown at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week started with a Sin City stylized video featuring characters like The Dragon and The Warrior. The collection promised to be quite different from what we’d seen so far. After the video played the lights went up and The Peasant walked onto the runway. He was decked out in bleach paint splattered pants with a ripped sleeveless T-shirt. All accessorized in studs and chains, even his coffee cup was “amplified”. He checked his phone, sipped his coffee, and generally looked like he might be trying a little too hard to be here.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Upon walking back down the runway he encounters The Princess who sashayed onto the runway generally unimpressed with all the spectators in the front rows, and proceeded to take selfies. As she comes upon The Peasant she teases him, and struts away. He’s not worthy of her time either. She’s styled in a crown, crop top, and jean skirt with everything “amped” up, lace and chains, everything clashes and anything goes.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Each look was played out at great lengths by the models whom embodied the persona. Designer Allie Wood presented a collection that on a whole was more akin to a performance art piece. There were lots of great pieces and accessories that could definitely be infiltrated into any alternative minded individual’s everyday wardrobe.

The Princess and The Bard encountered each other next. He was the modern day rock star, wearing more accessories then clothing. Chains fell over his face, studs accessorized his earphones, and his fingers were covered in rings. He strolled back down the runway and this rock god meets The Medic from whom he gets his fix before walking off the stage in a daze.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

The Medic shares the stage with The Whore, prescribing pills for confidence, and exiting stage left. The Jester and The Whore met and a mocking display of sexuality commenced. The Traveller was next, a free spirit who is mocked by The Jester and robbed by The Thief. Our thief in turn is scared off by The Dragon.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Left, Severin Stargher as “The Dragon” Auxiliary Space Girl beauty editorial model.

The Dragon is one of my favorite looks of the night, with the simple ripped tee, and shorts with chain details, big hair and fun accessories, I was sad to see her slain by The Warrior. We are not left in mourning for long as The Sorceress takes vengeance on The Warrior before sending her offstage. Then the mystical meets the indoctrinated as The Nun confronts the blasphemer. Confident in her beliefs and dangerous in her ignorance, she exits and the final couple, The Queen and The King emerge.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Right, Myles Sexton as “The King” Auxiliary Kokabiel fashion editorial model.

The Queen is first in her caged crown, lace top, and shredded tutu. She’s confident, flirty, and she can rock anything. The King knows all eyes are on him. I loved the splashes of color and all the chain on the upper body. These two royals along with our fateful dragon steal the show. Their demeanor and presence on stage just as important as the articles of clothing they wore. We finish the show with the whole cast lining up on each side of the runway for the designer to stroll out to the applause of the audience.

Allie Wood not only showed us her designs, she created a story. The characters ripped from a legend of old, yet the people they represent are recognizable all too well today.

photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington

runway : Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Toronto ON, April 23 – Alexandra De Francesco the force behind Asphyxia is known for her vintage flair, this year her collection shown at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week was highly influenced by the flapper era: very decadent with a hint of femme fatale. Each model was adorned in pieces by Curious Oddities, who created items specific to each Asphyxia outfit. The collection was made up with a lot of vintage silks and lace. Overall the collection was softer than previous years. The hair and makeup were reminiscent of the time but modernized, and made just a touch more risqué.


Left, Auxiliary PinUp Kassandra Love.

The show started with a sleeveless cream dress: pleated textured chiffon seamlessly transitions into vintage lace wrapping around the model like a loose belt. The bottom skirt and back of the dress were silk with soft ruffled chiffon details on the front. The back of the dress was tied with three delicate ribbon bows. It was a strong if somewhat unexpected start to the collection.

My favorite look from the soft cream dresses was the second one out. Another sleeveless number, the model was covered in beautiful tattoos, draped in pearls and beads. The dress was elaborately designed, including details of lace and hand beading which created a visual feast for the eyes. The overlay of ruffled and stylized floral pieces was expertly placed on the vintage lace to maximum effect. A ruffle of roses hugged the model’s hips, and a sheer silken fabric flowed down to the floor. Overall, with so much visual texture, this piece was one of my favorites.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Right, Auxiliary contributor Ashley Godwin.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

I was next enthralled by a vixen in orange and black. The sequins around her collar drew my eyes to the neck and face. My eyes followed the frame of the model’s shoulders down with the black sheer lace, taking in the softness and curling vines. I loved how the silk underlay cut off at the thighs as the lace went further down past the knee, with the lower legs exposed to the elements. The simplicity of the cut and style of the dress made it stand out and shine.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

There were a few darker-themed dresses, fit for a femme fatale. A grey silk full length gown with hand-beaded details was breathtaking and done with a masterful hand. A classic flapper dress in black and gold lace was paired with a geometric ribbon around the neck and vintage fur. This look was followed by a true crime beauty in a long-sleeve black dress, with beaded silver details, rhinestones, and lace. A bow detail at the bust, this dazzling dame was strikingly styled and definitely dangerous.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Right, Auxiliary Xenomorph fashion editorial model Martha Monoxide.

