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item of the week : Studs, Spikes & Jewels Hobo Purse by Karen Kalashnik

Friday, June 29th, 2012

image source karen kalashnik

image source karenkalashnik.etsy.com

This purse by Karen Kalashnik is killer. Karen Kalashnik is a Canadian designer with some stylish and edgy work in leather made all by hand! Working with leather and metal hardware to add those details that stand out, she’s got a collection of custom and ready made pieces ready to check out. The Studs, Spikes & Jewels Hobo, is on my personal wish list, with its black leather exterior, lots of room for everything you’ll need to carry with you to the beach, shopping, or a night out. And if you’re looking for this much loved accessory, because you can’t ever have enough purses, I recommend this piece. With its sparkles and spikes it’s a must have item for any rocker chic chick.

The Studs, Spikes & Jewels Black Leather Hobo is available online for $339.00 at www.karenkalashnik.etsy.com.

– Tasha


digital editorial : O Mother

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

On left, jacket and leggings by Mother of London.
On right, sequined jacket by Mother of London.


Auxiliary Magazine on ISN radio

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Auxiliary Magazine editors Jennifer Link and Mike Kieffer are guests on this week’s ISN radio show! Listen to them chat with ISN radio show host Edwin Somnambulist about Auxiliary, music, and fashion. Plus listen to their selection of 11 tracks for the show, some of their personal favorites and some featured in Auxiliary Magazine.

Listen to the show at www.isnradio.com

June/July 2012 issue release party

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Earlier this month Kent Kaliber, our PinUp for the June/July 2012 Issue, hosted a June/July 2012 Issue release party in LA at Bar Sinister. Jay Gordon of Orgy, featured in the June/July 2012 Issue, was the guest DJ for the night and Arden Leigh, long time contributor to Auxiliary and writer of our Ask Arden advice column, performed. It was our first event on the west coast and proved to be a great success!

photos : Steve Prue


in attendance : Santigold at Town Ballroom

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Buffalo NY, May 16Santigold has been touring non-stop, with a few more dates in North America, she moves onto Europe and then back. In May we had the chance to catch a show. Santigold mixes electronia and new wave with hip hop and reggae, and before you dismiss that she is not your preferred style of music, know that she is. Santigold creates a style that is all her own, that can appeal to a wide range of musical tastes, and brings an incredible amount of energy to her live shows. Santigold sounds at home played at a ragging summer party and a goth/industrial night.


in attendance : The Steampunk World’s Fair

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Piscataway NJ, May 18-20 – Every year, towards the end of spring, The Steampunk World’s Fair, beckons enthusiasts of steam to the emerald fields of the Garden State, preparing to guard the walls against their fist-pumping foes from the shore. Now entering its third year, they arrive on airships, horseless carriages, unicycles, and the occasional T.A.R.D.I.S., ready to celebrate for a three-day weekend full of performances (from artists such as Voltaire, Platform One, and Danny Blu to circus/sideshow acts), costume contests, panels, and burlesque shows!

– Phil (Knightmare6)


in attendance : M83 at Town Ballroom

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Buffalo NY, May 7 – M83 are currently touring Europe, they will be back in North America touring from August to October, and back in May we had the chance to catch one of their shows. If you haven’t already, make sure you see one of their shows this fall. An excellent example of how to do an electronic music concert right, M83 gave their all, the songs sounded beautiful live, and the sold out crowd was in awe. There is a reason you have been hearing M83 left and right and their popularity is growing at a very fast rate, it is well deserved.


music video : Freezepop – Doppleganger remixes

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Electro-pop quartet Freezepop just released a new EP, Doppelgänger, which comprises of remixes and new versions of tracks from the expanded version of their latest full-length Imaginary Friends. To pair with the new EP, Freezepop made two new music videos for the track “Doppelgänger”. One version known as the “nice” version shows a sign saying, “Free hugs for puppies!! I <3 them!”, the other version known as the “douchey” version shows a sign saying, “I will give yr dog the finger! $50 sale price.” Two fun videos with the sense of humor we love from Freezepop!

