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item of the week : mind.in.a.box dreamweb pillow

Mind.in.a.box’s Dreamweb Pillow

image source mindinabox.com

At Auxiliary Magazine we are all very excited about the upcoming mind.in.a.box release, Revelations, released today in Europe and on January 24th in the US. Mind.in.a.box has a new record label and a new online webstore and available on it is this fantastic throw pillow.  Avoid the boring, typical merch and opt for something more unique, a handmade pillow!  How appropriate that this pillow is for their Dreamweb album.  With this pillow you can now curl up and cuddle mind.in.a.box and your love of their music.  Or on a bit more practical note, t-shirts, long desired by miab fans for years (when they played Kinetik Festival 2011 you could make a merch vendor very ornery very fast by asking if they had miab t-shirts) as well as their new album are available on their new webstore.

The mind.in.a.box pillow is available online for €22 at www.mindinabox.com.

– Jennifer

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