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item of the week : The Santigolden Age Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner by Smashbox

Saturday, March 8th, 2014


It’s not just Santigold’s genre bending musical style that makes her a standout artist, but the visual element to her music. From her name to her incredible personal style, she has very visual sensibilities.  If you’ve seen any of her music videos or live performances, her new cosmetic line with Smashbox seems natural given her covetable brand of grungy glam. With fun names and luxurious detailing like a Lipstick Ring adorned with Swarovski crystals, these limited edition items are as beautifully packaged as they are covetable. One the standouts in this collection is the Double Ended Limitless Eye Liner, double ended liners offered in Azurite Is Never Wrong/El Dorado (bright blue/soft gold) and Yellow Dwarf/Green Martian (bright yellow/mint green). Not only are the colors unique and playful, the fact that they are offered in a pencil allows you to make as big or as subtle of an impact as desired.

The Santigolden Age Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner by Smashbox will be available online starting April 1st for $24 at


- Reem Jazar

beauty editorial : Double Vision

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014


Necklace by Torture Couture.

photographer : J Erickson Photography
makeup artist : Jenny Erickson
hair stylist : Krystal Kaos
model : Stephanie Henderson


Necklace by Torture Couture.






item of the week : Brush Set by Sugarpill Cosmetics

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Sugarpill Cosmetics

image source

Sugarpill Cosmetics’ new professional makeup brushes are not only adorable in style and appearance but they are also 100% vegan friendly. They are made from soft, high quality synthetic bristles resting in a bamboo handle. These brushes mimic the feel of high end real fur materials. They allow you to apply and blend your makeup flawlessly and effortlessly, while offering a hygienic and lightweight tool. The pink ombre coloring allows you to play around and dip your brushes in even the most daring and deepest colors, as they will not stain or change the appearance unlike the standard white bristle brushes we see at most counters. Sugarpill has been known for several years for her vibrant pigment eyeshadows and these new brushes will allow you to work with their magical formula to create your look.

The Brush Set by Sugarpill Cosmetics are available online for $68 at

- Cassia Crawl

item of the week : Undead Lipstick by Medusa’s Makeup

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Medusa's Makeup IOTW

image source

Sickeningly fragrant flowers, super sweet candy, gushy gooeyness everywhere, it’s Valentine’s Day, you tried, you really tried to get into the holiday but today just sucks. In protest pick up this purple blue lipstick, the opposite of romantic red and girly pink. Boys and girls, if you can rock this color then it is fashionable anytime you were it. The packaging is irresistible and Medusa’s Makeup is very affordable and even more so with our exclusive 15% off code “Aux”. Plus it’s vegan!

Undead Lipstick by Medusa’s Makeup is available online for $12 at

- Jennifer Link

runway to vanity : Glass Shard Eyes and Slicked Hair

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Matte faces and silvery eyes were all over the runways this season, and the 3D glass shard glitter eyes of Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2013 show at Paris Fashion Week were the direct inspiration for this look. While the Chanel look kept the lips at a minimal nude, this look is vamped up by another runway trend, a sultry brown burgundy lip. Many variations of the wet look were seen on the runway this season: from just out of a rainstorm messy to pulled back and up. Don the slicked hair in both variations with this look.

[ additional images not seen in the December/January 2013/2014 Issue ]


written by : Erika Diehl
photographer : Saryn Christina
fashion stylist : Erika Diehl of Glamour Lush
makeup artist : Erika Diehl of Glamour Lush
hair stylist : Erika Diehl of Glamour Lush
model : Jordan Munn



view the full feature in the December/January 2013/2014 Issue

beauty editorial : Space Girl

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Shimmering looks that will transport you out of this galaxy and beyond.

Space Girl editorial

photographer : Peter House of House the Photographer
creative director : Pretty Deadly Stylz
fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
makeup artist : Ainsley Graham
hair stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
nail stylist : Jenn Tran
model : Severin Stargher

view the full editorial in the December/January 2013/2014 Issue

item of the week : Pink Velvet Velvetines by Lime Crime

Friday, January 3rd, 2014


image source

Pink Velvet, the highly anticipated new “it” item for every makeup addict and beauty shopaholic out there has finally arrived from Lime Crime. Similar to it’s predecessors Red Velvet and Suedeberry, the product promises to deliver velvety high-pigmented lips that last all day and night and are easily applied and shaped with the swipe of a wand. It’s a real fairy tale for those multitasking girls who don’t want to keep reapplying and touching up their lips! The released new pink color is a flattering shade for all skin tones with an uplifting youthful burst of neon to outshine winter’s dreariest days. The hue dries softly as it stains your lips with the softness of rose petals. The Velveteens render lip liners as passé, since their products do not bleed and can easily be blotted off if needed.

