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film review : Hobo with a Shotgun

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

When asked what movies I was looking forward to in 2011, Hobo with a Shotgun consistently topped the list. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the current “grindhouse revival”, kicked off in 2006 with the aptly-titled Tarantino/Rodriguez double header, Grindhouse. Since then, we’ve seen modern takes on blackploitation (Black Dynamite), biker flicks (Hell Ride), spaghetti westerns (Sukiyaki Western Django) and whatever the hell Nude Nuns with Big Guns is supposed to be. The great thing about these throwback flicks is they’re made to resemble the way you remember classic exploitation films, not necessarily how they actually were. We often forget how subjective our memory is, and while your 13 year-old self couldn’t help but relish in the mind-blowing awesomeness of movies like The Amazing Mr. No Legs or Bloodsucking Freaks, go ahead and watch them now. The strings show, the plots stop dead for 20 minute chunks, and they just don’t work. They’re little gems of weird cinema and still well worth a watch, but charming ineptitude aside, their audacious punch often doesn’t mitigate our adult scrutiny. These latter day exploitation films play like 90-minute versions of old-school B-movie trailers; “…every shot is a money shot.”, to quote Eli Roth. The other great thing about this new wave of trash films is they’re getting even better as they go, in utter defiance of the law of diminished returns. This is especially true of the official Grindhouse releases, with both Planet Terror and Death Proof proving to be good, not-so-clean fun, Machete reaching near operatic heights of insane bloodshed, and now Hobo with a Shotgun comes along, loaded with so much bad taste and brutal-yet-cartoonish violence that it may be the final word on the sub-genre.

Rutger Hauer stars as the Hobo, riding the rails straight into a shit-hole called Hope Town (making him an actual hobo and not just a homebum as the term is often incorrectly applied). Within mere moments of his arrival, the Hobo becomes acquainted with the crime-ridden nature of the city, witnessing local crime lord Drake (Lexx‘s Brian Downey) and his two sons (Nick Bateman and Gregory Smith) performing a brutal execution in front of a fearful mob. Growing increasingly fed up with Hope Town’s criminal element, the Hobo finally acts, preventing young hooker Abby (Molly Donsworth) from being raped by Drake’s son, Slick, and attempts to turn him in to the local authorities. He finds out very quickly that the cops are on Drake’s payroll, and he’s mutilated for his trouble. Abby finds the Hobo bloodied in a dumpster and takes him in, forming a bond between the two. Finally, after witnessing yet another atrocious crime, the Hobo snaps, grabs a shotgun and begins his crusade, dispensing his own brand of street justice.


item of the week : necromance hair combs by Ghostlove Jewelry

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Ghostlove Jewelry’s Necromance Hair Combs

image source ghostlove.com

The lovely Necromance Hair Combs by Ghostlove Jewelry caught my eye, as I enjoy any accessory that reminds me of the Victorian era. Hair combs were found on Victorian ladies dressing tables, and were used as hair decor, and to keep their curled locks in place. For the modern woman, these hair combs can be worn to bring an added vintage flair to your wardrobe. Try twisting your hair into a loose French twist, placing the combs in victory rolls, or tucking them into a loose ponytail.

The Necromance Hair Combs by Ghostlove Jewelry are available online at www.ghostlove.com.

– Meagan

focus : week 16 – :Wumpscut:

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

focused music news for week 16 : April 17th to April 23rd 2011

April 22 – Another year goes by and like clockwork :Wumpscut: has another release for the masses. Schrekk & Graus, released by Beton Kopf, comes in three editions and for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out what is in which. The album seems to be mostly German lyrics which is a bit of a personal disappointment as most of the past :Wumpscut: club hits were in English, I guess I will just be tortured to listen to old music at the clubs for another year? I hope not.

– Mike

contest : Aesthetic Perfection with Faderhead ticket giveaway

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

We are giving away three pairs of tickets to the Aesthetic Perfection with Faderhead and Everything Goes Cold concert in Rochester, NY on May 3rd, 2011!

