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interview : Andriod Lust

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Android Lust is the singular vision of Bangladeshi born and New York City resident Shikhee, and draws elements from a variety of musical and artistic influences to create a sophisticated industrial rock sound. Experiencing mainstream success with international airplay of the video for “Stained” from 2003’s The Dividing and with the inclusion of “Hole Solution” from 2006’s Devour, Rise, and Take Flight on CBS’ NCIS soundtrack, Android Lust is back after a four year break. Stronger than ever, the new album The Human Animal sees Shikhee recording and writing for the first time with a full band, and together they kick off their US tour August 12th.

photographer : Ron Douglas
interview : Mike Kieffer and Jennifer Link

It’s been four years since your last studio album Devour, Rise, and Take Flight, why the long break?

Shikhee : I was really burnt out for a while. During the latter part of writing for Devour, I was having problems with my label and I was also juggling a day job and music. While mixing Devour it got particularly bad. I was coming home from my job around 9 or 10, and then mixing til 2 or 3, only to get back up and get to work at 9 again. This went on for a couple of months. I was barely sleeping and losing weight like mad. It was a very trying period and one that really tainted Android Lust for a while. It took until late 2007 to get back to writing. I never want to let it get that bad again.

Your new album, The Human Animal, has a more organic and complex feel than previous albums such as The Dividing which seemed more simple yet epic. What influenced the move in this direction?

S : I suppose playing with a full live band for a couple of years, and also going back to my rock n roll roots. I was also tired of working alone in the studio all the time. It wasn’t exciting anymore. I wasn’t going to grow as a writer if I kept doing what I already knew and was comfortable with. I was playing with these incredible musicians and I wanted to bring that in. So I started writing parts that I could never play, and also producing with an ear for sounds that was outside of what was familiar. Also, I tried to sonically bring my world in my music. Not just in themes and lyrics, but the sounds I hear everyday around the city. I got a portable recorder and just collected sounds, whatever appealed to me. A lot of that made it to the record as rhythmic or melodic elements.

read the full interview in the August/September 2010 Issue

interview : Michael Swaim

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

In Swaim We Trust
The funniest man in online humor takes on a dangerous new mission for comedy and country.

photographer : Saryn Christina
interview : Adam Rosina

Mainstream comedy has fallen on hard times. More accurately, it’s circling the fucking drain. Seth Macfarlane’s become far too busy counting his money to realize the bubble’s nearly burst on how many cutaway jokes his audience will stomach before they tune out completely. South Park has become a little too sanctimonious and preachy. And last year’s runaway comedy hit, The Hangover, was an underwhelming snooze fest of a film, save Zach Galifianakis (and anyone familiar with Galifianakis’ stand-up can attest that his performance in said film isn’t up to snuff by comparison). So where’s a comedy connoisseur to turn?

Enter Michael Swaim. Rising quickly from writing for the UC San Diego comedy ‘zine MQ (along with future collaborator on nearly all of his projects, Abe Epperson) to internet stardom with sketch comedy group “Those Aren’t Muskets” and their breakout viral video, “Internet Party”, Swaim’s career began to gain momentum. Further exposure came through his work at Cracked.com, both as a columnist and as the star of web video series Cracked TV (later re-titled Does Not Compute). His next web series, Agents of Cracked, which saw him co-star with fellow Cracked contributor Dan O’Brien in a buddy cop-type scenario, was met with both critical praise and an award at the Second Annual Streamys (an awards ceremony held to honor achievements in internet video content). Now, with Does Not Compute and a new Cracked series After Hours in full swing, season two of Agents of Cracked, and a feature film in the pipeline, Michael Swaim seems poised to take his brand of vulgarity infused, nerd friendly comedy to the masses.

Howdy. Thanks for sitting down with Auxiliary. This is my first time doing an interview so promise you’ll be gentle and we’ll at least cuddle afterwards.

