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fashion editorial : Monsters’ Ball

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

featuring fashions by DarkSpectre Custom Couture

photographer : Laura Dark
makeup artists : Deanna Roberts of Makeup Vamp, Bud Stross of B.A.M. FX, and Amber Johnson-Tedrick of B.A.M. FX
special FX : Aryn Fox of B.A.M. FX, Jason Ervin of Jervin Makeup, and Vault 9 FX
hair stylists : Synthetic Rebellion and Gray Artistry
models : Nez Wilburn, Bud Stross, Manzin, Odette Despairr, Brennan Pepper, Brianne Jeanette, Abigail Dark, Jason Ervin, and Deanna Roberts
skeleton extras : Loren Muzzy, Scott Lynd, Candi Oakly, and Beth Gray
set by : Laura Dark, Nez Wilburn, and Odette Despairr
props provided by : Wilbro Productions and Deanna Roberts
fog provided by : Froggy’s Fog

view the full editorial in the October/November 2012 Issue

film review : Frankenweenie

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Is Tim Burton’s newest film Frankenweenie, a feature-length remake of his 1984 short film of the same name and a dark-humored nod to classic horror movies released just in time for Halloween, worth a trip to the theater?

by Dan Cosgrove

I was really excited when I heard that Frankenweenie was being remade. A dark-humored, animated Tim Burton flick that gives nods to classic horror movies, you say? How could I lose!? I’ve seen and enjoyed the original (don’t tell my fifth grade teacher that my “really creative short story” was actually a plagiarised movie she hadn’t seen…), and being a fan of Burton and classic movies in general, I was psyched.

Frankenweenie completely follows the Tim Burton atmosphere template. A copied and pasted landscape of perfect little houses with manicured hedges? Check. An obnoxious, power-trippy mayor? Check. Gothic teenagers with oblivious parents that don’t get concerned when the crazy gets let out? Check. Ah, suburbia.

If you’ve seen Burton’s sketches, the characters look exactly like three-dimensional models of his work, complete with the scratchy shading that makes everything look like it was created with a ball-point pen, and it’s nice to see actual stop-motion techniques being used over the sometimes-too-smooth flow of computer-animated flicks. Burton’s style is a perfect match to the subject matter, and I would be completely comfortable spending an afternoon poring over sketches used for the film.

While some of the gags are fun and it was well-suited for kids, my main complaint about the movie is that it never goes far enough in one direction to fully do it for me. It’s not cutesy or funny enough to be a great kid’s movie, not creepy enough to be a staple of the style (think Nightmare Before Christmas), and considering the entire nature of the film, it seemed to be severely lacking in black comedy. They had time for a five-minute poop joke, yet the tongue-in-cheek humor never quite seems to come to life.

There’s also a complete lack of conflict or tension. There are scenes involving kids breaking into and quietly snooping around houses while stealing things, digging up corpses in a graveyard and then sneaking the corpses around, all while trying to keep parents, and the mayor, who seems to hate children and everything that they do, from discovering what’s going on. But despite all of this, at no point does the audience feel like anyone’s in any real danger of getting caught or that their actions have any lasting consequences, and it’s hard to be invested in a story with no real conflict.

All in all, I felt very “meh” about the whole feature, despite being a geeked-out fanboy. I’d still recommend it to any fans of Tim Burton or the horror genre in general, but considering it’s a remake of a 28 year old movie that got Burton fired from Disney, I expected much more from it.

All in all it felt like an unsatisfying meal that, though I’m glad to know what it tasted like, left me hungry.

But, while the movie itself was nothing to get excited about, I did have a pretty great time testing myself to see how many references to classic horror movies I could catch. A Frankenweenie drinking game needs to happen. Maybe Bingo.

