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item of the week : Rob Zombie limited sk8 hi sneakers by Vans

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Vans’ Rob Zombie Limited Sk8 HI Sneakers in Black

image source punk.com

Soooooo, what do you get when you pair up Rob Zombie and Vans? You get a limited edition Sk8 Vans shoe with original artwork by Rob Zombie! The high top sneaker is staying true to the old school skate shoe, while infusing a graphic of ghoulish woman, bats, and cemetery images for a modern take on a classic design. These would be great summer sneakers for both guys and gals, hurry up and grab these before they are gone!

The Rob Zombie Limited Sk8 HI Sneakers by Vans are available on at www.punk.com. You can also visit www.vans.com to check out all info on the upcoming Vans Warped Tour!

– Meagan

upcoming : Vans Warped Tour 2011

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

June 24th to August 14th – Vans Warp Tour ’11 starts this Friday in Dallas and with a slew of dates around the country (USA) it should be stopping close to wherever you are. This year features the usual crap load of  bands with the main stage being reserved for; The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandriam, 3OH!3, Gym Class Heroes, Less Than Jake, Against Me!, Attack Attack!, Paramore, Pepper, A Day To Remember, August Burn Red, Jack’s Mannequin, and D.R.U.G.S. If you are in a band and want to play main stage of Warped Tour, I suggest changing your name to start with the letter A.

Now it’s time for Grandpa here to tell you a story from back in the day. The year was 1995, I was 15 or 16, math is hard at my old age, and there was this sweet punk rock festival coming to my home town of Buffalo. The bands like Quicksand, L7, Wizo and others I can’t remember, rocked hard and wound all the kids up to hyperactive levels. Then it rained and the field where the stages were turned to mud. Shortly after there was no grass to be seen a band called Sublime went on. They sucked and as a way of showing their opinion, a bunch of hooligans threw mud at the band and started booing, Sublime quickly turned away and went off stage and the crowd went nuts!

more info at www.vanswarpedtour.com

film review : Troll Hunter

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Every so often, a foreign genre film finds its way to American shores (usually via bootleg file-sharing) that builds up such an underground buzz about it that it can’t help but bleed over into the mainstream. Audition was one such film, kicking off the “Asian horror” invasion (in quotations because very few of said films, including the above example, are strictly horror, regardless of what people call them). Europe, refusing to be dethroned as the premier exporter of fright flicks, fired back with the likes of Let the Right One In, Antichrist, A Serbian Film, and now, Troll Hunter. These foreign films usually resonate with American audiences for one of two reasons: either they present sex and violence with an extremity that shocks even our usually robust sensibilities (Read: America loves it some gore and tits), or they deliver a story and presentation that is remarkably novel and fresh. Troll Hunter is very much the later. While its mockumentary style may be familiar to US viewers by now, rarely, if ever, has it been used to such successful effect. And as much as the film fits into horror genre, its roots lie equally in the Spielbergian tradition of adventure films (albeit sans Spielberg’s positively fucking saccharine preoccupations), which is likely the source of its crossover appeal. Director/writer André Øvredal takes a familiar type of film and cleverly re-packages it with the “day in the life” portrayal of a blue-collar monster hunter, ups the scare factor significantly and offers up truly unique CGI creations that are culturally, not to mention visually, alien to us.

Troll Hunter opens with three college filmmakers, Thomas (Glenn Erland Tosterud), Kalle (Tomas Alf Larsen) and Johanna (Johanna Mørck) setting out to make a documentary about a supposed bear poacher operating in the Norwegian countryside. Why in god’s name anyone would want to watch, let alone make a film about some lone nut ventilating bear carcasses with shotgun slugs is beyond me, but this is all really just a vehicle to get the characters to track down the supposed poacher, an aloof man named Hans (Otto Jespersen). After a handful of unsuccessful attempts to speak with him, the students follow Hans into the woods, expecting to catch him red handed on camera. Instead, they encounter him bolting between trees, screaming “Troll!”, as he is pursued by an unseen giant. After the danger has passed, the trio convince Hans to open up about his secretive profession, that of a government-sanctioned troll exterminator. The students elect to follow Hans as he goes about his duties to expose the secret of the trolls to the public, as well as document and honor the national hero they come to view Hans as.