MS : This is like my third, so hopefully I’ll just trash you. I’ll nail you to the wall.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume it. Got to admit I’m a huge fan. My friends and I have pretty much stopped talking in a conventional sense and are pretty much purely conversing in this Esperanto-like way that is purely composed of Agents of Cracked quotes.

MS : Nice.

So you can kind of see how much we like the shit around here.

MS : That’s excellent. Thank you, man. Because Esperanto is the world’s most efficient language so that means a lot to me.

If only people picked it up.

MS : I know. That was the only thing I gave a shit about in high school is I tried to learn Esperanto like a goober and was treated thusly.

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style editorial : complete & utter self restraint

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

featuring fashion by Skingraft, Audra Jean, Garbage Dress, Jeffrey Campbell, Irregular Choice, and more

photographer : Carbon Decay
fashion stylist and art director : W.H. Muse
makeup artist : Diana D’Angelo
hair stylist : Brian-David D’aigle
models : A.W. Hill and Dorothy Johanna

view the full editorial in the August/September 2010 Issue

interview : Andy Deane

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Andy Deane is perhaps best known for his founding role in the now internationally popular goth-rock hybridized alternative music act Bella Morte. Since touring multiple cities across both North America and Europe, and growing an ever diverse fanbase, Andy Deane has transcended his unique horror style of writing from the music world into that of published horror author. His late novel The Sticks has seen unprecedented success and with both a novella and upcoming sophomore novel release in the works Andy Deane’s authorial accomplishments continue to grow.

photographs and interview by Zach Rose

Charlottesville, Virginia is a city that seems to be teeming with creative artforward individuals such as yourself. Could you describe the impact of artistic culture on the city of Charlottesville? How has it affected you as an artist and writer?

Andy Deane : My family had the first big impact on me. Everyone on my Mom’s side is inclined toward music, so it was natural for me to start singing at a young age. Charlottesville embraced Bella Morte when we started playing shows in town. Our first gigs were in the basement of a Sushi restaurant called Tokyo Rose, and some of my best memories of the band still dwell in that tiny cellar of a club. We eventually started a weekly goth night there which attracted all walks of life. And that’s one of the best things about C’ville, the fact that different scenes support one another more so than in most other places we’ve toured. That openness is one reason that Bella Morte has incorporated so many different styles over the years.

Many long time fans of your band Bella Morte may not by now be aware of your work as a writer. What influences have led you to who you are as a writer today

AD : Odd as it may sound, movies are a bigger influence on how I write than fellow authors. I see the story I’m creating as scenes in a film as I’m writing. It keeps me from dwelling too much on insignificant details. Don’t get me wrong, I read all the time, and I’m sure you can see hints of Richard Matheson, Joe Lansdale, Clive Barker, Robert Howard, and a million others in my style, but I want my writing to be my own.

read the full interview in the August/September 2010 Issue

the PinUp : Nina Flowers

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Hailing from the island of Puerto Rico, Nina Flowers (Jorge Flores) has been a figure of flamboyant female impersonation since the age of 19. To Nina Flowers, makeup creates a character with a unique and iconic persona. Nina Flowers is perhaps best known as the recent finalist on RuPaul’s show Drag Race. A DJ and musician, Nina Flowers’ individual interpretation of the art of drag has graced cities across North America, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

photographer : Norman Dillon
makeup, hair, styling, and model : Nina Flowers
interview : Meagan Hendrickson

Nina’s face is fabulous! What makeup tips can we “drag” out of you?

NF : Have patience, and it’s all about the tools! Meaning the brushes LOCAS!

You really stand out from the crowd, being a heavily tattooed female impersonator, have you ever received any negative feedback about your tattoos?

NF : That was more in my early days as a drag queen and performer when I started with my first tattoo, since then, no complaints.

You were my personal favorite on Season 1 of Rupaul’s Drag Race! Can you share any personal highlights of being on the show?

