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Archive for May, 2010

item of the week : love’s devastation floral cape by heavy red

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Heavy Red’s Love’s Devastation Floral Cape

image source heavyred.com

I’m not normally a cape girl, in fact I am prone to turning up my nose at the idea of even contemplating admiring a cape at all! Heavy Red’s Love’s Devastation Floral Cape has made my fashion taste buds salivate! The black and red rose design makes this piece scream romance and can be paired perfectly with any of Heavy Red’s gorgeous corsets. I see elegant ladies wearing this cape to keep their bare shoulders warm on cool summer nights and can be worn as an alternative to a shrug. I really enjoy the versatility of this piece as a functioning piece of protective clothing, a statement piece in a wardrobe, and infusing old world romance once again in the modern world of alternative fashion.

The Love’s Devastation Floral Cape is available at www.heaveyred.com.

– Meagan

music video : Ametsub

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

With the recent relaunch of the record label Mille Pateaux, a slew of new good glitch is flooding back into my headphones. Ametsub’s new album The Nothings Of The North is case and point. The album is mostly ambient with piano overlaid and is full of neat glitchy sounds.

The video for “Repeatedly” has recently found some popularity and has topped over 20K views in just two weeks! I guess it helps that the video is visually interesting and plays along with the music perfectly. Anyways, check out the video and if you like the song then you’ll like the rest of the album.

– Mike

Runway 3.0

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Highlights from Runway 3.0, a Buffalo, NY based celebration of student fashion, local designers, and style. This year’s iteration of Runway 3.0 was an amazing achievement for all involved, most notably show coordinator Erin Habes. A wonderful collection of eclectic fashions from the student designers was accompanied by a noted selection of inspiring local designers including Buffalo born fashion superstar Adam Lippes. Runway photographer Cheryl Gorski provided Auxiliary Magazine with a collection of images handpicked by her and myself, Luke Copping, to appeal to the quirky and fashion forward tastes of Auxiliary’s readers. Standouts from the show included Morgen Love, who has been featured by Auxiliary before, as well as Tess Hinterbichler who was recently interviewed by Auxiliary, stay tuned in the coming days for Tess’ interview and more images of her collection.

left Anthony Scaparo
right Morgen Love


auxiliary profiles : Molly Hoeltke

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Molly Hoeltke  - fashion stylist

photo : Luke Copping
interview : Zach Rose

What do you do at Auxiliary Magazine?

I am a fashion stylist, working mainly in editorial.

What are some of the challenges facing a fashion consultant/stylist such as yourself?

The challenges of being a stylist are having to plan on never having enough of anything: time, people, clothes, whatever it may be. You absolutely have to be prepared to improvise, and always over prepare because once you are on set you have what you have. By the same token, improvising can be the best part. Some of the coolest stuff happens when things don’t go according to plan. You have to trust in your vision, just like any other art form.

Do you think style reflects one’s inner individuality? Or is it merely a means of following a trend?

I believe personal style is a reflection of the individual by its very nature. Not everyone is entirely confident in who he or she is or who he or she wishes to be, or in the expression of that. Therefore, some like to play it very safe outwardly and don’t like to be as creative as others in their dress. I think that fashion has become a part of society where, if you choose to participate, it will embrace you. For some, following trends is a way to feel like a part of the accessible cultural evolution in fashion, which can be easily made personal as well. Whatever it is you need to do or feel to participate in the expression of yourself, fashion offers it. Whether it is your own creativity or a reflection of another influence, it is a personal choice as to how deeply you would like to immerse yourself in it. Fashion is a decision about the kind of person you want to show the world, whether that comes from within or without is up to the individual.

Describe a bit of your background and how it has led you to where you are today?

I have a background in marketing and creative media production that I was specifically applying to the music industry for quite some time in both Atlanta, and New York City. I took a turn toward fashion as a result of my dissatisfaction with several corporate American structures that I kept running into. I specifically fell into working with a vintage designer showroom during my time living in Williamsburg. This was a turning point in my life.

I find it important to live with sensitivity in understanding where people are coming from and what they are trying to express. I find this mentality important to styling, as it is all about creating a vision for everyone involved, expressing an effective story, and being able to step outside of yourself and personal opinions to do so. My favorite part of creating visual solutions is telling a story or concept through the participation in collective creative endeavors. When you get a group of highly intelligent and creative people together creating a mind-full concept visually, it is highly rewarding

What is your opinion on the state of subculture and more specifically, how does Auxiliary cater to the demands of the alternative?