The finale came in the form of a sheer black robe with a sequined gold art deco pattern. As the model walked, two more ladies in slips sat down on chairs at the end of the runway. Stepping up between the chairs, our robed model stops and slowly removes her shoes and stockings with the aid of our newest arrivals. The robe is slowly peeled down the body of our model at center stage and a new outfit is revealed. A black chained necklace acts as a top over heart shaped pasties.  Her flirty black panties with fringe lets the model shake and shimmy her body to a burlesque rhythm. After giving us this final thrill our leading lady takes her companions with her, leading them away by the pearls hanging about their necks.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Alexandra De Francesco’s collection was titled “Beautiful and Damned”,  and she definitely captured that essence. Although not as dark as previous years, the whole collection was filled with so much painstaking detail it was hard not to love this latest vision by one of our Toronto darlings.

photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington

item of the week : Black Lips Purse from Wonderland LA

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Black Lips Purse

image source

Black lips: the staple of goth girls and boys all over the world. With this purse from Kat Von D’s Wonderland LA online store you can carry your black lips with you whether you’re sporting them or not. In black patent leather, this purse brings a little glam too. And at $18 it’s an easy addition to your wardrobe, perfect for times you want to pack light for a day or night around town.

The Black Lips Purse is available online for $18 at

- Jennifer Link

item of the week : Day of the Dead Skeleton Wendy PJs by Too Fast

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Too Fast Day of the Dead Skeleton Wendy PJs

image source

Too Fast, the clothing brand that loves speed, horror, boundary-pushing, and punk rock, recently released a new line of sleepwear with an alternative twist on childhood favorites. Their fall collection included onesies and for spring they’ve given their unique treatment to PJ rompers. This colorful line caters to fans of Day of the Dead, classic tattoo art, occult designs, and everyone’s current favorite, skeletons. The highlight is our Item of the Week, the Day of the Dead Skeleton Wendy PJs, a black lace trimmed romper with adjustable spaghetti straps and a drawstring waist with ribs and hip bones made feminine with purple roses and whimsical day of the dead motifs. Make your sleepwear and loungewear as awesome as your daywear.

The Day of the Dead Skeleton Wendy PJs are available online for $33 at

- Lisa Lunney

runway : VANIKA at FAT 2014

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014


Left, Auxiliary Kokabiel fashion editorial model Myles Sexton.

Toronto ON, April 22 – VANIKA is the Hungarian nickname for the designer’s given name Vanessa, and also means butterfly. Amply titled Morphesis, Vanessa Kiraly’s collection at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week was extraordinary for a lady of such a young age. At only 16 years old, and with the help and mentorship of her family, her debut collection transformed this young model into a budding designer before our eyes.


The first look was masculine, raw, almost tribal in appearance, edgy yet very wearable. A mixture of faux furs, vegan leather, and metallic fringe fabrics were seen throughout the collection, accompanied by titanium quartz and agate accessories handmade to compliment each look. There were snakeskin and damask, patent and smooth, tattered and textured pieces. It was organized chaos, and a stylist’s dream.


The dark and moody palette was clearly for the upcoming Fall season. The looks consisted of many layers allowing pieces to be worn separately but easily could be layered together if need be. Dusky greens and browns transformed to royal blues and purples. While rich blacks in a variety of fabrics and shades were prominent throughout.


It was hard to pick just a few favorites, they were all so intriguing with intricate details making it hard to choose a top few. The men’s black on black zebra patterned zip up T-shirt with draping black panels of matte black wrapped around a pair of  textured leaf motif maroon pants was a highlight. The look overall was dark, old school romantic, with a modern dangerous vibe. Another impressive piece was a full length textured black dress, it had a beautiful gold fringe front panel, and the titanium quartz necklace was a great touch. It was the beautiful fabric and simple lines that made this piece stand apart. The classic silhouette enhanced with a more modern sleeve.



Right, model and fashion designer Vanessa Kiraly.

To the delight and to a degree the expectations of the audience, the young model finished her collection in a gown fit for the strong women she’s become. A statement dress with feathered fur and sequined royal blue sleeves with ruffled darkness and modern metal zipper details that all combined to create one striking persona. It was breathtaking. We had the chance to experience the story one last time as each of the models strolled out for the final walk. Our little designer butterfly was cheered as she walked hand in hand with her caterpillar counterpart. Truly we have embraced  our new queen; congratulations Vanessa. Long rein VANIKA.


photos : Ian Compton

- Tasha Farrington