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new york fashion week : Anna Sui fall 2011

It’s easy to look at Anna Sui’s fall 2011 collection shown at NY fashion week or Anna Sui’s designs in general and get overwhelmed by all the bold colored bohemian 60s prints.  But there is a ton going on in this collection and in her design style in general that is worth taking cues from.  As I see it Sui is inspired by a whole many decades, periods, and subcultural styles and it’s just a matter of picking the pieces where she blends the styles you enjoy together.  And sometimes discovering you enjoy periods or styles you didn’t think you did.

There are many 60s/bohemian prints and cuts in this collection that I just can’t get into.  But there are some cases where the color and prints come together in a way that catches my eye.  Side stepping this look that was the meat of the collection, there were four main aspects I enjoyed in this collection.  First, animal cosplay hats and designer fashion, perfect!  Cosplay hats have been popping up all over for the past couple years, but this is one of the best ways I’ve seen them done.  Second, glasses on the runway.  There were a few bookworm inspired outfits pushed further in that direction with a pair of frames, very cute.  Mainly, were the all black ensembles pulling from many decades to create a dark, lush, and just plain beautiful effect.  Sui can do sweet and super chic all black ensembles drawing from Victorian, flapper, mod, goth, and boho all at once amazingly.  And lastly, she does this look in all white and I am inspired!

image source style.com

– Jennifer

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