Here’s my (probably incomplete) spoileriffic rundown of horror movie references that you’ll see in Frankenweenie:
– The science teacher Mr. Rzykruski is modeled after Vincent Price, and is one of the most fun characters in the movie.
– Victor’s classmate Edgar E. Gore is Igor.
– Nassor, a rival of the protagonist Victor, resembles Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein’s monster. Towards the end of the movie, Nassor gets wrapped in paper and entombed like the Mummy, another monster that Karloff played. Side note here: It felt kind of weird to have a kid with no relation to Victor Frankenstein’s family, resembling Frankenstein’s monster. I feel like maybe he should have been a half-brother or something, which would have been easy enough to do since the parents in the movie have such a minimal role.
– Victor’s neighbor (played by Winona Ryder) is named Elsa Van Helsing, a nod to Dracula’s vampire hunter, and looks and acts just like her character from Beetlejuice.
– Mutated sea monkeys (seriously) actually resemble several creatures. They have appearances similar to the Creature from the Black Lagoon, emerge from a pool and behave like Gremlins, and even pop out of a toilet like the Ghoulies. You do remember the Ghoulies, right?
– Toshiaki’s mutated pet resembles Gamera, the giant turtle monster from the Godzilla franchise. he name Shelley is also significant because, hey, it’s a turtle! Get it? Also, y’know, Mary
Shelley was the author of the original Frankenstein. So there’s that, too. Side note #2: I couldn’t help but feel few collar-tug moments with some of this kid’s scenes. He’s Japanese, and is the only non-white character, has an accent, plays baseball, is incredibly smart, and creates a giant reptile. I kept waiting for him to break out a cello and do some calculus before yelling “Gojira!” and doing the Asian version of blackface.
– In the pet cemetery, an angry black cat appears, a la Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. This might be a stretch, but I stand by it.
– The neighbor’s dog, Persephone Van Helsing (seriously), sports a Bride of Frankenstein hairstyle as the result of an electric shock. In my opinion, they pulled out this gag way too early in the movie, and it completely loses its effect over the course of the story.

And that’s just what I caught and can remember from one viewing. Honestly, I’d probably watch it again just to see what I missed. All in all, Frankenweenie is by no means a bad movie, but you need to check your expectations at the door, and enjoy it for what it is.

beauty editorial : Steamdeath

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

featuring fashions from Victoria Wilson Corsets and ClockworkZero

photographer : Shane Phillips
creative director : Pretty Deadly Stylz
fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
makeup artist : Larissa Palaszczuk of Blonde Moxie Makeup
hair stylist : Larissa Palaszczuk of Blonde Moxie Makeup
models : Jesse Young, Poisonne, and Madaline Zanni

view the full editorial in the October/November 2012 Issue

upcoming : Halloween events to die for

Friday, October 26th, 2012

We’ve gathered up some of the best Halloween parties happening this year, sure to be what you’re looking for no matter how crazy you want the Halloween party you end up at to be. There are so many parties going on, one is sure to fit your particular brand of dark. We can’t list them all, but here is a selection of some haunting hallows eve events.

New York NY, October 26 
Dances of Vice: Experiment in Terror – A Classic Horror Film Music Retrospective, 1954-1981

Kick off your perfect Halloween weekend by dancing to your favorite classic horror movie soundtracks performed live by Morricone Youth. The event also features Auxiliary Magazine PinUp Marlo Marquise plus Ruby Valentine and Nikki le Villain.

for more info click HERE

Los Angeles CA, October 26
Miss Kitty’s World Famous Halloween Ball 2012

The entire club is opened and transformed into an erotic, living, breathing haunted house of pansexual live performance, shows, dancers, mazes, interactive sets and dirty carnival style games. Featuring the Boulet Brothers, Miss Kitty, DJ Barbeau, Rudeness, Whorehaus, Kate Crash, St Peter D’vil, Carlos Gomez Aranda, and Eric Charles. Hosted by maters of horror Clive Barker.

for more info click HERE


music video premiere : Steve Bug – Moment of Ease

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Auxiliary Magazine is excited to premiere the new music video “Moment Of East” from Steve Bug, founder of Poker Flat Records and world renowned DJ/producer! This track comes off his latest full length album Noir, which was released this October. Read our review of Noir in our latest October/November 2012 Issue. The video is for one of the brighter tracks on the album which features the vocal talents of French singer Emilie Chick and has her walking around the streets of Paris. Check out this exclusive first look below!