I think that subculture is a beautiful thing. It allows people to pull from one or many areas in order to find inspirations based on small groups of people brought together by similar mentalities and taste in music, art, and lifestyle decisions. I do not believe that any one subculture is completely pure and free of influence any more, in that we have become so infused with image and media references that everyone seems to be drawing from each others subcultures. Sub or counter cultures that may still truly exist purely are those that have still yet to make it into the mainstream influence. Auxiliary is important to the fashion scene in that it offers the opportunity of creating alternative high-fashion inspirations that are also accessible. When we commercialize these subcultures the mainstream becomes comfortable with them, and therefore are aware of how to apply them to day-to-day life.

What does creativity mean to you and why is it important?

Creativity is an ability to think and feel openly. You either have it or you don’t, but that’s a choice we make every day. We choose in every moment how we are looking at, interacting with, and giving back to the world around us.

item of the week : gas mask heart compact by retro-a-go-go

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Retro-a-go-g0’s Gas Mask Heart Compact

image source retroagogo.com

Every gal needs to check her face while she’s out at the bar, but since it’s an age old fopaux to put makeup on in public, this adorable Gas Mask Heart Compact by Retro-a-go-go contains a mirror and no cosmetics! Not only will you be saving face (yes, pun intended!) in public, you will be able to catch a glimpse of your quaffer and makeup in style. This adorable compact also has a picture frame on the other side of the mirror, so you can keep a portrait of your sweetie or maybe even your kitty! So it’s okay to be a little vain, heaven knows you don’t want to be walking around with pieces of your lunch on your face!

The Gas Mask Heart Compact is available at www.retroagogo.com.

– Meagan

neurodance june/july issue release party

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Auxiliary Magazine’s June/July Issue Release Party will be in Toronto, ON at NEURODANCE v6.0!  ISN Radio army presents NEURODANCE at the legendary Club Neutral; ground zero for another evening of cutting-edge industrial / ebm and other selects from the subculture music scene.  Auxiliary Magazine’s Aaron Andrews and Darago will be DJing and Auxiliary Magazine crew will be there to show off the new issue.

more info here

the runway at FAT : Pippa

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.


Latex, I get excited anytime I see it used in ways one would not expect.  Pippa’s collection at FAT consisted of country club sports inspired latex outfits in a range of pastels.  I have always loved latex in pastels and I love the idea of a seaform green, latex tennis outfit with the texture of a cable knit sweater.  I am very curious to see one of the knit textured waist cinchers from this collection up close and see how that effect is achieved.  There are a handful of designers out there currently using latex in creative and new ways, from the look of this show, Pippa is one of those up and coming latex designers.  The stand out piece of the show was definitely the pink ruffled bikini (shown in bottom right photo).  Latex is a great material for a swimsuit and this piece is the perfect suit for an intimate, risque pool party with friends.  Pippa’s collection shown at FAT was fun and sexy, looking forward to seeing more from them.

image source flickr.com/photos/alternativeartsandfashionweek

– Jennifer

the runway at FAT : Wrath by Asphyxia

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.

Wrath by Asphyxia

Asphyxia is the fashion creations of designer Alexandra De Francesco of Toronto. It does not appear to be a fully developed brand but more a fashion collection by an artist.  I would guess however that the designs seen in this runway show are available as custom pieces by request through the email found on Asphyxia’s website.  It was a beautiful collection of white and black textures, lace and satin that was in line with De Francesco’s focus on textiles. The long flowing dresses were the backbone of the collection, but I personally really enjoyed the short dresses for the stripes and sections made through the stitching together of different textured fabrics. I do wish the collection had been shown with a more diverse range of footwear. Each look was shown with stack platform boots and I would have rather seen the dresses paired with heels and boots that better fit the mood of the collection.  The platform boots did fit quite nicely with the short dresses as a contrast to the detailed lace, but they were a distraction with the long dresses.  It does point to the fact that new styles, trends, and takes on alternative fashion are emerging much faster in clothing than footwear.  It is always a struggle to find good footwear to compliment newer looks and this was a collection of fresh looks and dresses. I hope to see more develop from De Francesco and Asphyxia soon!

image source flickr.com/photos/alternativeartsandfashionweek

– Jennifer

beauty editorial : emerge

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

featuring cosmetics by Illamasqua, Make Up For Ever, Tarina Tarantino, Urban Decay, and more

photographer : Laura Dark
makeup artist : mascaraid.com
hair stylist : Gray Artistry
models : Brianne Jeannette, Bre Rhodes, and Natasha Fatale
retoucher : Jay Leavitt

view the full editorial in the April/May 2010 Issue

the runway at FAT : Fashion Whore

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.

