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interview : Emilie Autumn

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Unafraid of herself and her personal struggles with mental illness, Emilie Autumn has accepted the reality of herself and through music reaches out to women (and men) suffering with their own internal conflicts. Currently in the midst of a North American tour, Emilie Autumn will soon release her upcoming album, Fight Like a Girl, and has grand plans in the works to turn her beautifully crafted, Victorian inspired world into a Broadway musical.

photographer : Jake Garn
interview by : Gia C. Manalio-Bonaventura

Emilie, we want to thank you for taking the Time (intentionally capped) out of your schedule, especially since you are currently on your “Fight Like a Girl” Tour. I have been a Plague Rat for years so I’m grateful to have this opportunity and am going to try not to overwhelm you with questions. I would like to ask you things that have not been asked, but as you said on The Opheliac Companion, everything has been said or sung. So hopefully I can express the questions in some different ways.

I’m going to try to start from the beginning. In the song “Swallow” you say, “I’m not a faerie but I need more than this life so I became this creature representing more to you than just another girl. And if I had a chance to change my mind, I wouldn’t for the world.” Tell me about the birth of Emilie Autumn as we know her and the Asylum. And what is it about the Victorian age that draws you in so?
Emilie Autumn : Thanks for having this little teatime chat with me! The Victorian era is absolutely fascinating on so many levels. Amongst many other terrifying developments, the 19th century saw the birth of medicine and psychiatry as we recognize it today. It was also the era of the industrial revolution, the gradual shattering of the class system largely due to this revolution, an era of glorified mourning and elaborate death obsession, and so much more. The primary fascination however is what this era has in common with our present day, and how, in a lot of unfortunate cases, nothing much has changed.

Your songs are what initially drew me to you with the melodic (and sometimes intentionally not) harmonies and lyrics, some call them “Victorianindustrial”. When I first heard them, I felt like I connected to them so much I did some research on what was behind it all, especially The Opheliac album. What I discovered was how brutally honest and open you are about your own bipolar condition, medications, and suicidal thoughts. I admire this because it is often such a dirty little secret and any of us who have had the experience have almost perfected the art of faking being okay, which you actually discuss on “The Art of Suicide” track on The Opheliac Companion. There you talk about what happens when you can’t fake it, which I think actually hearing, as personal as that is, is comforting to people. In fact, when I asked a couple of teen girl fans I know what they would want to ask you, they both alluded to these feelings. I understand that writing and performing the songs is something you do for yourself as a catharsis, but how do you feel knowing that you are also reaching girls who are suffering and letting them know that they are not alone in that?
EA : That’s very nice to hear, and it is in fact my most important goal, to help both boys/girls, men/women to realize and truly believe that they are NOT alone. They’re really not. It’s become such a passion for me because I was very much alone in my less than pleasant life situations, and I want to be to others what I myself did not have. It’s a bit like my Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls book… I wanted to write the book I wish I’d had growing up with these issues, to have someone tell me that just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean you’re crazy. But what you mention regarding the honesty in songs and such is equally meaningful in that it comes from a very real place, a place that I find can only be accessed when you have nothing left to lose. A marvelous freedom comes when you have nothing to shelter, hide, protect… when all your dirty little (or large) secrets are out, when judgment is inevitable, and when you don’t even care about this anymore. What has been such an interesting phenomena for me has been that, the moment I stopped caring what other people thought about me is the same moment that others started caring what I thought. That’s how I learned how interesting honesty can be.

read the full interview in the February/March 2012 Issue

additional photos from our exclusive photoshoot…


contest : Loungefly Hello Kitty Tote Giveaway

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

We are giving away a Loungefly Hello Kitty Angry Face Quilted Tote as seen in Auxiliary Magazine!

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wallpaper : February/March 2012 Issue

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Enjoy some of the great photos from our February/March 2012 Issue! We have put together 3 wallpapers in multiple versions including wallpapers for the desktop of your computer and ones for the background and lock screen of your iPhone or Android phone.

February/March 2012 Issue Cover

Download for computer : 1920×1200 / 1600×1200 / 1280×1024
Download for phone : 640×960 iPhone / 640×480 Android / 960×800 Android

Emilie Autumn Interview Feature

Download for computer : 1920×1200 / 1600×1200 / 1280×1024
Download for phone : 640×960 iPhone / 640×480 Android / 960×800 Android

Kelly Eden PinUp Feature

Download for computer : 1920×1200 / 1600×1200 / 1280×1024
Download for phone : 640×960 iPhone / 640×480 Android / 960×800 Android

style : death and the maiden

Monday, February 20th, 2012

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2012 Issue ]

Feb/March Issue Look : In this fun and flirty take on the theme, with a dress by Too Fast, we embrace many forms of death in many skeleton animals, even skeletal unicorns! Pair that with some charm and sass from Frills & Morbidity with their Portrait of the Dead Necklace or the Skeleton Charm Bracelet. Both must-haves to dress up any death-loving femme fatale.

Too Fast Animal Skeleton Dress and Iron Fist heels paired with Portrait of the Dead Necklace and Skeleton Charm Bracelet both by Frills & Morbidity and Moon Raven Designs Oxidized Metal Raven Skull Pendant.

Alternate Look 1 : Looking for a little more sexy, enough to drop ‘em dead? The Kreepsville Skeleton Tunic Dress will hug your body in all the right places. Can’t seem to get enough skulls? Thankfully there are designers such as Moon Raven Designs, who are creating by hand, beautiful art skulls in all forms of metal. And Skullery, who are taking taxidermy to the next level, and creating replicas with as much detail and strength as the real deal.

Kreepsville666 White Skeleton Tunic Dress paired with Kreepsville666 Skeleton Bone Hand Necklace, Skeleton Charm Bracelet by Frills & Morbidity, and Magpie Black on Gunmetal Necklace by Skullery.