– Mike Kieffer

item of the week : Howliss Werewolf Baby by Vamplets

Friday, October 26th, 2012

image source vamplets.com

It’s Halloween! And as adults we can finally get into the spirit of the thing: dark and spooky and completely scary. But what about the younger ones in your life? You know, those little people that seem to look up to us and want to be like us? How to inspire them to keep the Halloween traditions alive throughout the year? Introducing the Vamplets. More specifically: Howliss, the Werewolf Baby from the Nightmare Nursery! These amazing finds launched in 2011, with a rare batch of sixtuplet baby vampires who each had their own personality, and were dreadfully hungry. I’m a very proud owner of all the boys. I wasn’t able to grab all the girl Vamplets and will be waiting to collect the new versions of them. My niece is in love with her Lily Rose Shadowlyn, and feeds her regularly with a bottle of blood! For 2012, the Vamplet’s Nursury have stepped it up even more, now there is a little friend for all your little friends. VampPETS, Zombies, Cyclopes, Abominable Snowbabies, new Vamplets, and yes, the Werewolf Baby! So if you haven’t heard of them already, I encourage you to check out the amazing little fright-fiends available in the world of Gloomvania. Please remember to share the darkness with all your spooky-inclined friends of every age!

Howliss the Werewolf Baby is available online for $19.95 at www.vamplets.com.

– Tasha Farrington

digital editorial : Other Worldly

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

featuring jewelry by Disco Medusa and Sugarpill Cosmetics, Nars, MAC, and Rockeresque Beauty Co. products

photographer : Sequoia Emmanuelle
fashion stylist : Sequoia Emmanuelle
body painter : Sequoia Emmanuelle
makeup artist : Amelia Nightmare
hair stylist : Amelia Nightmare
model : Amelia Nightmare

interview : ΔAIMON

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

With the CD re-release of their latest EP, Flatliner, on Artoffact Records, there has been a lot of new buzz surrounding ΔAIMON. ΔAIMON’s music trembles with dark, dramatic, and enigmatic tones, conjuring a variety of influences from grave wave and witch house to goth and industrial circles. But rather than just replicate these genres, this San Diego duo has annexed the most appealing aspects to produce a uniquely romantic and intoxicating music project.

interview by : Hangedman
photographer : Kim Lostroscio

If you were to describe ΔAIMON to someone who has never heard your music, how would you describe it?
ΔAIMON : We usually describe our music as primarily working within dark electronic atmospheres built upon nostalgic/melancholic, anxious, and erotic context. It’s sometimes claustrophobic or charged with sexual tension and often rife with occultism but is always a true portrayal of the dynamic between the two of us.

The sound, imagery, and band branding of ΔAIMON follows with the recent trends of grave wave and witch house. Yet ΔAIMON stands out in those genres as a sound with more depth, that draws heavily from industrial and goth genres. Was this an intentional move, a way to do something more with the trend?
ΔAIMON : We were primarily adopted into the witch house scene due to our imagery and shared interests. Having found a sense of camaraderie and renewed enthusiasm for progressive music, we had no reason to disagree with this association. I’d say our particular influences and music background has been what sets us apart from what is conventionally considered witch house. It wasn’t a specific decision to be unique within the trend as much as it was a conscious decision to faithfully represent ourselves regardless of genre defining.

read the full interview in the October/November 2012 Issue

in attendance : Icon of Coil at Cybertron

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

New York NY, September 8 – Jet Berelson founder of Vampire Freaks can put together a show like no other. Icon of Coil was insanely at it’s finest. The opening band [:SITD:] started to get things going with an amazing energetic set, followed by Icon of Coil amping up the crowd even more. Andy LaPlegua was all over the stage at Gramercy Theatre. When I spoke with him he told me, “his fans mean everything to him.” It was obvious this night as he smiled at his fans and made sure to hit every point of the stage where people could see him. In my opinion, he is a very talented, nice musician, and worth going to see at any show by his many bands: Icon of Coil, Combichrist, Panzer AG.

This night was also one to celebrate Vampire Freak’s own Annabel Fagan’s birthday. This had to have been her best birthday to date as her and Icon of Coil sat in the back and had some birthday cake together.

