Black Heart Lingerie Set by Mo West Creations

Our Item of the Week, The Black Heart Lingerie Set from Mo West Creations comes with a retro style limited edition bralette and panty making it a perfect gift for yourself or the girl you love.

7 Deadly Sins Tattoo Tights by Tattoo Socks

Our Item of the Week, the 7 Deadly Sins Tattoo Tights by Tattoo Socks have the seven deadly sins listed on your thigh!

item of the week : Back to Basics Corset by Morgana Femme Couture

image source Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself with some sexy lingerie. London-based lifestyle brand Morgana Femme Couture offers exquisite custom-made corsets using authentic technique adjusted for the modern woman. The Back to Basics Longline Underbust Corset in black will give…

item of the week : Steampunk Heart Necklace by Urška Habjan Jewellery

The Steampunk Heart Necklace by Urška Habjan Jewellery is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your steampunk sweetheart.

item of the week : Herald Long Sleeve Cowl Neck Top by Helmouth Apparel

Fight off the wintry weather in the Herald Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Top by Helmouth Apparel, a vegan-friendly apparel and accessories line.

item of the week : Nightmare Before Christmas Leggings by Black Milk

Grab the Nightmare Before Christmas Leggings by Black Milk and carry the holiday and Halloween spirit with you all year long.

item of the week : Black Widow Cocktail Dress by Tatyana

Wiggle your way into the new year in style with the Black Widow Cocktail Dress by Tatyana. Oh, what a tangled web you’ll weave.

item of the week : Honey Bee Necklace by Missy Industry

This eye-catching Honey Bee Necklace by Montreal jewelry designer Missy Industry could work as a gift for the boys or girls on your list and as an added perk by giving it, you are creating a community that supports talented artists.

item of the week : Gruss Vom Krampus Tee by Sourpuss

Krampusnacht is around the corner, meaning soon Krampus is coming to town. This Gruss Vom Krampus Tee by Sourpuss is a must have item to honor Krampus and get in the holiday spirit!

fashion editorial : Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland fashion editorial shot by Sequoia Emmanuelle featuring Gelareh, Rockstar Wigs, Marianna Harutunian, Charles Albert, and more.

item of the week : Hanging Bat Necklace by Pamela Grice Art

Happy Halloween! Continue the spirit all year long with this little guy, the Hanging Bat Necklace from Pamela Grice Art, and conjure up your fond memories of the holiday.

item of the week : Lovecraft Black Cage Bra by Battie Clothing

Corset and all things related designer from the UK, Battie Clothing makes many desirable pieces, but our Item of the Week the Lovecraft Black Cage Bra really catches the eye.

item of the week : Bats Wing Leather Boot Straps by Contrived to Charm

Luxury leather accessory brand Contrived to Charm’s leather bats wing boot straps create a deathrock, witchy, and batty inspired look. With all things Halloween in the air, how can you resist?

item of the week : Alice en Bataille Costume by Heavy Red

Every year goth clothing company Heavy Red release a new Alice in Wonderland costume. An annual Halloween tradition. This year the manifestation is Alice en Bataille.

item of the week : Babylon Rose T-Shirt by Kill Star

This Item of the Week from Kill Star bridges the gap between low-key fashion choices and making bold statements with your clothing.

item of the week : Melinda Romper by Nasty Gal

When you think romper, you might think summer fashion but rompers can be a fall staple as well. The Melinda Romper by Nasty Gal is black with more coverage making it perfect for fall.

item of the week : Desiderium Leggings by Alien Botany by Zoetica Ebb

The Desiderium Leggings by Alien Botany by Zoetica Ebb were designed with your body in mind and make an easy yet fashionable fall outfit when topped with a comfy tunic.