For more details on the concert please visit : the facebook event page

TO ENTER : Fill out the short April/May Issue “pop quiz” form below.


upcoming : Kinetik Festival 2011

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Montreal QC, May 19th to 23rd – The North American festival not to miss.  Auxiliary Magazine will be at Kinetik Festival again this year!  Kinetik is a five-day music festival for electro, industrial, EBM, and noise.  Performing this year…  Front 242, VNV Nation, Front Line Assembly, Suicide Commando, Covenant, mind.in.a.box, Funker Vogt, God Module, Die Krupps, Aesthetic Perfection, iVardensphere, and more!  We’ll have a vendor/promo table so stop by, say hello, pick up some gear, check out the magazine, and buy a print copy!

more info at www.festival-kinetik.net

focus : week 15 – Thursday and Caustic

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

focused music news for week 15 : April 10th to April 16th 2011

April 12 – Post-hardcore/post-rock band Thursday move in a darker direction, a more atmospheric direction on their new album, No Devolucion. Out on Epitaph, this album was recorded in Ferdonia, New York with producer Dave Fridmann from our home town of Buffalo, New York! I always get excited when I find a hometown connection in music.  

April 12 – When I say, “The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit,” what do you think of??  That’s right Caustic’s fantastic new album on Metropolis! Be warned that after a few listens you will wake up in the middle of the night chanting “Bulletproof Lolita” and have your significant other yelling at you to shut the fuck up!

Check out our Seven Deadly Questions interview with Caustic in the April/May 2011 Issue!

– Mike

item of the week : armor glove by Skingraft

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Skingraft’s Armor Glove in Black

image source skingraftdesigns.com

It’s a common theme while shopping for men’s accessories, that the choices can be limited. Men may have to get a creative when they want to make themselves stand out from the herd, and the Armor Gloves in black by Skingraft will do just that. The black leather gloves feature a zipper overlay, adjustable wrist straps, and a fingerless design. The seemingly simple gloves would be nicely styled with a suit, or worn to go for a ride on your bike. Whatever your style or purpose,  they look dangerous, which is pretty sexy.

The Armor Glove by Skingraft is available online at www.skingraftdesigns.com.

– Meagan

focus : week 14 – Ascii.Disko and Tron Legacy

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

focused music news for week 14 : April 3rd to April 9th 2011

April 03 – Ascii.Disko switches gears on his new album, Black Orchid: From Airline To Lifeline out on Artoffact Records, reducing the head exploding punchy bass and adding a more organic vibe to the whole album. The man behind it all, Daniel Gerhard Holc, is one of the most innovative producers and knows how to express emotion in his electronic music.

April 05 – Remember that sweet sweet soundtrack for Tron Legacy that was performed and arranged by Daft Punk?!?  Well Disney Records have released a remix album, Tron Legacy: R3conf1gur3d. Enlisting the who’s who of remixers, it’s hard to imagine this being disappointing. I just wished they would have used letters and not numbers in the title. And really I wish they would have just released the remix album along with the soundtrack. But I guess you are talking about making money and Disney knows how to do that.

– Mike

upcoming : [FAT] Toronto Alternative Fashion Week 2011

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Toronto ON, April 26-29 – [FAT] or Toronto Alternative Fashion Week is coming up and the schedule was just released last week.  This is a great event to see some of Toronto’s best alternative fashion designers show their lines on a runway.  In addition to the fashion there are performances, photography and videos on display, and installation art set up in the dressing rooms backstage at the venue. This year [FAT] will take place at 99 Sudbury and advance tickets are $25 for a day pass and $70 for a week pass.

Some of the alternative fashion designers showing this year…

April 26th
Asphyxia – The dark creations of designer Alexandra De Francesco.

April 28th
Dystropolis – Futuristic cyberwear, showing their new collection “Apocalypse of Black Venom”.

April 29th
Toxic Vision – What heavy metal looks like in garment form.
Dianna DiNoble, Starkers Corsetry – Beautiful custom corsets.
Pippa – Bold, colorful latex.
Fashion Whore – Fun and playful clothing to make a statement.