– Jennifer Link

contest : Auxiliary Issue Comment Contest Giveaway

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

We are giving away a print copy of Auxiliary Magazine!

COMMENT on any BLOG post on our WEBSITE from June 22nd to June 29th
Comment on every post this week to be entered to win multiple times!

The winner will be chosen at random from those who left comments on Auxiliary Magazine’s blog posts at www.auxiliarymagazine.com between June 22, 2012 to June 29, 2012. You can enter to win multiple times by commenting on multiple blog posts between the entry dates but you only one comment per person per blog post will be counted. You must leave your email in the email field when commenting in order to enter. The email field is only visible to the website admin and will only be used to contact the winner of the contest. The winner will be contacted on June 30, 2012. Giveaway is for one Auxiliary Magazine print issue. The issue will be delivered by mail with postage covered by Auxiliary Magazine 1-3 weeks after drawing.

in attendance : Kinetik Festival 2012

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Montreal, QC – May 17-20first hand account by Pete Crane of Shiv-r


Holy shit Kinetik!!!

Since the first Kinetik was announced five years ago, it has had a pants-wettening line-up and every year we have been tempted to travel to Montreal, Canada to party it up and see the awesomeness. From the first Kinetik featuring one of my personal faves Headscan, and other awesome bands that you don’t get to see on the European festival circuit (and certainly the bands who have a snowball’s chance in hell of being brought to Australia), to 2011’s monster line-up including Frontline Assembly, mind.in.a.box, and Suicide Commando, it’s always a line-up to die for and this year was no different, so it was amazing to finally get to come to Kinetik, let alone being invited to actually perform.

Wendy and I made the flight from Sydney on the preceding Monday. The 19 hour Air Canada flight to Montreal via Vancouver was as brutal as you might expect but we eventually made it in and checked into the Hyatt in Montreal. We arrived in the late afternoon so we walked around the inner city for a couple of hours (we love just walking around foreign cities when we’re there for the first time, it’s my favorite part about travelling and seeing new shit, just walking).

On Tuesday our band mate Lee arrived. Despite writing half the music for Shiv-r, he has never actually been able to play live with us because he lives in Bangkok these days and they don’t have planes there or something. We also met up with another Australian friend of ours, Beck, and got our first taste of poutine (a famous Montreal specialty consisting of fries, gravy, and cheese, but god is it good!) and some shopping. Tuesday night we went drinking at the bar next to Metropolis, FouFon Electrique (or, “The Electric Butt-Butt”). $2.50 beers had me slaughtered in no time and then the rowdiness started. Apparently I was running around telling people (including my friends), “I don’t know if you heard, but I’m playing at the Metropolis on Friday night.”  Well, bitches gotta recognise…


item of the week : Beachkinis by Sci Feye Candy

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

image source Sci Feye Candy

When looking for a bikini it can be super frustrating but sometimes we spot something new in the sea of basic black or polka dots. Sci Feye Candy’s new collection of Beachkini’s come in a variety of colors and patterns. Hot pinks, purples, and blues, or patterned fabrics mingle with black outlines. Triangle cut tops and boy-cut bottoms, a match made to perfection. The fabric is a shimmering metallic nylon and spandex mix, they have a little stretch, and feel like a favorite second skin on. Hanging out in the water or just catching a tan, you’ll grab more then a few passersby eye’s in one of these Beachkinis!

Beachkinis are $85 and are available at  Fashion Whore Boutique or We Are Radar in Toronto, ON.

– Tasha

item of the week : Deer Head Raven Silhouette Necklace by Fable and Fury

Friday, June 15th, 2012

With all the Snow White and Poe buzz that’s been in the air, we would be remiss to point out some independent designers who were all about the love of fairy tales and dark poetry before they hit the big screens. This necklace features a stainless steel laser cut stag and ravens motif with detailed oak leaf and acorn flourishes finished in a black powder coat. It has a 16″ black enameled chain that could be swapped out for a stainless silver chain or shorter or longer sizes, so you can get it exactly how you want it. If you’re always looking for a way to add a little color to your wardrobe, it is also available in red and silver. Fable and Fury’s designs are all things dark and twisted, forest creatures, hero’s of gothic culture, movie horrors, and circus freaks, in other words, check them out!

