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seven deadly questions : Andy LaPlegua

Monday, November 29th, 2010

The front man of and mastermind behind Combichrist and vocalist for Icon of Coil reveals how he sins.

Gluttony – If Combichrist was stranded on a desert island, who would be the first member to be eaten for survival? And how long would you hold out until eating them?

I don’t know, the first one to be eaten… I think that would have to be, that would probably be Joey. Because both Z Marr and I are bigger than the other guys, and um… [laughs] Trevor is very good at manipulating so he would probably convince us to eat Joey before him. [laughs] So I guess how long? I don’t know, that would be until we get really hungry I’d guess.

Sloth – You get to plan your ideal vacation with no limitations. Where do you go and what do you do?

I think I would stay at home for a month. And nobody would be allowed to call me. [laughs]

read the full interview in the October/November 2010 Issue

the PinUp : Bridget Blonde

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Bombshell Bridget Blonde strikes up a racy, inked up likeness to the iconic and unforgettable Marilyn Monroe. An advocate for the tattooed beauty, Bridget Blonde was recently named in a top list of “tattooed beauties” by G4’s Attack of the Show. With no sign of letting up, we’re excited to bring you Bridget Blonde.

photographer : Ama Lea
makeup artist : Kassandra Kiremit
model : Bridget Blonde

view the full feature in the October/November 2010 Issue

item of the week : pvc oilslick mini gloves by Plastik Wrap

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Plastik Wrap’s PVC Oilslick Mini Gloves

image source plastikwrap.com

The motorcycle style PVC Oilslick Mini Gloves by Plastik Wrap in burgundy are made from high gloss PVC that gives the glove an awesome latex-like appearance. I like the sleek design of the gloves as it can be paired with other wrist jewelry or wrist cuffs, as seen in the picture. At a $24 CAD price tag, these gloves will make a great gift for that friend on your list, while not breaking your piggy bank. If you really want to reward yourself for dealing with the crowds on Black Friday, throw a pair on your order for yourself, I won’t tell!

The PVC Oilslick Mini Gloves by Plastik Wrap are available online at www.plastikwrap.com.

– Meagan

behind the scenes : Dec/Jan 2010/2011 PinUp feature

Friday, November 26th, 2010

A few weeks ago part of the Auxiliary crew headed up to Toronto to shoot our December/January 2010/2011 PinUp feature.  Zach Rose and myself had a great day hanging out with Kelleth, Emily Rishea of Artifice, Heather Orr, and Irina Lavrega at Working Proof Studios and the shoot went amazingly!  Look for the final results in the December/January Issue coming out in a few days!


interview : Swans

Friday, November 26th, 2010

After a long absence and an even longer noise-laden career, Michael Gira and Swans return to the stage with the release of their new album, My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky. With a life and mind dedicated to the music of others as well as his own, Gira’s return to Swans should find longtime fans and new ones alike with their dedicated, yet unpredictable sound scape experience.

interview by Tim Winkler
introduction by Paul Morin

Swans have never been much on subtlety. In the early days, they rose above the NY “No Wave” scene and gained notoriety as the loudest and noisiest in a catalog of musicians that included the likes of Sonic Youth, Suicide, and Lydia Lunch. Their live shows pummeled into audiences like a jackhammer on stage with drones, noise, chants and crescendos that often brought down the house (if not the police). Despite “mellowing out” a bit in their later years, they continued banging and crashing their way through the 80s and well into the 90s. Front man Michael Gira called it a day in 1996, proclaiming, “swans are dead,” shortly thereafter, and went on to form his apocalyptic folk band Angels of Light. Cultivating a small but extremely loyal cult fan base through the years, Gira has managed to release a steady stream of albums as well as running a label (Young God Records) that includes on its roster such diverse names as Devendra Banhart, Lisa Germano, and Calla. In early 2010, apparently bored with his acoustic guitar, Gira announced the reformation of Swans, bringing the noise back with a vengeance and insisting this was no sissy-nostalgia act dragging a corpse along the road to reap the benefits of a new generation of fans raised on the post-rock tension-build-release sound they coined, but rather as the rejuvenation of the spirit of loud. Auxiliary Magazine sat down with Mr. Gira to discuss the past, the present, and the future of Swans.

You’ve said that reviving Swans has allowed you to move forward. How is it doing that and where do you see Swans going in the next few years?

