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paris fashion week : Christian Dior fall 2011

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Christian Dior put their fall 2011 collection down the runway at Paris fashion week.  It’s impossible not to look at this collection and think about the current events involving Dior and the firing of their Creative Director, John Galliano.  Now that Galliano has been let go from Dior and they are working to fill his position, this marks the last Dior collection Galliano will be involved with.  The show was closed not by the head designer which is the norm but by Dior’s design team, those who work had to make the shows happen. 

Filled with Victorian elements, especially of note were the knee-high leather boots, the dark makeup paired with finger waves moving into soft curls styling for some of the looks, the outfits in pastel and cream color combinations, and the use of bloomers throughout the collection.  Our fashion editor, Meagan Hendrickson, seems to be interested in bloomers lately, styling them in a piece for the upcoming issue and featuring them on our blog.  Bloomers will make a great garment for spring and summer.

How much do the values of the artist matter when looking at beautiful work?  It seems likely that Galliano’s anti-Semitic outburst at the Paris café that lead to his dismissal from Dior was just that, a drunken outburst.  Perhaps it doesn’t reflect his true opinions, but he should have known better.  Aside from everything that just happened with Galliano and the Dior house, it is a beautiful collection.


fashion editorial : savant

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

featuring designs by Logan Neitzel, Morgen Love, and more

photographer : Erica Eichelkraut
creative director : Molly Maureen Hoeltke
fashion stylist : Molly Maureen Hoeltke
makeup artist : Jodie McGuire
hair stylist : Jodie McGuire
models : Marie Vaccarello and Kaitlin Isabella
assistant : Chris Henneberger

view the full editorial in the February/March 2011 Issue

interview : Alice In Videoland

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Back with their fourth studio album, the self-proclaimed, “greatest electropunk band in the world”, Alice in Videoland have A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You! Vocalist Toril Lindqvist and Anders Alexander, the main writing force of AiV along with Johan Dahlbom and newest member Martin Kenzo have fully matured the AiV sound and put together a solid album filled with unforgettable pop hooks, flirtatious vocals, and a jumping dance beat. With the album’s first single, “Spaceship”, having already hit the national charts in the band’s home country Sweden, A Million Thoughts is sure to be winning fans and filling dancefloors near you!

interview by Jennifer Link

So you claim to be the ‘greatest electropunk band in the world’, what are your arguments to support this claim, please present your case. [smiles]

Anders Alexander : Well… [laughs] We have fans from Belarus to Mexico that also claim we are, so we are not the only ones! And after releasing four albums we have a lot of confidence and a steady ground to walk on…

On A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You is a cover of the 1988 international hit “Buffalo Stance” by Swedish singer/songwriter/rapper Neneh Cherry, is she an influence you’ve drawn on for Alice in Videoland? What other artists or musical styles have you drawn on for Alice in Videoland?

Toril Lindqvist : I wouldn’t say she’s an inspiration but the way she is mixing singing with rapping might be close to what I do. I’m kind of weak for cheesy 80s and 90s music. [laughs] People have asked us where we get our inspiration from for eight years now and we still can’t come up with a good answer on that. It differs a lot, we have never had specific artists that inspire us, maybe that’s why we sound pretty unique.

read the full interview in the February/March 2011 Issue

focus : week 12 – Ellen Allien

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

focused music news for week 12 : March 20 to 26 2011

March 21 – Out on Bpitch Control is Ellen Allien’s Dust Remixes. After digesting Dust for half a year now, the 13 track Dust Remixes is more then welcome to my ears.  The remixes are top quality and pull the strong, memorable sounds out of each and every track.  To warm you up a bit see the video below for “Sun The Rain” off Dust, which is remixed by Tim Hecker and is a bonus track by We Love on Dust Remixes.

Also check out the interview we did with Ellen Allien when Dust was released.

– Mike

interview : Pete Crane of Shiv-r

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Through the release of Shiv-r’s debut dark electronic album with a horror edge, Hold My Hand, by three labels; Metropolis Records, Infacted Recordings, and Deathwatch Asia, Shiv-r has experienced a good deal of success worldwide in a relatively short period of time. We had the chance to talk with one half of Shiv-r, Pete Crane, about their new EP Incision, touring Australia and Europe, his other musical projects including The Crystalline Effect, and the importance that captivating visual elements play in his projects.

interview : Jennifer Link
photographer : Brent Leideritz
makeup artist : Mishka
hair stylist : Mishka
model : Pete Crane
assistant : Wendy Crane

Originally from Australia, you moved to London and wrote Shiv-r’s Hold My Hand while there, and you are currently living in the Netherlands, what areyour favorite aspects of each? And how have these locations influenced the style and sound of your projects?