Fashion Whore

The collection Fashion Whore showed at FAT this year was a surprising departure, the entire collection was pvc instead of the cotton print fabrics normally used.  Fashion Whore is known for fun and playful dresses and this entire collection was just that, a group of bright, monotone, pvc dresses clearly inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland.  I am getting a bit tired of all the Alice out there due to the recent movie release, but as I watched this show I began to think I was tired by the other cases, as it fits perfectly for Fashion Whore.  Opting for pvc was a good choice for a stand out, conceptual runway show, but if I were looking to buy any of the dresses shown I would opt for the pattern to be made in one of their signature cotton prints.  It was refreshing to see curvy and full figured models, Fashion Whore makes awesome dresses for all women to confidently strut down the runway (or down the street) in.

image source flickr.com/photos/alternativeartsandfashionweek

– Jennifer

the PinUp : Arden Leigh

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Auxiliary’s playful take on the sexy centerfold pin up.  This month we bring you Arden Leigh.  Flip the page, cut out, and tac on your wall!

photographer : Steve Prue
model, makeup, and hair : Arden Leigh
second model : Helena
interview by Numi Prasarn

Co-founder of The Sirens Seduction Forum, Arden Leigh’s interest lies in seduction. She most recently honed her skills of seduction as the Director of Training and Marketing at New York’s most renowned house of professional domination, where she trained neophyte young dominatrices to seduce their male clients into spending lots of time and money on them, and became one of the most successful professional dominant to ever tout a whip there. She has written her own seduction guide for everyday women, Whipped: A Professional Dominatrix Shares the Secrets to Wrapping Men Around Your Little Finger.

The Sirens Seduction Forum was set up in response to male pick up communities… which in turn was in response to men feeling that women already had the
upper hand in the art of seduction. What do you think is the biggest difference between the two movements?

Arden Leigh : Definitely the end goals. I mean, there’s a reason that there are no books for men on how to get into relationships and no books for women on how to get laid. This actually goes back to evolutionary psychology; in order for us to further the species, it’s best for women to pair with one mate who’s going to protect and provide for her, while it’s in men’s best interest to pass on their genes by pairing with as many partners as possible. We’ve been at odds with one another since the dawn of man, when you think about it. What the pick-up community did was to equip
men with a strategy to achieve their goals of having access to a wide range of women. What I bring to the table for women is a strategy on how to stand out, how to compel, attract, and add value in a manner that will make the man they want feel that being with them is a better deal than having all their other options.

view more photos and read the rest of the interview in the April/May 2010 Issue

music reviews : april/may 2010 issue

Friday, May 14th, 2010

music reviews featured in the April/May 2010 Issue

Absurd Minds – Serve Or Suffer

Architect – Consume Adapt Create

Autechre – Oversteps

De/Vision – PopGefahr

Destroid – Silent World EP

Goldfrapp – Head First

Groove Armada – Black Light

mind.in.a.box – R.E.T.R.O.

Omega Lithium – Dreams In Formation

Santa Hates You – Crucifix Powerbomb

Suicide Commando – Implements of Hell

These New Puritans – Hidden

Xiu Xiu – Dear God I Hate Myself

Zeromancer – The Death of Romance

read the reviews in the April/May 2010 Issue

the runway at FAT : One Of Us Swimwear

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.

One Of Us Swimwear

I had not heard of One Of Us Swimwear until I was looking into all the designers showing at FAT. As soon as I saw their designs on their website, I was excited to see their runway show.  Good swimwear can be a tricky thing to find, often an “alternative” looking swimsuit means it just has skull print on it. And if one goes to chain stores like Hot Topic for one, mostly their options look cheap and rather tacky. One Of Us Swimwear offers unique stand out swimsuits in a variety of fun patterns and prints all with creative cuts and details. The clipped together two piece and turquoise two piece with stripped hood were my favorites. Another stand out were the suites  that look like two different patterned suites sew together, as seen in the lowest photo on the left. While looking polished and stylish they have a fun diy feel to them. The runway show was filled with great suit options for this summer, in the spirit of beach parties, backyard tiki barbecues, and hot rod car washes.

image source flickr.com/photos/alternativeartsandfashionweek

– Jennifer

the runway at FAT : Artifice

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.


The tone for Artifice’s collection was set with music that was a refreshing change from the typical music one would expect to hear at a runway fashion show, no beat just crescendoing waves and eerie whispering, glitchy babble. It was fetish fashion meets medical oddities with a touch of insane asylum horror. It was more than a collection, it was a glimpse at an artist’s vision. The audience was in awe while watching a model very slowly hobble down the runway in ballet fetish shoes with crutches, two models walk strapped together as twins, and metal blades crafted into angle wings emerge from the final model’s back as she posed at the foot of the runway. The pvc appeared masterfully crafted when viewed on the runway, one can only hope that items purchased from this collection are given the same attention, as all of Artifice’s designs are handcrafted. The exaggerated silhouettes created by structured shrugs and skirts made this another trend conscious collection.

photos : Billy Archos

– Jennifer