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designer spotlight : Gore Couture

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

We all have a penchant for the dark, the macabre, and the taboo. Nottingham UK’s Krissy Gore of Gore Couture makes this otherwise “secret” fascination a part of her everyday. In a word: sick, but we love it that way. It is the one-of-a-kind artistry that goes into each corset fashioned at GC that brings the taboo to the forefront, but makes ownership of any of these creations an experience in blood-soaked craftsmanship.

photographers : Iberian Black Arts Photography and Bodó Janos Attila
models/stylists : Morgana, Elyssia, RazorCandi, and Silent Noise
interview : Vanity Kills

If sugar and spice and everything nice isn’t exactly the first thing you look for while corset shopping, there’s always broken mirror shards, disembodied doll heads, and stitched cadaver flesh. Let’s face it, sometimes gratuitous use of graphic horror violence warms the cockles of one’s blackened heart in ways pink floral brocade never will. Such occasions call for wearing something that makes a truly visceral impact. Like a gore-geously crafted steel boned underbust, bedecked with printed pages straight out of a serial killer’s diary — complete with eyelids harvested from those who perished at her hands. At times like this, Krissy Gore of Gore Couture makes exactly what it takes to quench your sartorial blood lust. This master craftswoman and corsetière, adept at glamourizing the ghastly, will clothe your inner zombie/vampire/bird of prey in tight-lacing garments designed to elicit stares of awe and admiration alike. Who says that torture and dismemberment shouldn’t be synonymous with style?

When did you first discover your love of corsetry? When did the deciding moment of merging your love of horror with your love of corsets take place?
Krissy Gore : I discovered my love of corsetry many years ago. For me they were always the icing on the cake to any outfit, whether on show or worn as a foundation garment. Gore Couture was a natural progression having already worked and been associated with other alternative clothing companies. I was already making corsets and was wanting to combine my corsetry skills with my art when I met Miss Fiendish who at the time was making some pretty awesome PVC prints. We got together and created Gore Couture. GC is now just myself, Krissy Gore, creating all the designs, prints, and embellishments from scratch.

view the full feature in the June/July 2011 Issue

fashion editorial : conservatory

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Vintage fashions reclaimed.

photographer : Erica Eichelkraut
fashion stylist : Molly Hoeltke
makeup artist : Jodie McGuire
hair stylist : Jodie McGuire
models : Hayley Carrow and Cat Hedlund
assistant : Chris Henneberger
fashion stylist assistant : Claire Geist
location : Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

view the full editorial in the June/July 2011 Issue

the PinUp : Cassia Sparkle in House of Etiquette

Friday, July 29th, 2011

An artist and model, Cassia Sparkle of Toronto shines in so many ways. In addition to being an emerging, popular alternative model she is currently designer of an accessories and jewelry line called Altar Dollies, working as a makeup artist under the name Sparkle-Studios, and front-women of the experimental metal band Avasinity. Cassia Sparkle is an example for the rewards of dedication, hard work, and love for the alternative.

photographer : Andriy Zolotoiy
makeup artist : Sparkle Studios
hair stylist : Robyn Elizabeth Hancock
model : Cassia Sparkle

view the full feature in the June/July 2011 Issue

interview : Ogre

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Influencing a generation of musicians and artists, a founding member and mastermind behind Skinny Puppy, Ogre gets behind our lens and talks about the newly released ohGr album unDeveloped on Metropolis Records, his role in the cult classic Repo! The Genetic Opera, the upcoming long awaited Skinny Puppy album, and more.

interview by Aaron Andrews

Since 1982 Ogre (aka Kevin Ogilvie) has been bending our minds and breaking new musical ground. First as a founding member and the vocalist for the hugely influential and infamous Skinny Puppy and later in the starring role of the self-named duo ohGr, Ogre’s one-of-a-kind vocal style combined with his visually engaging and in-your-face stage persona have been widely copied and his contributions can also be heard with bands such as Ministry, Pigface, and KMFDM, in addition to being a cast member of newly minted cult film classic, Repo! The Genetic Opera. OhGr’s fourth and latest musical effort unDeveloped builds on this strong legacy and reputation.