All in all it was a perfect night.

– Emily Strange


music video : In Death It Ends – The Devil

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

It seems that everyone is watching horror movies lately due to the quickly approaching holiday of Halloween. This new video for “The Devil” by In Death It Ends fits the theme as it has that horror movie feel. If you take anything out of watching this, it should be to never do laundry when it is dark outside.

– Mike

fashion editorial : Lust & Virtue

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

photographer : Saryn Christina
fashion stylist : Kelly Cercone Anachronism in Action
makeup artist : Erika Diehl GlamourLush
hair stylist : Lisa Yamasaki J’s Hair Studio and Academy
model : Sarah Marie Hilker

[ additional images not seen in the October/November 2012 Issue ]


item of the week : Vampire Bat Backpack by Cult Appeal

Friday, October 19th, 2012

image source cryoflesh.com

This is one of those finds that once you’ve seen it, you can’t not know it’s out there. And knowing that, you count your pennies til you can get it. Introducing the Vampire Bat Backpack, an “extreme” limited edition bag by Cult Appeal, a label based in Germany. They are statement pieces that will make you “extremely” unique and stand out in whatever crowd you may be in. The Vampire Bat Backpack is handcrafted and each piece has its own molded black latex bat “skin” which, like a fingerprint, will always be slightly unique. It’s a limited run, so not all of your friends are going to be able to get it either. It’s a sturdy little guy, the smallest in the latest Cult Appeal line, but definitely big enough to carry all the essentials. This bat is one to watch out for, and with its red eyes staring out, it’s sure to be a trusty companion no one’s going to want to sneak up on!

The Vampire Bat Backpack is available online for $95 at www.cryoflesh.com.

– Tasha Farrington

interview : Gram Rabbit

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

We meet up with Jesika von Rabbit of Joshua Tree, California’s Gram Rabbit to discuss their philosophy, style, and their newest musical successes. Keep your finger on the pulse of Gram Rabbit, with a song aired on a commercial during the Olympics and a new album out, Welcome to the Country, the band keeps rolling with the punches.

interview by : Jessica Jewell

Gram Rabbit, a genre-bending band that challenges convention. Their theatrical, interactive performances draw in a cult following, aptly named “The Royal Order of Rabbits” and succeed in drawing in crowds of a diverse span of musical tastes.

Based out of Joshua Tree, the band channels the rugged desolation of the landscape in their music. Unaffected by LA glamour or cliché, they succeed in retaining their unique identity despite trends that come and pass.

Jesika Von Rabbit, the band’s front woman, brings a frantic, borderline manic creative energy to the music. A statuesque, bodacious blonde, Jesika commands the stage with a sexual energy that draws in the audience to a captivating performance. The combination of her vocal talent and courageously fabulous fashion partnered with her desire to truly entertain makes her a musician set apart from the generic hordes commonly encountered in the music industry.

Their recent performance at LA’s Psychfest held at the landmark LA concert venue, The Echo, exemplified their versatile talent. Psychedelic audiophiles poured in for their set; yet at any other given night they could easily blend in with a darker crowd.

The band continues to discover new sounds and personality with every album. Songs range from psyched-out walls of sound, to twangy, catchy country refrains. Their sound is a masterful fusion of psychedelic-electro-space-country, and as eclectic as it may seem, they pull it off.

Front woman, Jesika Von Rabbit took some time to speak with Auxiliary to share where the band comes from and where they’re going.

Gram Rabbit has gone through an impressive range of genres. What is the driving influence that has kept your sound in flux?
Jesika von Rabbit : I suppose it is the unwanted desire to settle on one sound. We don’t put any boundaries on what we do musically unless it something that is obviously terrible to us. An artist that keeps repeating the same piece is not working to his or her potential, in my book. Life is short and we have a lot of ground to cover.