Pete Crane : London was probably the single biggest influence in the formation of Shiv-r. I was living in a ghetto-ass area, faced with seeing violence, extreme coldness, emotional alienation, and general filth on a daily basis. I was essentially screaming for expression in a perpetually dark and claustrophobic environment. The Netherlands is like the ‘anti-London’ for me, in that it’s much quieter, more open, and less centralized. I have since moved back to Sydney, Australia, but with plans to move overseas again in 2012. Ironically, I find the unbeatable weather of Sydney and the cheerful atmosphere of the Netherlands almost take away the inspiration I was feeding on in London, as though the oppression was fueling me. Satisfaction is a very dangerous thing!

How heavily do you weigh visual aesthetic, fashion, and style in your current musical projects?

PC : Shiv-r is an all-encompassing project for us so the visual element needs to go hand-in-hand with the music. We create strong, dark music with a haunting, delicate twist, and our visual aesthetic needs to express this. We’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with amazing fashion designers like Mother of London and photographers like Brent Leideritz on achieving this vision and it’s something we’ll be doing more of.

read the full interview in the February/March 2011 Issue

runway inspiration : Lanvin fall 2011

Friday, March 25th, 2011

This year’s fall collections seem to have had a darker vibe. The runway show for Lanvin’s fall 2011 collection shown at Paris fashion week featured an eerie weeping willow as it’s backdrop. Southern witches walked the runway with large brimmed black hats. Majority of the ensembles were all black and paired with amulet-esq jewelry and detailing and those hats it had a darker than typical feel. Mostly the designs are too boxy or simple for my tastes but I enjoyed the aesthetic of this collection.


item of the week : odoke mono bloomers from Ichigo Black

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Ichigo Black’s Odoke Mono Bloomers

image source ichigoblack.com

These adorable Odoke Mono Bloomers are a two-tone design that feature a harlequin diamond print. The bloomers will make a great alternative to shorts in the warmer months, paired with a babydoll top and summer sandals. The bow details on the legs are a cute girly touch and nicely  pulls the whole design together. The amazing price of $22 can not be beat!

The Odoke Mono Bloomers by Kodokei are available online at www.ichigoblack.com.

– Meagan

PinUp : Audrey Kitching

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Making her own way amongst media-made personalities, Hollywood based Audrey Kitching is a multi-faceted, self-made phenom. Now the owner of two clothing brands inspired by punk and vintage fashions, Tokyolux and Coco De Coeur, Audrey continues to achieve independent successes.

interview by : Clint Catalyst
photographer : Ama Lea
fashion stylist : Sharon of Toxic Vision
wardrobe : Toxic Vision
model : Audrey Kitching

You’re one of the few individuals who’s parlayed your notoriety as an ‘internet personality’ into several successful, revenue-generating business ventures. To be honest, I don’t think I could name all the different companies that are either your own, or with whom you’ve worked, in the last year alone. As a starting point, would you please clarify that facet of your life for us? In other words, 2010: what brands were affected by, or resulted from, your ‘personal brand’ of Audrey Kitching?

Audrey Kitching : Wow, this last year has been a whirlwind. If I could ever be at the right place at the right time it’s now. When I was younger and first got into styling, modeling, and writing I was clueless. I say that now coming from experience. I listened to a lot of the wrong people, I was told what to do and was horribly taken advantage of by more companies than I could count on one hand. With that being said, they were opportunists and I was very naive. Not the best match. After being beaten down and used as a puppet, you eventually wise up or get eaten. Luckily for me being someone’s snack was never an option. Today I am the proud owner of two knitwear brands. The first being Tokyolux which is elegant vintage-inspired clothing with an edge, followed by the unisex punk rock royalty best known as Coco De Coeur. They are still a baby, neither of them are a year old yet. The possibilities the future holds with designing is so exciting to me at the moment. Those are the only brands I have been attached to that are designed, created, and owned by me!

view the full feature in the February/March 2011 Issue

behind the scenes : April/May 2011 fashion editorial

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

The new April/May issue is almost here!  Here’s a sneak peak at one of the fashion editorials we did for the issue.  Luke Copping photographed, Jennifer Link styled designs by BabyLove’s Latex and United Nude, and Manchester was our lovely model.

