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music video : Shiv-r – The End

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

I must say I am in love with the new Shiv-r album Hold My Hand. The album itself reminds me of the early Combichrist before they started to write music for their stage show. The video for “The End” is dark and well produced, giving the band a visual presence that helps push them past fellow bands in their genre. Take a peek at the video and enjoy the makeover. ;)

– Mike

item of the week : hoochie ghoul wallet by Travis Pitts for Tinymeat

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Tinymeat’s Hoochie Ghoul Wallet

image source makersmarket.com

My fellow editor, Luke Copping, hipped me to this item on www.makersmarket.com. I had never seen this website and was pretty impressed with the items, the website and it kicks Etsy’s ass (even though I sell on Etsy, eep!). The Hoochie Ghoul Wallet for Tinymeat, illustration done by Travis Pitts, is a great example of not only a sweet wallet but, an affordable piece of art you can carry around in your pocket. The girlie ghoul illustration on the front of the wallet is too damn cute, along with the interesting clear inside that makes it easy to find your dollar, dollar, bills, y’all! The great part about Tinymeat is that they feature independent artists and produce ethical handmade accessories. Check out their website www.tinymeat.com.

The Hoochie Ghoul Wallet is available at tinymeat.makersmarket.com.

– Meagan

behind the scenes : June/July Junk editorial

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Stephanie Bell and Pretty Deadly Stylz teamed up once again to shoot some rockin’ menswear for our June/July Issue. Here’s some behind the scenes footage!

view the editorial in the June/July 2010 Issue

graphic novel review : Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse Vol 1 – 3

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse Vol 1 – 3
Written and Illustrated by Ben Templesmith

reviewd by : EJTower

There is a story told by The Prince of Denmark in Hamlet about the progression of a King through the guts of a beggar.  The central figure of this story is a worm, and is often overlooked as being merely metaphorical.  It’s a drawn out story performed in iambic pentameter, so I won’t bother but to quote a line or two from it for this, my review of Ben Templesmith’s Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse series.

“Your worm,” tells Prince Hamlet, “is your only emperor for diet… we fat ourselves for maggots.  Your fat king and your lean beggar is but a variable service – two dishes, but to one table.  That’s the end.”

You should also know that there is a poem by Edgar Allen Poe called The Conqueror Worm. In this poem the angels lament the inevitable end of the human play, which always culminates, tragically, in the fangs of the conqueror worm that feeds upon our flesh after death.

All of this I offer to you as literary evidence!  Think of it as background, establishing the historicity of a character.  All of it so that when I tell you that Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse is about an immortal magical maggot that battles demons, enjoys beer, hangs out in a seedy strip club, and is protected by a clockwork bodyguard that is rather sad because he was built without genitalia – You won’t immediately shout, Ludicrous!  You must give this a chance.


item of the week: pink gingham cupcakes corset by Purrfect Pineapples

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Purrfect Pineapples’ Pink Gingham Cupcakes Corset

image source purrfectpineapples.com

Holy cupcakes Batman! The Pink Gingham Cupcakes corset by Purrfect Pineapples is just absolutely ADORABLE! This steel boned underbust corset is a must for that cupcake lover in your life! Don’t let the $250 price tag scare you, as Purrfect Pineapples is a cruelty-free, high-quality lingerie designer, and besides this corset is custom made for you! I love that the designer, Erika Shuhendler uses lovely heavily tattooed models and embraces the kitsch factor in her choice of fabrics. You won’t find these amazingly unique designs at Victoria’s Secret!

The Pink Gingham Cupcakes Corset is available at www.purrfectpineapples.com.

