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beauty editorial : one last look

Monday, October 31st, 2011

featuring Illamasqua, MAC Cosmetics, Atelier Gothique, and more

photographer : Laura Dark
photo retoucher : The Dark Noveler
fashion stylist : Laura Dark
makeup artist : Deanna Roberts
hair stylist : Synthetic Rebellion
model : Brianne Jeannette, MsPoisoness, Deanna Roberts, and Odette Despairr

view the full editorial in the October/November 2011 Issue

new york fashion week : Marc Jacobs spring 2012

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Marc Jacob’s 2012 spring collection shown at New York fashion week is cohesive and polished.  Plastic skirts are paired with button ups and cropped jackets to make an odd mix-match that seems to come together so well.  Things to take from this collection: layering, try mixing styles and pieces you wouldn’t think would pair together (such as a latex or pvc piece with cotton, satin, linen, or a sweater), and a beautiful grey muted color palette with iridescents and shine.


fashion editorial : the passion of lovers is for death

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

featuring designs by Rockin’ Bones Clothing, Noir Leather, Scavenged Art by Suzanne Talmadge, and more

photographer : Zach Rose
fashion stylist : Meagan Hendrickson
hair stylist : Bryan Gunsell
models : Anna Cadaverous and Jiffy Decay

view the full editorial in the October/November 2011 Issue

item of the week : frankenstein necklace by Peter Von Erickson

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Peter Von Erickson’s Frankenstein Necklace

image source vonerickson.etsy.com

Halloween is just a few days away, but everyday can be Halloween with the Frankenstein Necklace by Peter Von Erickson. This unique choker style necklace was sculpted and cast from durable vinyl by Mr. Peter Von Erickson himself. While you will not get this choker in time for Halloween, it’s a great gift to a horror lover, or to aid in your “creature of the night” appearance. This necklace will surely have you in stitches, literally!

The Frankenstein Necklace by Peter Von Erickson is available online at www.vonerickson.etsy.com.

– Meagan


interview : God Module

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

For over twelve years God Module has injected a healthy dose of creepy into the dark electro scene. We had the chance to interview Jasyn Bangert, the mastermind behind it all, as he once again sets loose his imagination and musical talents to eager fans with the release of God Module’s new album Séance on Metropolis Records.

interview by James S. Cole, Kelly Cole & Mike Kieffer

God Module seems to be a band that cares a lot about and has a close connection with it’s fans, how does this relationship effect the band?
Jasyn Bangert : One of the great things about God Module is that we have some very devoted and supportive fans. In response to this I have always made a point to go out of my way to stay in contact with our fan base on a personal level. Since I was a kid I have been deeply involved in the gothic/industrial/alternative scene and I still remember every time I met people in bands who were important to me. Now that things have changed and I find myself on the other side of these situations, I’ll be honest that I do find it strange from time to time but it is also just as important to me as it is to them. I don’t take our fans or our success for granted in anyway.

What is your personal favorite song on Séance and which song do you think will excite fans the most?
JB : At this point my favorite song is “Doppelgänger” for a few reasons. I really like the synths in the track and think they give the track a pretty but unsettling, eerie feeling. I used samples from the  film Happy Birthday To Me when I had my yearly viewing on my birthday this year. They really fit perfectly with the lyrics and the theme of the song. As for the rest of the CD I think the songs “M.D.K.” and “Rituals” are going over really well live.

read the full interview in the October/November 2011 Issue

film review : Drive

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

The financiers of Drive must have absolutely shit themselves when they saw the finished film. Here was a project that began life as a Hugh Jackman action/adventure vehicle in the vein of the Fast and Furious series, and what it became, arguably, was an art film. A film where the first 40 minutes are filled with so little dialogue, were it not for the music (which is AMAZING, by the way) one could easily forget they were watching a “talkey”. An action film where there are only two relatively brief chase scenes with which it could justify its title, and in place of choreographed fight sequences, existed only punctuation marks of far-beyond-brutal violence. A film hanging not on the rugged Australian shoulders of bankable action star Jackman, but of a former teen heartthrob (Ryan Gosling) whose greatest commercial success was the Nicholas Sparks adaptation/120-minute yawn, The Notebook. Their only consolation must have been that they’d only sunk about $13 million into this thing (that’s peanuts in Hollywood money). What they thought was going to happen when they hired director Nicolas Refn (the Pusher trilogy, Bronson), a Danish filmmaker who had never made a mainstream American picture in his life and whose films tend to tackle subject matter of a transgressive nature, will forever be beyond me. But the distributors of Drive refused to let go of their dream of standard action fare, and marketed it as such in one of the most misleading promotional campaigns in filmmaking history. So much so, a Michigan woman is actually suing for false advertisement, which, while paint-huffingly idiotic, illustrates their folly pretty clearly. What is likely lost on this microcosm of bean counters and ad execs is that, while Drive did not turn out to be the cinematic junk food guaranteed to put mouth breathers in the seats and god-like amounts of money in studios pockets, it is, without a doubt, one of the closest this last half-decade has come to producing a flawless film.