Michael Gira : I guess it’s moving forward because I’m not doing Angels [of Light] anymore. Angels had its own particular way of working, which was kind of a relief to do at the beginning because I would just base things on my acoustic guitar and my voice and my words and think about the orchestration after I was sure that the song itself was really strong enough to be performed just on acoustic guitar, and then record it by itself and just start orchestrating. Of course I could have taken these songs and made them louder or had more guitar in them or added open, building sections and called it ‘Angels’, but it just didn’t make any sense to me to do that. So I decided, you know, I want to call it ‘Swans’, because I’d been making bigger sounds anyway. So I did that. And it’s kind of freed me up because for a long time I’ve been trapped in this little world of writing everything on an acoustic guitar and staring at my computer screen endlessly trying to come up with words, and they get less and less as time goes by. So now what’s opened up for me is that, for instance, on the new album there will be long instrumental sections. And I think that’s where I’m going to start with the next record – is with making these long instrumentals then worrying about vocals later.

read the full interview in the October/November 2010 Issue

the PinUp : Mercy St Just

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Emerging from the Australian burlesque scene is Mercy St Just, said to be the Australian equivalent to Dita Von Teese. With a varied background in Latin dance and burlesque performance, Mercy St Just is the essential 21st century pin up model. Mercy’s varied worldwide appearances have brought her enough success to headline her very own branded form of burlesque dance complete with custom props and costumes.

photographer : Brent Leideritz
fashion stylist : Jade Sardon
makeup artist : Mishka
hair stylist : Lyndall Vile
model : Mercy St Just
location : Laruche and The Comics Lounge

view the full feature in the October/November 2010 Issue

designer spotlight : Loved to Death

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Audra and Loved to Death’s approach to the macabre is one that truly offers a new perspective on wearable art. Perhaps the Victorian post-mortem practices and the term Memento Mori has never truly ended. San Francisco’s Loved to Death takes the art of taxidermy to a chilling, yet positively sublime atmosphere and reminds us all that we too are animals and must respect the lives of every creature.

photographer : Jennifer Garcia
makeup artist : Sam I Am…
hair stylist : Mikel Sessions
lighting tech : Armando Esquivel
model : Wednesday Mourning
interview by Vanity Kills

“Edgy” and “decadent” are two of the most exhausted adjectives when it comes to words used commonly to describe jewelry, art and clothing. The mundane is dressed up in pompous declarations of grandeur all too often to obscure the fact that there’s nothing special about a few pearls dangling from a chain, or jeans with embellished metal details. The taxidermy masterpieces by Audra Dance of Loved to Death certainly do fit the criteria of creations one can easily ascribe the characteristic of being both “edgy” and “decadent” to. Alas, resorting to using these clichéd terms in relation to Loved to Death would do grave injustice to Audra’s work. Despite the fact that her necklaces assembled from 24 karat gold enhanced mink skulls essentially personify decadence in the flesh (or rather bone).

Still, the bones only manage to scratch the surface. Beneath which one can catch a glimpse into the secret lives of rodents in the afterlife. Where love, life and death lie intertwined, frozen in time and preserved for eternity.

Loved to Death’s masterfully constructed, statement-making accessories hold the power to draw all eyes onto the wearer. How would one successfully integrate one of your bold pieces, such as the Domestic Parakeet Wing Cameo Necklace, into their existing wardrobe?

Audra Dance : I think the trick would be to let the piece be the main attraction, don’t have too much going on with any patterned pieces. The bird wing piece in particular, unless it is worn with a complimentary color, black is the way to go with the wing pieces.

What is the secret to rockin’ a head once attached to a living bird while maintaining an air of sophistication?

AD : As for ‘maintaining an air of sophistication’, that comes from within, you either have it or don’t.

read the full feature in the October/November 2010 Issue

music reviews : October/November 2010 Issue

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

The Birthday Massacre – Pins & Needles

Blonde Redhead – Penny Sparkle

Combichrist – Making Monsters

Dryft – Ventricle

James Blackshaw – All is Falling

Meat Beat Manifesto – Answers Come in Dreams

Rotersand – Waiting To Be Born (EP)

Street Dogs – Street Dogs

Swans – My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky

Underworld – Barking

read the reviews in the October/November 2010 Issue

the angriest critic : Fallout New Vegas

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

image source fallout.bethsoft.com

Back in 2004, Bethesda Softworks, a video game developer best known for the Elder Scrolls RPG series, acquired the rights to the Fallout series of games. The original Fallout, released in 1997, had been one of the most impressive and respected PC games of its day, combining hardcore RPG gameplay with a post-apocalyptic setting steeped heavily in trappings of the Atomic Age, all seen through a darkly comedic, ultra-violent lens. Its sequel, Fallout 2, was a critical and financial success in its own right and seemed to cement the franchise’s position as an industry mainstay. But in the following years, Interplay Entertainment, who published the series, mismanaged the Fallout brand into utter obscurity. When Bethesda purchased the license, they envisioned a union of the iconic post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout and the action/RPG hybrid style of gameplay that had made their Elder Scrolls series such a success. The end result was Fallout 3, a game that proved to be a greater critical and financial triumph than all previous Fallout games. Which is not to say their weren’t detractors. Many longtime fans of the series complained that Fallout 3 was too straightforward, utilizing the trappings of the franchise without embracing the gleefully fucked-up spirit of the Fallout universe. Too much Road Warrior, not enough A Boy and his Dog, essentially. And while naysayers may have been a bit overzealous in their critique of the game, they had a point. Bethesda did not turn a deaf ear to these criticisms, and when the time came to make a follow-up to Fallout 3, they turned to Obsidian Entertainment, a company that employs many of the same people who worked on Fallout 2and the aborted pre-Bethesda Fallout 3. With the development of the game safely in the hands of people who clearly “got” the unique spirit of the franchise, fans eagerly awaited the next installment of the Fallout saga. What emerged less than two years later was Fallout: New Vegas. Not a sequel proper, New Vegas is instead a spin-off, utilizing the same visual and gameplay style of Fallout 3 to tell a much different story in a whole new setting, while tying in story elements from the first two Falloutgames and returning to the series the black comedy and downright weirdness that had been noticeably absent from the previous entry. Forget the Capital Wasteland; welcome to the Mojave.