Has there always been one driving inspiration for the band’s sound?
JvR : I don’t know that we actually think about our sound that much, it just comes out. The desert has definitely been a major influence on us. Our song, “Cowboys & Aliens” kind of sums up a diverse and metaphorical combination of what the desert looks and feels like. Cowboys on the ground, aliens in the sky, beauty and ruggedness around you…

What inspired the band for the recent album, Welcome to the Country?
JvR : The latest Country album was actually a side project Todd and I had started a couple years back, a band called The Country. I had some songs that I was writing and I felt that they would suit a different band more than Gram. I now see that I was wrong about viewing it that way, since Gram has always been all over the musical map anyhow. When it came time to put the record out, we caught our mistake and released it as Gram Rabbit.

The band brings a theatrical, dramatic experience to its audience. What’s been Gram Rabbit’s motivation behind the performance style?
JvR : When I am on stage I feel that I am up there not only to be a musician but an entertainer. I see a lot of bands that get up there and perform their songs well but don’t give you much more to look at; we happen to have the vision to add other elements to our performance, and I think it helps bring the songs to life. I don’t mind being the class clown for people either.

Jesika, your presence is huge in Gram Rabbit’s image. Who or what are your fashion inspirations?
JvR : I suppose since I was a very young I loved colorfully dressed people, from Mrs. Roper on Three’s Company to Cyndi Lauper and Boy George. On or off the stage I like to wear bold and interesting things. It makes my life more exciting. I love to mix and match things that other people wouldn’t dare. Taking chances is exhilarating. It’s very much like our music.

What’s the story behind your name, “von Rabbit”?
JvR : People have called me Jesika Rabbit for years. One of my favorite songs is Jefferson Airplane’s, “White Rabbit”. I adopted the “von” from a family surname.

It’s impressive that Gram Rabbit achieved commercial success; like the tracks featured in Crazy, Stupid, Love and more recently on a Fruit of the Loom commercial that was aired during the Olympics. How do you manage to still retain your unique look, sound and eclectic following despite commercial pressures?
JvR : Retaining our unique look and sound is what comes easy to us. We’re not pressured by anything commercial; maybe if we were, we would be more successful by now.

What is it about playing at hole-in-the-wall venues in ghost towns in the desert? You could be playing popular venues in big cities exclusively, if you so cared.
JvR : Actually, you are misinformed, we don’t play hole-in-the-wall venues in the desert, we play at Pappy & Harriet’s, which is anything but. It is a world-class venue that books world-class artists and was just hailed as Spin Magazine’s top 10 venues. We have played many popular venues over the course of our career and will continue to do so.

Speaking of eclectic following: Gram Rabbit’s sound captures the attention of a diverse fan base. You’ve played the main stage at Coachella, small town joints. You have a wide cross section of different scenes that follow you. How do you feel you connect to them as a band? What is it about Gram Rabbit that galvanizes these different subcultures?
JvR : I think Gram is bit of band that attracts misfits. I also think because of our indescribable sound, it doesn’t exclude any one group or attract just one type of scene. There is something for everyone inside our music and I think that makes us relatable, and it is humanizing. I would feel stifled if we didn’t allow our music to be the patchwork blanket that it is.

You folks are based out of Joshua Tree. What is it about the desert that inspires you?
JvR : If you aren’t inspired by the beauty of the desert, I’d say there is something wrong with you. It is vast, mystical, spiritual, and energizing. No superficial distractions out here.

If you could tour with any band, who would it be?
JvR : There is this brilliant band out of Brussels called Ghinzu. I am truly amazed by them, and it would be a dream come true. Check them out!

Any news you can share with our readers?
JvR : We have a new album coming out this fall that we are excited to release. It includes all the best elements Gram Rabbit has to offer. The first single off this record is called “Final Clap Fever”, which we just shot a video for and should be out by the time your reading this. Go check it out. It features one of my biggest fans, and eight-year-old girl named Sophia. Her parents must have been bringing her to our shows since she was five and I wanted to use her in this video; she definitely stole the show.

The buzz is real. Check them out at www.gramrabbit.com.

live photos : Jessica Jewell
press photos : Marina Chavez

contest : Sourpuss Sugar Ink Giveaway

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

We are giving away a Sourpuss Sugar Ink Shower Curtain and a Sourpuss Sugar Ink Bath Set just in time for Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead! Sourpuss has recently launched tons of new home decor items, making it easy to decorate your home the way you want!

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