Luke Copping doing his thing

Manchester on right


designer spotlight : Hey Sailor!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Even in the uncertain economic climate of today, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” appears to hold as much weight as ever. If exquisitely opulent headwear is what your heart lusts after, it’s wisest to opt for an investment piece that is truly built to last. Kat Toronto of Hey Sailor! rises to the occasion.

interview by Vanity Kills

In recent years, accessory boutique chains latched onto the tiny top hat trend seemingly for dear life. It’s now easier than ever to affix a mass manufactured concoction of felt, marabou feathers, and sequins to your head for the low, low price of $12.99. Alas, it is advised that the ladies who pride themselves on rejecting the concept of disposable “fast fashion” , who long to add handmade tricorns, pillboxes, and cloches crafted with utmost skill and care to their accessory arsenal, to seek out San Francisco based master milliner Kat Toronto of Hey Sailor! So, if you dream of a nine-inch pirate ship sailing on a bed of hot pink PVC, pleat trims of whimsically striped fabric, and chenille dot veils decorating your ‘do, Kat can bring it to reality. And that’s just one way Hey Sailor’s splurge-worthy treasures can up your style ante at the drop of a hat.

Your venture into millinery began when you fashioned fancy head adornments to rock at events where you sang for the band Ragwater Revue. Despite your original desire to handicraft one-of-a-kind accessories intended solely for personal use, at Ragwater Revue’s shows, people offered to buy the hats right off your head which must’ve felt positively exhilarating. What did these proto-Hey Sailor! concept hats look like?

Kat Toronto : Many of the hats I created in the very beginning were fashioned from bits and pieces of vintage hats that I had procured while thrift shopping or on eBay. I absolutely love playing with slightly tattered and torn bits of vintage clothing and turning them into new garments or accessories, this is where Hey Sailor! Hats had its humble beginnings. While working on my BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute I created a collection of garments from recycled vintage clothing and vintage fabrics so I think it was just natural that this transferred over into my hat making. Although I greatly enjoyed creating these early hats from vintage materials I soon realized that I wanted to know more about the technique, trade, and history of millinery. So began my serious venture into handmade millinery, and ultimately, Hey Sailor! Hats.

read the full interview in the February/March 2011 Issue

paris fashion week : Zac Posen fall 2011

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Zac Posen showed off his fall 2011 collection at Paris fashion week.  The collection was simple and streamlined.  The highlight is defiantly the textured and structured black leather pieces, jackets and dresses, with exaggerated shoulders and waistline, very nice.  Loving the mixing of shades of deep blue and teal.  Also some breathtaking evening gowns with exaggerated waistlines.  And the shell-like wool cloak/coat (lower left), blending the past and future, is another great highlight of this collection.  Nothing to blow your mind, but defiantly a beautiful, well crafted collection.


seven deadly questions : Freezepop

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Liz Enthusiasm and Sean Drinkwater of Freezepop reveal how they sin.

interview by Jennifer Link

Envy –  Twenty years from now a band covers one of your songs and becomes wildly successful from it, what is your reaction?

Sean : Since we would receive all the publishing money and the dollar amount would greatly outnumber any mechanical royalties the artist might receive, our
reaction would likely be, ‘right on.’

Liz : I’d hope they did a good job of it. I’d get a little cranky if they butchered it. But, like Sean said, I guess I’d have my humongous piles of cash to console me.

Gluttony –  Have you ever considered making and marketing a Freezepop freeze pop? If you could put into production any Freezepop branded food or beverage product, what would you make?

Sean : We looked into it but not very deeply. I’ve always thought a Freezepop soda line would be pretty interesting.

Liz : Years ago, an alcoholic freeze pop company got in touch with us about doing some cross-promotion. They sent us some samples, but it never really came together. Honestly, they did not taste ‘the best’. Sean has made some pretty nice drinks using freeze pops as ingredients though. They are quite aesthetically pleasing.

read the full interview in the February/March 2011 Issue

music reviews : February/March 2011 Issue

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Alice In Videoland – A Million Thoughts And They’re All About You

Covenant – Modern Ruin

Daft Punk – Tron Legacy Soundtrack

Freezepop – Imaginary Friends

Iszoloscope – The Edge of Certainty

Komor Kommando – Oil, Steel & Rhythm

Shiv-r – Incision EP

Suicide Commando – Death Cures All Pain

Twitch The Ripper – Bodiless

Various Artists – Werkschau

Vertical Section – Death Throes

Wire – Red Barked Tree

read the reviews in the February/March 2011 Issue

item of the week : paris lucite box purse by Lux De Ville

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Lux DeVille’s Paris Lucite Box Purse Red Pearl Swirl

image source luxdeville.com

Bringing back the 40s style of the lucite purse never looked so good as the Paris Lucite Box Red Pearl Swirl purse by Lux De Ville. Lucite is a high grade type of acrylic that is used to make not only purses, but was made into everything from jewelry to furniture. It’s only fitting that the wonderful creative brand that is Lux De Ville is recreating a piece of old Hollywood glamour.

The Paris Lucite Box Purse Red Pearl Swirl is available online at www.luxdeville.com.

– Meagan