film review : Sucker Punch

Monday, April 4th, 2011

I’ve never really had anything bad to say about Zach Snyder in the past. I found his remake of Dawn of the Dead passable (it’s a tall order to stand toe-to-toe with Romero’s classic, so he should take “passable” as a compliment), and his next two films, 300 and Watchmen, were admirable adaptations, yet one suspects they succeeded largely by virtue of their adherence to the source material. Granted, Watchmen did deviate from it’s source in relation to the ending, but I’ll blaspheme and suggest that this improved upon the original, doing away with the cheesier aspects of the “Architects of Fear” climax native to the comic (That’s right, comic; If you wanna be a pretentious asshole and call it a graphic novel because you can’t accept that “funny books” can be art, then you shouldn’t be reading them). I’ve never seen his “sword & sorcery & owls” film, Legend of the Guardians, but I hear surprisingly good things. That, too, was an adaptation. Soon one began to wonder what the director would do if allowed to pen and shoot a film purely of his own design, which brings us to Sucker Punch. Here Snyder was given full reign to do as he wished, complete with upwards of $80 million to do it with. What have we (and likely the higher ups at Warner Bros.) learned from this little experiment? Never do that shit again. Zack Snyder cannot create without a blueprint, or perhaps just won’t, because that’s not really what he’s done here. He’s borrowed from countless previous works of film and literature (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Kill Bill and Moulin Rouge to name a few) and generically regurgitated current genre infatuations (gun porn, steampunk, mecha), then half-assedly duct taped it all together with a plot that simultaneously objectifies and sympathises with the victimization of its female cast and his trademark editing style (slow it down, speed it up, repeat).

The film follows Baby Doll (Emily Browning), who is wrongfully imprisoned in an asylum following the accidental death of her kid sister, the result of Baby’s attempt to stop their stepfather from molesting them. Orderly and part-time rapist Blue (Oscar Issac) agrees to fudge the paperwork so Baby Doll will be lobotomized later that week. At this point, the film shifts to Baby’s perspective, and as her mind crumbles under the weight of her predicament, she re-envisions the asylum as a brothel, with Blue cast as a villainous pimp, while she and the rest of the mental patients (Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung) are seen as cabaret performers and sex workers. Baby and the others hatch a plan to gain their freedom, the major points of which are seen as a series of over-the-top battles that takes the girls from the combating undead Germans in trenches of WW I to slaying dragons in a fantasy-themed universe. Throughout their trials, they are aided by the Wise Man (Scott Glen) in their quest to recover the items needed to make their escape, before the mysterious High Roller (Jon Hamm) comes to take Baby away (in actuality the doctor coming to perform the lobotomy).


April/May 2011 Issue out now!

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

The April/May 2011 issue is the fifteenth issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle.  This issue features a interview with and exclusive photos of Tim Skold, a Seven Deadly Questions feature with Caustic, a designer spotlight on BabyLove’s Latex by Renee Masoomian, an editorial by Claire Geist writer of the blog Faboo, and Amelia Nightmare in Artifice Clothing as our PinUp.  The issue also contains a fashion editorial full of flowing mesh and lace, a noir flapper inspired editorial, a dandy inspired Style feature, a deconstructed military and tribal Aesthetic feature, an article on the art of Achraf Amiri, and our new column Black Theorem by Adam Rosina.  It features photography by Luke Copping, Saryn Christina, Le Mew, and Zach Rose and fashion by Warby Parker, United Nude, Anna Morph, Kambriel, Rose Mortem, Revamp Productions, Fluevog, Gloomth, Raven Eve, and much much more.

You can download it for free at :

Print copies are available for purchase online at :
And for purchase in stores at :


item of the week : bat attack dress by Sourpuss Clothing

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Sourpuss Clothing’s Bat Attack Dress

image source sourpussclothing.com

I have major spring fever and have been buying up dresses like a crazed women. One of my coveted purchases is the Bat Attack Dress in gray by Sourpuss Clothing. I’m in love with the batty print, the sweetheart bust, and the comfortable fit. Take a look at Sourpuss website as the Bat Attack dress also comes in pink and red!

The Bat Attack Dress is available online at www.sourpussclothing.com.

– Meagan

paris fashion week : Alexander McQueen fall 2011

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Sarah Burton, the new Creative Director of the Alexander McQueen line after McQueen’s passing, presented the fall 2011 McQueen collection at Paris fashion week.  The collection is, “The Ice Queen and Her Court”, and it is just that cold and courtly with “heritage silhouettes” but also feminane somewhat soft, full of textures, feathers, and fur.  Love the shoes and boots, the lacing seems very sexual in the shapes of bare skin it leaves.  I also enjoy the contrast of the matte pvc full length gloves and cropped pvc leggings (with that great front knee zipper detail) with all the textural dresses.  I’ve been intrigued by the look of an oversized fur trimmed hood after seeing Chris Corner’s parka in the new IAMX video, and more so now, seeing it here.  Wouldn’t have minded seeing more harness in this collection!  I’ve been dreaming of Ice Queen inspired coats and dresses since Tilda Swinton’s costumes in Narnia, I really love the whole aesthetic of this collection.