Alternate Look 2 : A maiden doesn’t always have to be in a dress. Take Mady Bone Design custom Skeleton Leggings and pair with a fun and friendly little Grim Reaper Tee by Sick On Sin and Too Fast’s Monster Fur jacket. Death isn’t sure if he should mess with this version of the maiden at all.

Monster Fur Jacket by Too Fast, Grim Reaper Tee by Sick On Sin, and Skeleton Leggings by Mady Bone Design paired with Kreepsville666 Skeleton Bone Hand Necklace and Magpie Black on Gunmetal Necklace by Skullery.

styled and written by : Pretty Deadly Stylz
photographed by : Bailey Northcott
makeup and hair : Robin Wright
model : Amber Macc
most items available at : FashionWhore Boutique

view the original feature in the February/March 2012 Issue

fashion editorial : nightmares & fairytales

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

featuring designs by  Starkers Corsetry, Veruca Cyn Clothing, Dyrstropolis, Haphazard Clothing, and more

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2012 Issue ]

photographer : DerWei Chan
creative director : Pretty Deadly Stylz
fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
lighting tech : Steve Chokas
makeup artist : Christina Parasiliti of Sinner Saint Artistry
hair stylist : Lisa Tuff
models : Jenna Fawcett and Nico Deilgat

view the full editorial in the February/March 2012 Issue

item of the week : molly mermaid mobile phone skin by Fluff

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Fluff’s DecalGirl Molly Mermaid Mobile Phone Skin

image source decalgirl.com

Turn your mobile phone into an adorable piece of artwork by covering it with a DecalGirl device skin illustrated by Fluff. Fluff has been making cute retro themed collections of bags and accessories like coin purses, key chains, wallets, and more. Now you can bring Fluff’s designs to your phone (or laptop, tablet, or gaming device for that matter) with her brand new DecalGirl skins. Turn your phone into a vintage pinup and tattoo inspired aquatic world. And theme all your on-the-go essentials with other items from the Molly Mermaid collection.

The Molly Mermaid Mobile Phone Skin is available for around $10 (depending on the device) at www.decalgirl.com.

– Jennifer

fashion editorial : flame of the forest

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

featuring designs by Bibian Blue

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2012 Issue ]

photographer : Maria S. Varela
makeup artist : Cervena Fox
hair stylist : Cervena Fox
model : Cervena Fox

view the full editorial in the February/March 2012 Issue

fashion editorial : polish

Friday, February 17th, 2012

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2012 Issue ]

photographer : Saryn Christina
fashion stylist : Nicole Burron
makeup artist : Erika Diehl / Glamour Lush
hair stylist : Jeanna Kier
model : Merry Swain

view the full editorial in the February/March 2012 Issue

the PinUp : Kelly Eden

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

A pink fireball, because fire can be pink too, Kelly Eden of Denver, Colorado is a gifted young artist rising high into her career at a very young age. With experience working as a tattoo artist, Kelly is a recent graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design now pressuring her career as a studio artist focusing on hyper realistic painting in addition to being a makeup artist and agency represented multiple-cover model.

[ additional images not seen in the February/March 2012 Issue ]

photographer : Jennifer Erickson
fashion stylist : Jennifer Erickson
makeup artist : Christina Ramirez
hair stylist : Christina Ramirez
model : Kelly Eden

view the full feature in the February/March 2012 Issue

behind the scenes : Nightmares & Fairytales and cover

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

A behind the scenes video of the shoot for our Nightmares & Fairytales fashion editorial and cover of the February/March 2012 Issue! Enjoy!

item of the week : Moon Raven Designs tiny bird skull ring

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Moon Raven Design’s Tiny Bird Skull Adjustable Ring

image source mrd74.etsy.com

This teeny tiny white bronze cast bird skull ring would make a great everyday ring with a great subtly macabre feel. This little guy measures just 1/2″. The band is adjustable and silver plated. Moon Raven Designs, who we just featured in our Style article in the Feb/March 2012 Issue, also makes an assortment of other bird skull rings in various sizes and styles.

The Tiny Bird Skull Adjustable Ring is available online for $27 at www.mrd74.etsy.com.

– Jennifer

February/March 2012 Issue out now!

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

The February/March 2012 issue is the twentieth issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle.  This issue features an interview and exclusive photoshoot with Emilie Autumn, an interview with mind.in.a.box, a designer spotlight on Blood Milk Jewels, a brick and mortar shop spotlight on Five and Diamond, and Kelly Eden as our PinUp.  The issue also contains a fashion editorial of nightmares and fairytales, a mad hatter fashion editorial, a fashion editorial showcasing Bibian Blue’s new collection, a night inspired beauty editorial, and a deadly style article. It features photography by DerWei Chan, Jake Garn, Dana Brushette, Christina Brown, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Maria S. Varela, Jennifer Erickson, Gail Remy Kilker, and Saryn Christina, and fashion from Mother of London, Starkers Corsetry, Too Fast, Kreepsville666, Lip Service, S&G, Bubbles & Frown, Haphazard Clothing, Dystropolis, Folter Clothing, T.U.K. Shoes, FashionWhore Boutique, and mush much more.

You can download it for free at :

Print copies are available for purchase online at :
And for purchase in stores at :

Hell Bunny spring/summer 2012 collection preview

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

A behind the scenes video of the photoshoot for Hell Bunny’s spring/summer 2012 collection. It’s filled with pastels, great floral prints, and of course tons of cute dresses!

– Jennifer

behind the scenes : Marlo Marquise PinUp and cover

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Behind the scenes video of the photoshoot for our December/January 2011/2012 PinUp and cover featuring Marlo Marquise!