The Deer Head Raven Silhouette Necklace is available online for $29 at wwww.FableAndFury.etsy.com.

– Tasha Farrington

music review : Mr. Kitty – Eternity

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

release date : June 19, 2012
released by : Keep It Dark Records
genre : Synthpop, New Wave, Darkwave
info : www.mrkittydm.bandcamp.com
reviewed by : Mike Kieffer

Mr. Kitty is one of those bands that has such a simple name but it draws you in. My curiosity got the better of me as I stumbled across his bandcamp page and I had to check it out. Immediately I was greeted with a nice and gloomy synthpop song with killer melodies and vocals that just ran around my head hours after listening. Who is this Mr. Kitty?!?!? I must hear more! Lucky for me I discovered this gem a few months before the next album release and a quick email, to founding member Forrest Avery Carney, and a nice conversation netted me the Eternity album. Since that day the album has been playing on every device I own with a speaker or headphone jack. These highly addicting songs are perhaps mostly due to the catchy choruses that bounce around bursting with energy. The music is fun and energetic with dark tones, but some of the subject matter is a little darker. I don’t suggest listening to this album, or the song “A New Hour” on repeat if you are suicidal, or if the ones around you think you are, it might lead to some unwanted conversation. Overall I think this album is a nice modern example of what synthpop should be sounding like with the influences of today.

recommended tracks : Lost Children, Detach, Night Terror
overall 8 . music 8 . lyrics 8 . recording quality 9

auxiliary profiles : Tasha Farrington

Monday, June 11th, 2012

photo : Kim Akrigg
interview : Jennifer Link

Tasha Farrington aka Pretty Deadly Stylz is the fashion editor for Auxiliary Magazine and a motivated fashion stylist. Self-taught, she doesn’t limit herself to any one style, but yearns to grow and create a blend of alternative, modern, and vintage to create her vision of fashion. Tasha contributes her unique perspective and insight in a number of different capacities including creative direction, set design, shoot production, and casting, to having once been in front and behind the camera and always being interested in clothing and art. Tasha works from pieces she owns, makes, or pulls from designers, mixing, layering, and assembling to create art though clothing.

What do you do at Auxiliary Magazine?
I do work building teams and pulling designers to create fashion editorials and stories for our readers. I’m a clothing/fashion stylist first and foremost, but I tend to play a creative director role because I like to make sure the whole concept comes together in a cohesive manner. I also do some behind the scenes stuff that can be boring to chat about, so I won’t bother. [winks]

How did you join the magazine?
I was looking to do more submission work personally, and I started looking up magazines, I’d heard about Auxiliary through Monster Muffin, and decided to give it a try. Jennifer liked my work, but at the time they were not accepting submissions. So I waited, but kept in touch. She offered me a chance to work in the Feb/Mar 2010 Issue. Originally only a contributor, I wanted to do more, so I kept in touch, pitching ideas, and asking what was needed next. The title I played was Associate Fashion Editor for Auxiliary, working with them for three years now, and loving every moment of it.

What overall vision do you aim to uphold when working as a fashion stylist and now as fashion editor for Auxiliary?
Firstly Meagan Hendrickson had this concept of keeping fashion accessible to the readers. I very much believe in that as well. I would like to continue in that tradition while putting my own little twists into the magazine. I like to tell some sort of story in my styling, something with a feeling to it. Create a mood. I think it would be great to bring in some bigger names and yet still highlight the up and comers in the scene. As stylists we aren’t much if not for our designer contacts, and I think it’s really important to showcase designers in ways that make them more inviting/interesting to our readers.