Candydrip at FAT 2014

Candydrip’s collection shown at at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week 2014 was one of powerful, sexual, strong femininity. The silicone-infused designs were all individual conceptions of this theme. One-of-a-kind art pieces, made to fit the models who strolled down the runway emblazoned with the spirit of the clothing.

runway : House of Etiquette at FAT 2014

We’ve been fans of House of Etiquette since we first laid eyes on them about four years ago. Designers Ashley Davies and Mina Smart have excelled at filling the gap between fashion and fetish with their latex collections. This year at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week they expanded on the staples and showcased new showstoppers.

runway : David C. Wigley at FAT 2014

David C. Wigley premiered his new label CLAN GORDON at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week. He may have blurred the lines between alternative and mainstream, but he does it with flare: a sense of Celtic traditions mixed with grunge rock.

runway : Artifice at FAT 2014

Artiface is no stranger to the runways at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week, and each year the collection is one of the highlights. Designer Emily Rishea creates timeless pieces out of modern day materials, this year was only enhanced by her collaboration with Posh Fairytale Couture designer Rachel Sigmon.

runway : Atlier Wonder at FAT 2014

Atlier Wonder’s collection shown at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week was an exciting mix of art and underground fashion trends. Paulina Wonder hales from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and this was her first time at FAT and her collection definitely impressed with a colorful mash-up of Japanese flair and punk vibes.

item of the week : Piano Wristlet by Betsey Johnson

This week’s Item of the Week is anything but low-key; it’s several. Hit a high note in your artsiest ensemble with this Betsey Johnson pleather Piano Wristlet swinging by your side.

runway : With Love Lingerie at FAT 2014

With Love Lingerie unveiled a whimsical and romantic collection at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week, using beautifully embroidered, sheer fabrics, and lace. Nightgowns, robes, and lingerie sets in warm, earthy tones were draped exquisitely in classical early 19th century silhouettes.

runway : L’uomo Strano at FAT 2014

Many of designer Mic. Carter’s pieces may be more at home in an art gallery then your closet, though the flowing dark fabrics and hooded cloaks stayed in my mind, making the L’uomo Strano collection shown Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week at stand out.

runway : Diodati at FAT 2014

Designer Luca Galardo’s brand Diodati shown at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week blurs many lines in fashion and gender, and does it beautifully.

Empty Casket Bat & Moon Necklace

item of the week : Bat & Moon Necklace by Empty Casket

This week’s Item of the Week it the Bat & Moon Necklace from UK jewelry designer Empty Casket. The bat is whimsical, dark, and detailed and the whole design has a personal feel.

Famous Monsters of Filmland Akumu Ink T-Shirt

item of the week : Famous Monsters of Filmland Akumu Ink T-Shirt

The biggest comic convention of them all, Comic-Con in San Diego is this weekend and the Akumu Ink and Famous Monsters of Filmland collaboration T-Shirt featuring a Shakespearean Nosferatu is our Item of the Week.

ModCloth Lolli Swim

item of the week : Step Right Up One Piece by Lolli Swim

To continue with the black and white striped swimsuit theme, this week’s Item of the Week is a classic starlet one piece by Lolli Swim available at ModCloth.

H&M goth swim short

item of the week : Black White Striped Swim Shorts by H&M

Guys have you been searching for an acceptable swimsuit? You can pick one up at H&M this season. Pair this black and white striped 1900s feel swim short with a handlebar mustache.

fashion editorial : Whispers in the Dark

Moonlit encounters beckon and romantic flights of fancy call.

fashion editorial : True Blue

The tried and true classics in indulgent textures, patterns, and colors create attraction with an aura of mystery.

Auxiliary Designer Spotlight on The Rogue + The Wolf

An interview and fashion editorial with The Rogue + The Wolf

The designers behind accessory label The Rogue + The Wolf are as intriguing and enigmatic as their name implies. Eloise H.R. and Michael W. say they are tech and knowledge junkies. Their collaborations are a labor of love and innovation. The duo use 3D printing technology to craft all of their pieces. Their aesthetic is original yet versatile.