NF : A highlight for me and one of my fondest memories is RuPaul’s acknowledgement of my contribution to the show and my art in drag.

view the full feature in the August/September 2010 Issue

fashion editorial : bullets and glory

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

featuring fashion by Steam Trunk, S&G, Dace, Astali, and more

photographer : Erica Eichelkraut
art director : Molly Hoeltke and Jennifer Link
fashion stylist : Molly Hoeltke
makeup artist : Jodie McGuire
hair stylist : Maria Taylor and Jeffrey Flynn
models : Guy William III, Caitlin Corcoran, and Jessamyn Rose
location : Becker Farms

view the full editorial in the August/September 2010 Issue

item of the week : tragic alice in wonderland costume by Heavy Red

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Heavy Red’s Tragic Alice in Wonderland Costume

image source heavyred.com

I implore you to think outside of the “sexy” bagged Halloween costume this year and take a look at what Heavy Red has been cooking up in terms of costuming. The Tragic Alice in Wonderland costume ensemble really caught my attention because there are three separate pieces that you can wear together for the Halloween season and then can be incorporated into your regular wardrobe. When you purchase the costume you receive the Tragic Alice dress in muted teal, a steel boned waist cincher in antique white with red stripes, and the full length harlequin tights. I think that’s an excellent value and I’m impressed they even included the tights! Another nice option about this ensemble is that the sizing is not one-size-fit-all, you can choose your dress size and choose the corset size, which takes the guessing game out of ordering costumes online and wondering if they are going to fit. If you fell in love the Tragic Alice in Wonderful by Heavy Red, I would get your pre-order in as Halloween is quickly approaching!

The Tragic Alice in Wonderland Costume is available online at www.heavyred.com.

– Meagan

inspiration : Jessica Darwin – sleek sophisticate

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

photographer : Luke Copping
fashions : Jessica Darwin
fashion stylist : Molly Hoeltke
makeup artist : Shianne Valetta
hair stylist : Kristin Draudt
model : Kerry Quaile

Meagan Hendrickson :
Break out of the “little black dress” syndrome of the past and push forward to include wardrobe basics in fabrics like cotton spandex, leather, and even latex. Don’t be afraid to step back and allow your clothing to make a statement, be uncomplicated, and allow the drama of sleek sophisticated designs to grace your body. Avoid the common pitfall of alt fashionistas, it’s not about loud designs in color and texture or fad-like concepts that seem like eye grabbing ideals, but rather, the truth is in the subtle details.

Jessica Darwin is a designer who uses a captivating combination of line, design, and tailoring. To really understand Darwin’s designs you need to experience them for yourself in person. While photography captures the beauty and ideals of the garments, to hold the pieces in your hands is to truly hold pieces of art.

The eye is drawn to the texture of the clothing. The designs are effortless chic. Set against an industrious back drop, create a subdued drama that is truly inspirational by design.


beauty editorial : get smart

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

featuring neckwear by Cyberoptix TieLab

photographer : Luke Copping
fashion stylist : Molly Hoeltke
makeup artist : Stephanie Signorelli
hair stylist : April Grigajtis
model : Lauren Mentkowski
assistant : Zach Rose

view the full editorial in the August/September 2010 Issue

item of the week : red uglydoll tote bag by Uglydoll

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Red Uglydoll Tote Bag

image source uglydolls.com

I am a firm believer in reusable tote bags and you certainly can’t have enough bags. The red Uglydoll Tote Bag steals my heart because it has a giant Ice Bat one side and a whole crew of Uglydolls on the other side, too cute! I actually received one of these cute tote bags from my two nieces (since they know I’m a big kid) and I have been using it to tote around items to photo shoots, carry groceries, and to cart various other items. I am so impressed with the construction and durability, and with the $6 price tag it is an awesome find. This tote would make a fun gift and it’s not UGLY (get it Uglydoll? Ugly? OK I’ll stop).

The Uglydoll Tote Bag is available online at www.uglydolls.com.