– Meagan

digital editorial : Wrapped in Plastic

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


inspiration : Sharon TK – Victorian serenity

Monday, June 14th, 2010

dress by Unhinged

photographer : Ama Lea
hair stylist : Margarita Ivette
makeup artist and model : Sharon TK
fashions : Kambriel, Unhinged, Romantic Threads, and Topsy Turvy

dress by Romantic Threads

Meagan Hendrickson :
The romanticism of Victorian era fashions gives a feeling of structure, elegance, and prudish morality. It seems strange to even consider in that long past era it was disgraceful for women to show a glimpse of an ankle! From then to this modern day there are many brilliant designers still evoking the Victorian aesthetic mixed with creative non-historically accurate designs.


music review : A Kiss Could Be Deadly – Farwell EP

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

A Kiss Could Be Deadly – Farwell EP

release date : June 22, 2010
released by : Metropolis
info : 6 tracks . akisscouldbedeadly.com
genre : fusion, punk, new wave, electro
reviewed by : Mike Kieffer

Two years ago A Kiss Could Be Deadly released their self-titled debut album an upbeat fusion of punk, electro, and new wave with a female singer, it was a recipe that dared me not to love it. Fast forward two years and their name pops back onto my radar with a six song EP with two original tracks, a cover, and three remixes, titled Farwell. The original songs “I’ll Be Your Anti-Hero, Baby” and “Only In Darkness” are more punk in flavor then the 2006 release. The two songs are both good, full of great hooks, and really make me wish there was more. The three remixes of “Acoustic Romance”, “Damage Control”, and “I Guess You Didn’t Mean It” are all strong as well and make you immediately dig through your old files (or CDs) and find the original release.

Inside the booklet you will find, what I will assume, a sign that there will be no more material from them. Underneath the copyright 2010 hidden into the background of the artwork is the phrase, “it is finished.” The band lineup is listed as “is/was”. The title of the album is Farwell. This all points to the fact that the band did break up in the end of 2008 and they are now in separate bands.

I hope I am wrong and some resurgence of popularity will pull them back together…  like Futurarama (new series starts June 24th).

recommended tracks : all of them
if you like you may like : The Birthday Massacre, Helalyn Flowers
overall 8 . music 7 . lyrics 8 . recording quality 7

item of the week : human heart lapel pin by Pushin Daisies

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Pushin Daisies’ Human Heart Lapel Pin

First of all, pushindaisies.com is a glorious mortuary shop filled with delightfully morbid tongue-in-cheek items. A one stop shop for the dark at heart, who get a kick out of death! Under the “Dressing & Caskets” category you will find the Human Heart Lapel Pin, which is anatomical and hand-cast out of pewter. Now you can really wear your heart on your sleeve, well okay, maybe placing it on your jacket, top, or collar may be a better place.

The Human Heart Lapel Pin is available at www.pushindaisies.com.

– Meagan

inspiration : Antiseptic Fashion – elegant kink

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Visual, creative, style, fashion : inspiration.

fashion designer : Antiseptic Fashion
photographer : Zach Rose
makeup/hair : Jessica Jean
model : Nicole Vescio

Zach Rose :
Antiseptic Fashion, the brainchild of Los Angeles DIY designer Billy Vahan combines love for the fetish (leaving little to the imagination) with a unique blend of steampunk and neo-Victorian designs.  With fully customizable pieces such as asymmetrical leather posture collars, accessory belts, and underbust corsets reminiscent of fetish meets glorious rebellion.

Billy Vahan and Antiseptic Fashion’s Phrixus leather posture collar holds the head up high (and quite literally keeps your spine in alignment) while adding a regal display of bizarre.  While not an everyday item in your fashion arsenal, it adds just enough of that “kink” for those of you who prefer restraint yet not without a touch of elegance.


music video : Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

While normally a big proponent of Lady Gaga’s style and music, I find that her new video for “Alejandro” in an almost insulting attempt at tribute that just comes across as poor pastiche. Like a bad, local theatre troupe remake of “Vogue”, “Express Yourself”, and “Erotic” by Madonna, mixed with elements from Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation”. It looks like the so called “queen of originality” has tread into the murky waters of the faux-homage, an area best left to sitcom clip episodes and Simpson’s Halloween specials. I far more enjoy her stylized take on the music video as short film, her unorthodox choreography. Though she started to delve into over-borrowing with her video for “Telephone”, at least those references to Tarantino films and the girls in prison genre were either inserted with subtlety and intelligence, or placed in the video with such over the top abandon that it worked more as clever parody and witty stylization than the disappointing “Allejandro”, which just reeks of ripoff.

