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unaussprechlichen kulten : antichrist

Monday, March 29th, 2010

I must admit to more than a bit of embarrassment at not having seen a Lars von Trier film prior to Antichrist. For those unaware, Lars von Trier is a Danish filmmaker who, among other things, was deeply involved in the Dogme 95 film movement, has the distinction of directing one of the few “mainstream” films to depict unsimulated sex, and is probably best known in the US as the director of the Bjork musical Dancer in the Dark. Oh, and he’s also been known to occasionally refer to himself as “the best director in the world”. Previously, I’d been a bit apprehensive about investigating von Trier’s output. It may have had something to do with the fact that the majority of his cult consisting of trendy name-dropping hipsters, and these folk and their interests tend to make me vomit profusely out of disgust. It may have been that I was far too busy drinking Rebel Yell excessively while watching Mythbusters reruns to do so. Who knows? The point is I was wrong. DEAD FUCKING WRONG. Antichrist may very well be the most important horror film of the last 20 years. Hell, 30 years, maybe more. No film I’ve ever witnessed has conjured that level of disgust and fear inside me before this piece.

I’d like to breakdown the plot, but I’m not sure there’s enough of a conventional plot to summarize. At the outset it’s basically a slow, quiet character piece involving the irrational fear and anxiety experienced by a mother (referred to in the end credits only as She, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg), concerning a cabin called Eden she once visited, triggered in the wake of the death of her son. Her therapist husband (Willem Dafoe, likewise only identified in the credits as He) decides exposure therapy is the best course of action, so they depart to the cabin to attempt to force her issues to the surface. From thereon out, the film ditches narrative form and continues in a series of nightmarish episodes of increasing intensity.


item of the week : pink zombie unicorn dress by hell bunny

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Hell Bunny’s Pink Zombie Unicorn Dress


image source toofastonline.com

On my (what seems to be) weekly search for summer dresses, I often stop off to drool at what www.toofastonline.com has to offer in its vast array of cute clothing. I giggled when I saw the Pink Zombie Unicorn Dress by Hell Bunny, not only is it disturbingly cute, but a great price at only $48 bucks! I am a huge fan of anything involving; kitsch, childhood images, and of course… zombies! Pair this darling creation with some bows for your head, bows for your feet, and bows around the waist, in short, make yourself look sickeningly sweet!

The Pink Zombie Unicorn Dress is available online at www.toofastonline.com.

– Meagan

music review : VNV Nation – Of Faith, Power and Glory

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

VNV Nation – Of Faith, Power and Glory

Aux_VNVNationrelease date : June 23, 2009
released by : Anachron
info : 7th album . 10 tracks .
50:32 run time
genre : futurepop, electronic rock,
reviewed by : Jeffrey Naughton aka DJ ArcaTek

VNV Nation has been the powerhouse group in the electronic scene for the past 15 years now. The last two albums by VNV Nation (Matter+Form and Judgement) have seen Ronan Harris go in a different direction with his vocals. I’m not saying that was a good thing or a bad thing, however I can tell you that I really liked Matter+Form. This new album goes into the same direction with some new styles but also goes back to VNV’s roots, where they put out a string of very successful albums. Let me just say this, VNV will never put out an album like Empires ever again. That was a one in a million album and if they even come close to something like that then I would consider it a success. Futureperfect and Praise the Fallen are excellent albums in their own right, which brings me to this: the new album titled Of Faith, Power and Glory comes very close to the style and sound of their excellent past albums. For me this album is very comparable to FuturePerfect. I felt that way from the first time I listened to this album and feel very strongly still after many listens. I’m not going to break down each song on this album because it wouldn’t do it justice. As a club DJ who’s been a resident in the clubs for the past 14 years I will say that this album has some gems in here; “Sentinal”, “Tomorrow Never Comes”, “The Great Divide”, and “Art of Conflict” are the ones that stand out. Throughout the album I felt that it had a late 90s early 2000s vibe to it, don’t ask me how but it just does. Perhaps it is because the rhythms, sounds, breaks, and vocals, break away from the last two albums and revert back in time to the middle ground of their works.

