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Auxiliary Magazine is an alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle magazine available online for free and in print. You can read a free copy of the magazine on our website HERE, download a free pdf copy of the magazine HERE, or purchase a print copy of the magazine HERE.


Auxiliary Magazine.  auxiliary = alternative, supplementary, to provide what is missing, to give support.

We have always had a love for the different, the unique, the creative. But from all sides we’ve heard what we love is on its way out, is suffering, is dying, is dead. Today an alternative aesthetic is seen more than ever. Yet the core, the base, the scene; everyone is telling us is in a sad state. Reality is what you make it.

Our goal is to provide high quality fashion editorials, photographs, and articles; unique reviews and insights on the best media out there; and to create discussion and passion about alternative subcultures. There is a lot of amazing and creative stuff happening. We hope to find it, highlight it, and encourage it to grow.

That is why we’ve created Auxiliary Magazine; an online and print magazine dedicated to fashion, music, and lifestyle with a darker aesthetic.  There are no other boundaries than that.  That is the strong point of alternative culture; and we hope to include it all.

And that is a lot of ground to cover.  So contribute!  Send us your fashion, your music, your events, your opinions, your projects, your ideas.  This magazine isn’t for a select few, we don’t know it all, this magazine is for you and what we all love.