Ogre was nice enough to talk with us and discuss the premise and sound of the new material, aging, costuming, death, the creative culture of Skinny Puppy and ohGr, and last but not least, even Michael Jackson.

I heard great things about the Auxiliary Magazine shoot of you for this feature.
Ogre : It was fun, she’s a great photographer.

I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the session.
O : Well, it’s always a bit daunting at this point in life. I call it the Dorian Gray effect. So it’s always a bit daunting. When you work with nice people who understand all the subtleties and sensitivities that go along with watching yourself decay on film over a lifetime, it isn’t so bad.

Tell us a little about the new album. What have you been exploring and thinking about with unDeveloped?
O : unDeveloped is kind of a beginning point and also closure for me. It’s something that began with Devils In My Details, so it’s a continuation of the concept of Devils In My Details but closure to the content; in that I think the last four years of my life I’ve had a number of revelations and experiences that have been very profound to me. I tried to correlate that in a much more journalistic way in Devils In My Details in the moment and unDeveloped is a different look at the same situation through a much clearer resolution lens. Almost akin to looking at something through a childhood microscope and then taking it into a lab and looking at in under an electron microscope and re-examining the same information. So unDeveloped really came out of that, it was the continuation of a really great project with Mark that we have a lot of fun with and we’re really actively involved in fomenting and creating an immersive experience and taking that one step further. Obviously this time period is rife for tons of information both confusing, I’m sure terrifying to most people; but to me, somebody who’s had their head up the ass of all this spectacular and covert and, um, left over right, right over left, even when they’re all the same. I’ve had my head seasoned to this for so long that there’s just so much interesting stuff to write about in the fashion that I do that it’s a bit poetic. I think with unDeveloped too is I’m getting closer and closer to the process of my own writing. I’m not trying to say to sound bigger than life, I say that with a great deal of humility in the sense that my writing has lead me to where I am now and on the route has had things that were almost prophetic and very mysterious to me.

read the full interview in the June/July 2011 Issue

film review : Super

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

A twisted and disturbing superhero film, instantly in the shadow of Kick-Ass and wrongly billed as a black comedy, is it a commercial flop or future cult classic?

by Adam Rosina

Super could not have gotten a more raw deal had it set out to be a commercial flop. Firstly, it came out almost a full year after Kick-Ass, a film that played with the same general premise, that of a normal guy assuming a super heroic identity to fight crime (although here, the protagonist is far less normal than one is initially led to believe). Kick-Ass itself wasn’t a huge financial success, so a film that was seen by many (myself included, initially) to be a two-bit knock off didn’t really stand a chance. Secondly, IFC Films had no idea how to market the film, and ended up billing it as a black comedy. Are there comedic moments in Super? Yes, and when director James Gunn (Slither) feels like playing this up, he has you rolling in the aisles. But the vast majority of the film is conducted with a heavy emphasis on “black”. Indeed, Super is one of the most spectacularly twisted and disturbing superhero films ever released.

read the full review in the June/July 2011 Issue

beauty editorial : Vanquish

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

featuring Dystropolis, MAC Cosmetics, and more

photographer : Deek Images
fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
makeup artist : Christina of Sinner Saint Artistry
hair stylist : Dat Tran at Dat Salon
lighting tech : Steve Chokas
models : Madison Skye, Pamela Mars, and Sasha Glitter

view the full editorial in the June/July 2011 Issue

interview : Amelia Arsenic

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

For some it’s hard to balance a career with play and creativity but Angelspit’s Amelia Arsenic does so with seeming tirelessness. As a designer about to release two new lines Crime and Punishment and Taxidermia, a musician with a UK summer tour ahead and new album slated for October with Angelspit, a writer with her own highly popular blog destroyx.com, and more, Amelia’s creative prowess has had many different pathways to follow and surely will have many more in the future to explore.