Lime Crime specializes in feminine and fantasy inspired packaging and they have recently remodeled the look of the Velveteen line to a soft, rose flower decorated tube with an improved smaller brush. The color is fast drying, so when you are applying it make sure to work quickly before the pigment sets onto your skin and lips. For better application I suggest drawing the outer edges and outline to finalize the shape, then carry in the shade and blend it through the inside. Your lips will look matte, but they will not ever feel dry or cracked. Rejoice in velvety kisses in a new shade of wonders.

Pink Velvet Velvetines by Lime Crime is available online for $20 at

- Cassia Crawl

beauty editorial : Kiss Me Deadly

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Moonlit looks for the vintage vixen with splashes of red and a touch of macabre.


photographer : Bailey Northcott of Through The Glass Photography
creative director : Pretty Deadly Stylz
fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
makeup artist : Christina Parasiliti of Sinner Saint Artistry
hair stylist : Jesse Y
nail stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
models : Vorm Van Aimee @ Valt

view the full editorial in the October/November 2013 Issue

beauty editorial : Keeper of Dreams

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Feathered, horned, armored, and chained headpieces for the fiercest one of them all.


photographer : Laura Dark
makeup artist : Deanna Roberts for Makeup Vamp
hair stylist : Synthetic Rebellion
models : Odette Despairr, Brianne Jeanette & Katarzyna Kozicka

view the full editorial in the October/November 2013 Issue

beauty editorial : Songstress

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

The synthpop princess, the new wave icon, and the bohemian queen.


photographer : Sequoia Emmanuelle
makeup artist : Debra Macki
hair stylist : Bianca Mc Millan
models : Courtlyn Cannan

view the full editorial in the October/November 2013 Issue

item of the week : As Above, So Below Fragrance Set by Haute Macabre

Friday, November 15th, 2013

As Above, So Below

Haute Macabre, the long running blog for all things dark yet sophisticated, is releasing another limited edition Haute Macabre branded product, this time in collaboration with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. The fragrance set features As Above, a scent of leather drenched with white patchouli, oak bark, bourbon vanilla, bitter almond, and Moroccan jasmine and So Below, a scent of amber and black copal with black coconut, Sumatran red patchouli, green cardamom pod, and golden musk. These warm and mysterious scents will be perfect for the winter season. Today, November 15th is the last day for pre-order. Snatch them up for yourself or as gifts for loved ones.

The As Above, So Below Fragrance Set is available online for $55 at

- Jennifer Link

item of the week : Viva Glam The Original Lipstick and Lipglass by MAC Cosmetics

Friday, November 1st, 2013


MAC Cosmetics is returning to the roots of their Viva Glam line by reintroducing the original 1994 Viva Glam spokesperson, RuPaul. This line, launched for fall 2013, sees the return of RuPaul’s signature burgundy shade. It’s perfect for the glam girl on the go, easily taking your look from day to night. The shade also works with just about every skin tone. The Lipstick happens to be matte but if you covet a glossier pucker, the color is also now available in a Lipglass. Be sure to check out the covetable red latex get-up that RuPaul is sporting in her latest ad for the line. If all that glam wasn’t enough, 100% of the sales go towards the MAC Aids Fund, supporting women, men, and children living with HIV or AIDS.

Viva Glam The Original Lipstick is available online for $15 and the Lipglass is available online for $15, both at

- Reem Jazar

beauty editorial : St. Mary’s School for Girls

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Soft, innocent, dark, and mysterious: the new fresh face of goth for back to school and back to work.


photographer : Teri G of Feline643 Photography
creative director : Pretty Deadly Stylz
fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
makeup artist : Faye Crasto
hair stylist : Faye Crasto
models : Rebecca Kwan & Vanessa K.

[ additional images not seen in the August/September 2013 Issue ]








view the full editorial in the August/September 2013 Issue

item of the week : Olde Salem Scents by Aromasanctum

Friday, September 6th, 2013


image source

Spice the air with a scent of witchcraft. Aromasanctum founder Akuura Kulak started concocting natural perfumes after discovering she was allergic to commercial fragrances. She created enticing products both hypoallergenic and alluring. Many of her house scents reference Salem’s culture through names such as Scarlet Letter, October Moon, and Witchfire. These fragrances are made in the spirited city known for its rich and sometimes tragic history as well as its ghosts. If you are unfamiliar with Aromasanctum, a good starting point is the Olde Salem Scents Boxed Gift Set, three cologne sprays inspired by Salem’s fascinating history and ambiance. It’s quite a combination to create a lingering presence.

The Olde Salem Scents  Boxed Gift Set is available online for $30 at

- Paige Etheridge