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focus : week 10 – KMFDM and Combichrist

focused music news for week 10 : March 6 to 12 2011

March 8KMFDM releases their first single in over nine years, Krank. All multiple versions of “Krank” and “Day of Light”, all of which will not appear on their upcoming LP WTF?! out April 26th. This is KMFDM and you get KMFDM, nothing groundbreaking, yet still good. If anything this provides a glimmer of hope that WTF?! will be great.

March 8Combichrist sees their single for “Throat Full Of Glass” get a digital release, physicals will be available April 12th through Metropolis Records. Combichrist started the buzz for this release a few weeks back when they delivered a censored and uncensored video for this song.  This single itself is worth picking up for the thick and juicy “Dub Mix” by Computer Club. Although if you don’t like the song “Throat Full Of Glass” then stay away because there is nothing else on here.

Below is the “clean” video for “Throat Full Of Glass” which still has a lot of T&A and violence, if you want the nudity you can see it on Vimeo.  Is this video the end of Combichrist?  All but Joe Letz and a lone beer.  Make sure you watch the video til the end for the best part.

– Mike

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  1. It’s a shame that, while KMFDM can always be counted on to do what they do best, nothing they do from her on out (or for the last decade and a half, for that matter) will shake things up like they did in the nineties. They’ve got the formula, they’re sticking to it, and not deviating in the slightest. I suppose that’s part of the charm, tho.

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