– Meagan

item of the week : blue button beauty boot by Jeffrey Campbell

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell’s Blue Button Beauty Boot

image source modcloth.com

I’ve been giddy these past few seasons in regards to the fact that Victorian-esque shoes and boots have been in style and thus easy to find. Our Auxiliary Magazine crew have been a buzz about the shoe designer Jeffrey Campbell and these Blue Button Beauty Boots for Modcloth by Campbell have made our little hearts skip a beat. These boots have been described by Modcloth as posh and I couldn’t agree more! The luscious soft grey leather is accented by sapphire colored buttons, these two-tone boots are a modern take on a classic vintage design. These blue beauties could be worn with leggings, skinny jeans, or paired with all those bustle dresses in your closet.

The Blue Button Beauty Boot is available online at www.modcloth.com.

– Meagan

product review : natural body care products – By Nieves

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

By Nieves natural body care products are an apothecary influenced natural body products rooted in the traditions of herbal medicine and natural pampering. Their products combine a sense of old world ingenuity and simple elegance that reinterprets well into the needs of the modern beauty product consumer.

“C”Perfect Skin

This may be a magic potion for your skin. We live more active lives, deal with a great deal more air borne pollutants in our daily lives, and have skyrocketing stress levels. Needless to say, our skin is putting up with more than ever. Nieve’s “C” perfect skin, used regularly over a course of week, recovered our test subjects skin from everyday wear to the point that she now regularly goes out without makeup. Her skin is clean and smooth, in visibly better condition, and glowingly healthy. For all the benefits though, be in store for some shocking results the first few days you use it. Especially if you experience some of the effects we witnessed. Notably, the serum seemed to be so effective on blackheads that they seemed to lift up out of the skin pores they are clogging and slough off in a slightly gross but effective process. This is a must have product, and extremely effective. Its natural ingredients are often replicated in other serums and skin treatments. There is nothing to exotic here. But in these particular ratios it does seem to be a more effective treatment than many other natural skin serums I have seen on the market.

Cloud of Protection

Cloud of protection is advertised as a mood and immunity lifting area spray as well as a hand sanitizer. And while the smell is wonderful, calming, a lightening, and it does make a more pleasing hand sanitizer than some of the nasty antibacterial slimes that are out there, we have found an even better use for it. I have not found a single product, in years, that covers and removes pet odors more economically that Cloud of Protection. One or Two sprays near a breezy window or vent is more than enough to circulate it through a whole room. Its a wonderful floral/herbal, but not sickly smell that seems to neutralize several of the more noxious odors of domestic animals, “fragrant” kitchens, and ripe bathrooms. Its not a chemically invasive as nasty aerosol air fresheners, and the effects last much longer. Even after the scent has faded, the air in the room will continue to feel lighter and fresher for some time.

– Luke

music video : The Birthday Massacre – In The Dark

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

While The Birthday Massacre’s new album Pins And Needles doesn’t get released until next week (9/14) they have released a new video for their single “In The Dark”. The video is captivating, as a story progresses along it is broken up by the band rocking out under strobes. The song itself is a shining example of what the album contains. Be sure to check out the upcoming October/November issue (releasing October 1st) to read my full review.


– Mike

item of the week : lynette love birds dress by Dolly Valentine

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Dolly Valentine’s Lynette Love Birds Dress

image source catslikeus.com

The Lynette Love Birds Dress is the second exclusive release by Dolly Valentine for Cats Like Us. This darling dress features cute little love birds with pink hearts on a black background, a modified sweet heart neck line, and a darling pink bow at the bust. The black elastic belt is removable, but if worn it gives a nice emphasis to your waist line and really flatters the overall design of the dress. You can pair this dress with a little shrug on those cooler date nights or dress it down with a cute pair of flip-flops for a shopping trip to the grocery store. I really love Dolly Valentine’s designs because she really understands modern women who love vintage-inspired designs!  I’m looking forward to more Cats Like Us exclusive dresses by Dolly Valentine.

The Lynette Love Birds Dress is available at www.catslikeus.com.

– Meagan