Otto Jespersen’s portrayal of Hans could very well be the film’s greatest asset. I was quite surprised after seeing his solemn and stoic role here to discover that, in his native Norway, he’s primarily known as a comedian. Then again, looking back on the film, many of the biggest laughs come courtesy of Jespersen’s ultra-dry delivery (his response to the question of whether or not a Muslim would have as much to fear as a Christian in the presence of a troll is priceless). Later on in the film, Jespersen delivers a haunting recollection of being forced to massacre a pack of trolls pups with all the remorse and disgust of Vietnam vet. This informs the final troll hunt in a particularly melancholic way, with Hans venturing off not to do battle with a hated foe, but to reluctantly put down a suffering animal. Outside of Jespersen, the three young actors playing the student filmmakers are also quite good, but thematically they exist more as a plot device than characters, and they resonate accordingly. Of note, though, is Tomas Alf Larsen’s very believable nervous breakdown in the troll cave, which does allow his character to rise above the rest, however briefly, before he exits the film (in a particularly frightening fashion). It’s a great Lovecraftian moment where his mind snaps under not only fear of death, but the strain of having to stare these eldritch creatures in the eye.


in attendance : Oribe Backstage 2011

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Las Vegas NV – May 22 to 23 2011Hair stylist Erin Moser of Chez Ann Salon and contributor to many Auxiliary Magazine fashion and beauty editorials attends Oribe Backstage 2011 and tells us all about it.

Luxury. Extravagance. Perfection. This is the epitome of Oribe.

Erin’s hair model, middle

Even if you have never heard the name Oribe, you have seen his work countless times in every form of media. Oribe (pronounced OR-bay) is one of the most world-renowned celebrity hairstylists whose combination of session, celebrity, and salon work spans over three decades. He is constantly defining styles and breaking down creative barriers. He has worked with the likes of photographers Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz, fashion designers such as Gianni Versace and Karl Lagerfeld, makeup artists François Nars and Kevyn Aucoin, and too many stars to name including helping launch Jennifer Lopez’s career, and nowadays he has styled for Miss Momma Monster herself, Lady Gaga.

When you work with the best, you have to play with the best. And when I say, “play with the best”, I mean it. Oribe has teamed up with people that have made his wildest dreams come true. After thirty years of innovative styling, he decided to launch his signature line of truly original styling products. As they state, “This line is for taste-driven individuals who know that personal style – perfectly expressed through excellence.” These innovative products have helped me do things I never imagined possible, even once I was wearing some pure 24 Kt gold in my hair.


the runway at FAT 2011 : Imagozine

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.


The Imagozine show that closed out FAT on the fourth and last day was half performance art piece and half fashion extravaganza!


the runway at FAT 2011 : Fashion Whore

Monday, June 20th, 2011

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.

Fashion Whore

Fashion Whore showed on the fourth day of FAT, and in similar fashion to previous years it seemed to focus more on the presentation, statement, and styling than the designs themselves.  Last year it was PVC, this year sequences and iridescents, all materials lending themselves to the over-the-top styling and in-your-face personas.  The show did a good job of getting you excited and interested in the vibe behind the brand but it ended up outshining the actual designs.  I would have liked to see the fun, quirky, cutesy designs of Fashion Whore put on the same level as the other elements of the show.  Yet the realization of a strong style and personality behind the designs is something Fashion Whore has, and this runway show proved, and it’s something that many other fashion designers and companies are lacking.


the runway at FAT 2011 : Starkers by Dianna DiNoble

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.