image source fallout.bethsoft.com

The plot of New Vegas takes place in the western section of the Core Region (the setting of the first two Fallout games), known as the Mojave Wasteland. You are assume the role of a courier, who is awakened after a failed assassination attempt with no memory of your would be-killers or your mysterious cargo. You set out to uncover the identity and motivation of your attackers as you make your way to the glittering metropolis of New Vegas, which is largely intact and operational, in contrast to most cities in the Fallout universe, which were decimated by the atomic weapons of the Great War over two hundred years ago. Along the way, you contend with atomic age robots, mutated freaks and fellow wanderers of the wastes, as well as find yourself caught in the middle of a war between the New California Republic, a democratic union that’s gotten too big for its own good, and Caesar’s Legion, a marauding, Roman-styled slaver army.


fashion editorial : dentelle

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

featuring fashion by Eve Gravel, Unique Vintage, Rebecca Taylor, and more

photographer : Luke Copping
fashion stylist : Molly Hoeltke
makeup artist : Stephanie Signorelli
hair stylist : April Grigajtis
models : Steph Rai and Stacey Caron
assistant : Adam Rosina
location : Buffalo Chophouse

view the full editorial in the October/November 2010 Issue

item of the week : denim spat pant by Serious Clothing

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Serious Clothing’s Denim Spat Pants

image source seriousclothingstore.com

One of the newest rocker pants by Serious Clothing is the Spat Pants in denim. These pants are worn over your boots or shoes to give the look that you are wearing spats. I have to admit this is one awesome advantage to the steampunk crazy becoming so popular, you get designers making some innovative pieces from classic designs. I’m loving the buttons on the outside of the cuff and the clean line of the pants. These pants are great for guys of all fashion styles and will be a duel wardrobe piece that can go from day wear to special event attire. I suspect my husband may need to own these!

The Denim Spat Pant by Serious Clothing is available online at www.seriousclothingstore.com.

– Meagan

item of the week : bewitched, bothered, and beruffled jacket by Clockwork Couture

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Clockwork Couture’s Bewitched, Bothered, and Beruffled Jacket

image source clockworkcouture.com

I’m a serious sucker for ruffles, put them on a jacket and that equals major drool factor. I’ve been seeing ruffled jackets everywhere from Macy’s to Forever 21 and I’m giddy that I can leisurely find them in all different colors and materials. The Bewitched, Bothered, and Beruffled jacket from Clockwork Couture got my attention, the ruffle on the bust is a fun, flirty way to infuse some femininity into a jacket. I’m a big fan of the contoured button pattern that follows the shape of the ruffle and the contrasting colors. Purchasing an item like this might be trendy now, but this style is very classic and would be a nice staple piece to add to your closet.

The Bewitched, Bothered, and Beruffled jacket is available online at www.clockworkcouture.com.

– Meagan

music video : Digitalism – Blitz

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Today’s video is for Digitalism’s “Blitz”, the new single that just came out, preceding the album which is due out early 2011. The video features clips of an EPIC party and just banging beats. This video makes me depressed and leaves me wishing I was at some epic party that would impact my life and provide stories I could share with friends for years after. “Blitz” is not as depressing of a song like Daft Punk’s ”One More Time”, but I might always associate depression with this song because of its video.

Ummm… Enjoy?

– Mike

fashion find : Iron Fist fug boots

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Iron Fist fug boots

Iron Fist fug boots, Wolfbeater left, Motophyscho right
image source shop.ironfistclothing.com

I’m not going to deny it, I’ve been debating buying a pair of Uggs for this winter.  We get a lot of snow where I live, and I hate cold, those boots just look so damn easy and comfy.  Yet the idea of wearing Uggs was bugging me.  I remember a trip to a strip mall last year where I noted 80% of the girls at the Panera we stopped for lunch at were wearing Uggs and the same trend was happening in the Target we went to next.

Problem solved!  Enter Iron Fist’s fug boots.  Available in several styles this fall, each one cover in bold, bright, horror-inspired print. And at $40 for the knee-high and $37.50 for the calf-high boots, who can complain! Much less expensive than a pair of Uggs. It’s a perk that they are vegan-friendly but my main concern is warmth and durability.  Being made of synthetic materials, I’m afraid they won’t be as warm as sheepskin or as durable.  But for the same cost as one pair of Uggs for the winter, you could get a couple of pairs of Iron Fist fug boots and then have more variety!  I think I’m leaning toward the Ladies Wolfbeater, love the contrast of the bloody fangs to the cute red ribbon, and the Ladies Motophsycho, the grey on black calvera print is fun yet subtle.