[ additional images not seen in the June/July 2011 Issue ]

photographer : Steve Prue
fashion stylist : Amelia Arsenic
makeup artist : Amelia Arsenic using Miss X Aesthetic Labs and Sugarpill
hair stylist : Kristin Jackson
model : Amelia Arsenic

view the full feature in the June/July 2011 Issue

contest : Iron Fist Giveaway

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

We are giving away a pair of women’s size 8 Iron Fist Thelma Booties as seen in Auxiliary Magazine!

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item of the week : ladies black blindfold tank by A is for Arsenic

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

A is for Arsenic’s Ladies Black Blindfold Tank

image source aisforarsenic.com

The current June/July Issue features an interview with the multi-talented Amelia Arsenic, best known as a member of Angelspit and for her blog DestroyX.com.  She has just released her new line of hand screened shirts and prints named Crime and Punishment for her A for Arsenic line.  “Inspired by vintage fetish magazines, the drama of the silent screen, and a dash of murder. The imagery combines film noir inspired bondage portraiture with monochromatic graphic interventions.”  This tank is perfect for the summer heat but will transition nicely for fall when paired with a blazer or long cardigan.  Act fast, each design from this line has a limited run of 50.

The Ladies Black Blindfold Tank by A for Arsenic is available online at www.aisforarsenic.com.

– Jennifer

item of the week : frances black lace victorian blouse by Somnia Romantica

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Somnia Romantica’s Frances Black Lace Victorian Blouse

image source somniaromantica.etsy.com

Marjolein Turin is a Netherlands based designer and the seamstress behind her brand, Somnia Romantica. The Frances Black Lace Victorian Blouse is a handmade garment based on a 1867  Victorian pattern, which Marjolein used as a base for this beautiful and romantic garment. The delicate bows that decorate the bust line are my favorite detail, paired with the cascading rows of ruffles. I’m a romantic at heart and this blouse is tugging at all the right heart-strings.

The Frances Black Lace Victorian Blouse by Somnia Romantica is available online at www.somniaromantica.etsy.com.

– Meagan

focus : week 28 – Klutæ and Juno Reactor

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

focused music news for week 28 : July 10th to 16th 2011

July 12 – Claus Larsen’s other project Klutæ (not Læther Strip) is out with a new album, Electro Punks Unite, on WTII Records. I remember in the mid 90s running around in circles, filled with teenage angst listening to early Klutæ. This new album still has that classic EBM energy, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and powerful vocals that tuned me into an adrenalin hyped monkey.

Check out the new video (it is one of the slower songs).

July 12 – Remember Juno Reactor?  Metropolis Records is releasing Inside the Reactor which is a remix album of classic Juno Reactor tracks. Now I know that remix albums don’t really get too many people all bonkers and the real news is that Juno Reactor is almost done with a NEW album expected to be released this fall! YAY! In the meantime dig up all your old records and purchase this new remix album in anticipation. Also next time you hear “God is God” at the club think about how that track came out in 1997, there is so much more out there and hopeful in the fall there will be that much more.

For a little flash back, check out the classic “God is God” video HERE.

– Mike

inspiration : Zui – bold socialite

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Visual, creative, style, fashion : inspiration.

photographer : Liz Besanson
makeup artist, hair stylist, and fashion stylist : Liz Besanson
model : Zui aka Lauren Watts

Jennifer Link :
Summer is the perfect time for bold, bright, primary colors, don’t be afraid of them, use them as tools.  A little bit southern belle, 80s WASP, and flamenco dancer, this look stands out but uses pieces in traditional styles as a base to support the color.  The pattern, multi-colored skirt is highlighted but kept from being overwhelming with solid color garments and accessories.  The bold socialite can make her way through the city and the scene in her own way, with her own style.

item of the week : ava swimsuit by Lucy B Lingerie

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Lucy B Lingerie’s Ava Swimsuit

image source lucyb.com

Lucy B Vintage Inspired Lingerie has taken my love for vintage lace and 1950s styled swimsuits and has meshed them together in the Ava Swimsuit. The glorious swimsuit has removable straps, supportive boning, and a padded sweetheart bust line. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or sunbathing at the beach, this suit will make you feel and look like a Hollywood starlet.

The Ava Swimsuit by Lucy B Vintage Inspired Lingerie is available online at www.lucyb.com.

– Meagan