Starkers by Dianna DiNoble

The theatrics, performance, and drama of previous collections shown at FAT were missing from the Starkers by Dianna DiNoble show on the fourth day of FAT 2011.  In its place were amazing corsets shown with sophisticated, empowered simplicity.  Designer Dianna DiNoble made a good choice in keeping the presentation simple for this collection (although previous FAT r shows were imaginative and tons of fun) to let the designs really shine.  These are the new must have corset designs.  Shown in a well chosen plate of red, grey, and matte black with just enough styling to showcase the ensemble options for these beautiful corsets.  Worth particular note is the scalloped bottom black corset, lower left, just breathtaking.


item of the week : summer edition bordeaux over bust corset by Versatile Corsets

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Versatile Corsets’ Summer Edition Bordeaux Over Bust Corset

image source versatilecorsets.com

How darling is this corset? The Summer Edition Bordeaux Over Bust Corset by Versatile Corsets is available in your choice of two different cherry print fabrics, yellow and pink cherries or mint green and pink cherries. The halter style gives this piece a retro appeal, the corset design has a Edwardian feel, and the ruffled hip detail are all combined together in perfect harmony. Versatile Corsets has made summer corset fashions fun!

The Summer Edition Bordeaux Over Bust Corset is available online at

– Meagan

the runway at FAT 2011 : Toxic Vision

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.

Toxic Vision

Toxic Vision’s runway show on the fourth day of FAT blew me away.  The overall feel and effect of the show paired with the understanding that you were watching one of the most unique and forward-pushing collections of the event made this show very impressive in person.  With this collection designer Sharon Toxic has built from the hard and glam rock style base she has established with her brand in a trend/fashion conscientious way.  Bohemian patterns and elements mix with leather and spikes, pastels mix with black and silver.  This collection had all the right details and when watching it, you knew you were watching the results of true design talent.


focus : week 24 – Hanin Elias

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

focused music news for week 24 : June 12th to 18th 2011

June 15Hanin Elias is back from her hiatus and is more alive than ever. Mostly known for her role with Atari Teenage Riot, her solo work has influences of ATR but it is distinctly different.  Working with many collaborators and not willing to settle for status quo, Hanin Elias’s album Get It Back on Rustblade Recordings, offers a unique listening experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

– Mike

music video : Haujobb, Imperative Reaction, and I:Scintilla

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Lots of yummy videos were released today, enjoy!

Haujobb – “Dead Market”

Imperative Reaction – “Surface”

I:Scintilla – “Swimmers Can Drown”

fashion editorial : daydream notebook

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

featuring designs by Futurstate, Kali Clothing, Monster Muffin, Pause Designs, and more

[ additional images not seen in the June/July 2011 Issue ]

photographer : Chris of CarteBlanche
art director : PrettyDeadlyStylz
fashion stylist : PrettyDeadlyStylz
makeup artist : Wanda MacRae
hair stylist : Lisa Tuff
models : Kelleth Cuthbert, Chloe Veronique, and Trevor Nicholls
artists : Shen Plum, Trevor Nicholls, and Ken Dubois of Pause Designs

view the full editorial in the June/July 2011 Issue

the runway at FAT 2011 : House of Etiquette

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.

House of Etiquette

My first encounter with House of Etiquette, a new Canadian latex design company founded in 2009, was at the third day of FAT and I was highly impressed!  House of Etiquette designs are able to invoke both a classic fetish latex feel and a new, innovative high fashion feel at the same time.  A bright red latex halter top bodysuit might seem tired and tacky, but here it is made classic, refined with black trim along the seams and a bold black strap waist cincher.  Even the standard latex color palate is made more refined when the purple is metallic, the black is transparent, and the white has a floral print.  This collection brings sophistication and fashion to latex but keeps it sexy, these pieces could pair nicely with non-latex garments for a night out but would also look authentic at a fetish event or party.  I’m keeping a close eye on House of Etiquette!


fashion editorial : get lost

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

featuring designs from Iron Fist, Cats Like Us, ModCloth, and more

[ additional images not seen in the June/July 2011 Issue ]

photographer : Zach Rose
fashion stylist : Jennifer Link
makeup artist : Andrea Claire Losecco
hair stylist : Bryan Gunsell
models : Hayley Campbell of Spot Six and Guy W. Gane III
Scion xD provided by : Adam Link

view the full editorial in the June/July 2011 Issue