It’s ironic that the release of Christina Aguilera’s new video for “Not Myself Tonight” should coincide so closely with the release of “Allejandro”. In one video flat Aguilera is able to both out Madonna and out GaGa Lady Gaga herself. While one could make the argument that Aguilera is also referencing several elements that Madonna used regularly in her videos: The religious imagery of “Like A Prayer” and the fetish fashions, start white backgrounds, and similar interaction of “Human Nature”, And the direct reference to “Express Yourself” that presents itself in the monocle scenes its at least seems more well done, genuine, and energetic than GaGa’s near narcoleptic attempt. Aguilera did have some help crafting such an exciting piece though, in the form of Hype Williams, one of the most celebrated music video directors… ever.

I was much more impressed by the new Aguilera video. Several factors are superior, the music, the fashion, and the choreography. all of which is ironic considering it was the original feud between Aguilera and GaGa that started GaGa’s meteoric rise to the top, perhaps this is the beginning of Christina’s comeback, Aguilera was once considered to be one of the edgier pop stars before being unseated by the extravagant and more intelligently promoted Gaga, though in many ways it appears the Aguilera is still the stronger vocalist. I hope that Lady GaGa continues her rise to the top and inspires an epochal change in video styling, fashion, and the branding of pop-stars. GaGa may indeed go on to win the war, but as for this battle, chalk on up for Miss Aguilera.

Luke Copping

the runway at FAT : Futurstate

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.


Toronto designer of “dark futuristic clubwear and streetwear”, Futurstate showed their latest collection at FAT this spring.  The collection proves that Futurstate is continuing down the path of sophisticated, structured cyber and military inspired designs and aiming to offer cybergoth designs that are not tacky and candyraver-like.  The collection was entirely black and void of almost any pvc.  To make the pieces stand out designer Laura X relied on subtle details such as rows of black buttons, black mesh, and crisscrossing black cords.  My personal favorites were the puffed shoulder jacket and dress shorts combo (pictured upper right) and the simple all black geisha style dress (pictured lower left).  Items from this collection would be a great purchase because they can serve as stylish streetwear, they are not just for the club, but I did feel a bit of the fun of past lines was missing.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a hot new pvc dress or outfit!

See the men’s collection in more detail in our Junk fashion editorial in the new June/July issue.


music review : How To Destroy Angels – S/T EP

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

How To Destroy Angels S/T EP

release date : June 1, 2010
released by : self released
info : 1st album . 6 tracks . 28:47 run time
genre : electronic / industrial
reviewed by : Jason Draper

It’s been less than nine months since Trent Reznor announced the indefinite hiatus of Nine Inch Nails. While this EP didn’t come out under his former moniker, it’s hard to deny the similarities in the musical content. Working with his wife Mariqueen Maandig (former West Indian Girl) and Atticus Ross, Reznor has created a concise EP that feels like natural progression from 2008s The Slip.

In a genre in which bands continue to release unmemorable albums, it is Maandig’s vocal hooks that make How to Destroy Angels stand out amongst their peers. They have a similar effect as a spring-cleaning on an old country home. The music still has the abrasive tones that you come to expect, yet the vocals even it out, and at times make the songs pleasantly hypnotic. It’s strange to walk around humming the melody from an industrial song, as if it were a radio pop song, but that is exactly what the album has done to this listener.

recommended tracks : 3.6
if you like you may like : Nine Inch Nails, West Indian Girl, Sneaker Pimps
overall 9 . music 10 . lyrics 8 . recording quality 10

get this EP for free at www.howtodestroyangels.com

music video : Lady Gaga – Alejandro

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

I guess you get two music videos today!  A new video from Lady Gaga just went live and it’s filled with more imagery I love.  Perhaps you could argue that Lady Gaga isn’t doing anything artists before her haven’t done, but the fact that she is mainstream, gets played on easy listening/variety radio, and the masses are eating it up with all the controversial material included is a feat in its self.  Anything that may sway trends in the direction of aesthetics I enjoy is fine by me!

– Jennifer