As Drive is, at its core, an atmospheric character study, what plot there is fairly simple. It’s protagonist, simply known as, get this, the Driver (mind blown??), is a small-time mechanic and stuntman by day, getaway driver by night. The same preternatural skill and calm that makes the Driver great at evading police cruisers also makes for an excellent stockcar racer, leading his boss Shannon (Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston) to petition mobster Bernie (Albert Brooks, of Simpsons and Finding Nemo Fame) for the funds to purchase a car for a joint venture, in the hopes of turning the Driver into a NASCAR star.  Bernie acquiesces, to the amusement of his partner, the crude and vicious Nino (Ron Pearlman, who needs no introduction). Meanwhile, the Driver, a quiet recluse by nature, befriends a neighbor, Irene (Carey Mulligan), and her son (Kaden Leos), striking up something of romance and becoming a father figure to the boy. However, this is not to be; Irene is married, and her husband, Standard (television actor James Biberi) soon returns from a stint in prison, ready to pick up life with his family. The Driver learns that Standard owes money to a local crime figure, putting not only his life, but his wife and their son’s, in danger. Agreeing to assist his romantic rival for the sake of Irene and her child, the Driver prepares to play wheelman for a pawn shop robbery that will help Standard square his debts. Thus the stage is set for things to go from wrong to more wrong to just absolutely fucked beyond any and all repair for our hero, as anyone familiar with Refn’s filmography knew they would.


fashion editorial : spellbound

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Captivating gowns that transcend this earthly plane.

featuring designs by Romantic Threads

photographer : Saryn Christina
models : Sarah Marie Hilker and Lacy Soto
location : El Mirage

view the full editorial in the October/November 2011 Issue

new york fashion week : Rodarte spring 2012

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

The kitschy, youthful dresses of Rodarte’s 2012 spring collection shown at New York fashion week were part prom dress, part fairy princess, with van Gogh thrown in.  There were a handful of dresses that would make great statement dresses, that would make you the instant center of attention when you walked into a party.  There are some cues to be taken from this collection.  I enjoyed the styling, simple hair and pretty simple makeup (great eyes, love the shape of the black shadow) that really let the dresses do the talking, and being so loud, I think it’s the only way to pull them off.


item of the week : motley sailor 50s dress by Hell Bunny

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Hell Bunny’s Motley Sailor 50s Dress

image source catslikeus.com

The Motley Sailor 50s Dress by Hell Bunny can be found at the retro lifestyle store Cats Like Us. This cute little sailor styled dress would make an adorable Halloween costume when paired with a little white sailor hat, black shoes, and perhaps a little red neck scarf. Get a retro look with edge as the dress is adorned with skulls on the anchors, Hell Bunny dresses are too cute!

The Motley Sailor 50s Dress by Hell Bunny is available online at www.catslikeus.com.

– Meagan

new york fashion week : Rag & Bone spring 2012

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The first thing I thought when I saw Rag & Bone’s spring 2012 collection which was shown at New York fashion week was 90s raver fashion is back!  Then I began to wonder if I liked this collection, it seemed a bit ugly at times, but then something caught my eye… so many pieces reminding me of old Illig styles!  Then I was excited. Ruched skirts, netting sweaters, and that white crisscrossing strap skirt!  I think with some careful selection these pieces and 90s raver, streetwear cyber could be incorporated into your spring and summer 2012 wardrobe.  Follow the cues of this collection to bring the style up to date, lots of layers, a sharp color palette, adding floral prints, and retro plastic sunglasses worn like cyber goggles.  I’m digging those old Illig favorites I couldn’t stand to part with out of my closet and seeing what I can do!


inspiration : hometown rebel – Toxic Vision

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

photographer : Chris Visual
model : Kimber Lee
makeup artist : Damelza Davies
hair stylist : Rebecca Taylor
fashion designer : Toxic Vision
hair accessories : Janine Basil

Jennifer Link :
As the weather turns crisp, it’s time to pull out the garments made of materials that aren’t so bearable in summer.  The hometown rebel wears her leather and vinyl covered in studs and spikes, topped off with chains and metal.  Mix high fashion with small town by adding a bandanna to the hair.  Be class with a hint of trash by pairing designer fashion with “a bit too much skin” and fuck me pumps, by pairing messy big hair with “a perfect dye job”.  Be a bit of a rebel and say… I just don’t care what you think… I do this with ease!

music video : M83 – Midnight City

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

M83 released their new LP Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming today. Check out the video for “Midnight City” off the album and check out the October/November 2011 Issue to see our review of the album.

– Mike

new york fashion week : Anna Sui spring 2012

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

For Anna Sui’s spring 2012 collection shown at New York fashion week, she drew inspiration from Paris nightclubs of the 70s, particularly Club Sept which she  visited in her youth.  I love her source of inspiration for this collection.  Isn’t that what we all love to do?  Draw on the club experiences of our youth, when we were awe-struck and fell in love with alternative culture.  A growing trend right now is the revival of batcave (both a London and NYC club) style.

Anna Sui is able to find the perfect aesthetic in a sea of busyness, retro, and patterns.  Sui does the bohemian print just right, by making is dark and sultry but at the same time youthful and avant-garde.  I must find a way to incorporate bodysuites, jumpers, more pattern, and wide-brimmed hats into my 2012 spring and summer wardrobe.  Sui’s collections make me want to push the boundaries of my personal style and sport things I never thought I liked.


new york fashion week : Betsey Johnson spring 2012

Monday, October 17th, 2011

The inspiration for Betsey Johnson’s spring 2012 collection shown at New York fashion week was burlesque.  And while this might seem to say the show was about sexiness, aside from the peeking out push-ups bras throughout the collection to me it was nothing more sexy than norm for Johnson.  All of these pieces could be a bit more discreet when taken off the runway, with bra and breasts a bit more hidden (or who cares show them off!, I loved the look).  But my viewpoint might be that a bit of lingerie and burlesque influence doesn’t mean overtly sexy to me, and my focus was fully on the great pieces, bold colors, and fun looks.  I loved the mixing of 80s with the hair a fashion-conscious update of the side ponytail and glam rock lightening bolt earrings, with Victorian-esque styles, and some punk rock with studs, spikes, and skulls.