If you’re a skeptic and think it will be like Matter+Form and Judgement then you are sorely mistaken and are depriving yourself the opportunity of this album. I think many of us fall under the category that if we don’t like something that we will categorize it as something we won’t buy, listen to, or whatever. In music we need to have an open view of things instead of pushing it to the side because we didn’t like an album, group, or whatever. The beats on this album are danceable and complete. This album is good for the many club hits as well as just a CD to sit down and listen to when you’re doing things around the house. I would highly recommend buying this album at the usual stores (that’s if your city still has a music store) or if you’re non committal then buy a song here and there off of iTunes. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

recommended tracks : Art of Conflict, The Great Divide
if you like you may like : And One, Covenant
overall 8 . lyrics 8 . music 9 . recording quality 9

check out VNV Nation on tour now and playing Buffalo, NY March 26th
and don’t miss the Buffalo, NY concert’s afterparty thrown by DJ ArcaTek at Club W

inspiration : apnea – balletto chic

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Visual, creative, style, fashion : inspiration.


fashion designer : Samantha Plasencia
photographer : Cynthia Davila
makeup artist : Megan Martinez
hair stylist : Robyn Mayer
model : Apnea

Meagan Hendrickson :
The fabulous Apnea recently did a gorgeous ballerina-esque set with
Samantha Plasencia designs. The San Antonio, Texas designer can be found on Model Mayhem with her profile showing her cutting edge designs from organza dresses to foil print tops and paper origami skirts. Plascenia has been featured in Alt Noir magazine, eXposure online, and has been featured in fashion shows including 2009 MINK Fashion Show. I would love to see more from this avant garde designer who looks like she’s gripped at the pulse of fashion forward designs. Check out her profile and drool over these fabulous photos.



AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Making its North American premiere this past friday at the SXSW film festival, AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story chronicles the life of a lost hero 16 years after his death. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bill Hicks’ work, you should be, go to youtube right now and check out some clips of his bitingly insightful standup comedy that has influenced and pervaded American culture for over two decades. Better yet, go and buy some of his albums to check out. The film features interviews with Hicks’ family, friends, and colleagues, and coverage of his life and work told through a unique semi animated style that pushes the established norms of documentary film making.

– Luke

item of the week : howdy sailor shirt by living dead souls

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Living Dead Souls’ Howdy Sailor Shirt


image source catslikeus.com

I recently bought myself a new pair of cowboy boots and I never want to take them off, thus kicking off my western wear search! Even if you’re not into line dancing or dosey doeing at your local country western bar, you can’t deny how adorable the Howdy Sailor Shirt by Living Dead Souls is. This shirt’s yoke is polka dot and features an embroidered anchor and rose detail, combining all the good aspects of western and sailor styling. The Howdy Sailor Shirt can be worn with the sleeves rolled up for a spring day, paired with some denim and of course a lovely pair of cowboy boots! Yeeeee-haw!

The Howdy Sailor Shirt is available online at www.catslikeus.com.

– Meagan

music review : SITD – Rot

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

[:SITD:] – Rot

SITD - Rot __ Booklet MET Pfaderelease date : October 27, 2009
released by : Metropolis
info : 5th album . 11 tracks . 54:46 run time
genre : EBM
reviewed by : Aaron Andrews

In color psychology, “rot” (red) is associated with energy, heat, blood, and strong emotions like: aggression, passion, and love. Furthermore “rot” represents revolutionary movements and symbolizes wrath, one of the seven deadly sins.

After reading that statement I have to say Rot is aptly titled in a few ways. There is a certain intensity and energy throughout the album. It’s not exactly revolutionary but it is carefully crafted and an enjoyable listen.

My familiarity with [:SITD:] before listening to this album was through their remixing, where I found the songs they touched always came out excellently. The band understands dance music and has put together an album that proves that in all of its faster tracks. The song structures are created with the steady movement forward and intelligent use of both breaks and build ups. Soaring string synthlines are anchored by the even, low vocals and a strong bed of intense rhythm. The compositions are focused on the music and there’s little misplaced loyalty to the lyrical content. Vocals aren’t always the focus but when they are added they make a positive contribution.

The dance songs are really where it’s at for me on this album and with most of the album being made up of these, it is kind of disappointing hearing the slower stuff like “Destination”. With such a firm grasp on making thrilling dance music the shift to more vocal focused ballad-like songs at several points was disappointing. Those pieces came up feeling a little forced and didn’t have the emotional energy that the album’s name implies.

[:SITD:] do so many things right that I have a great time listening to this album, it was worth investing the time for repeated listening and quite a few of these songs are welcome to my ears at the club.

recommended tracks : Catharsis (Heal Me, Control Me), Rot v1.0, Pride, Pharmakon
if you like you may like : Rotersand, Project Pitchfork, VNV Nation
overall 7 . lyrics 6 . music 7 . recording quality 8

check out [:SITD:] on tour now with VNV Nation

new york fashion week highlights : trias

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


Spanish designer Joaquin Trias showed his first Fall/Winter collection at the recent New York Fashion Week. Trias is a professional tennis player who’s passion for fashion started early in his life which then translated into him showing his first collection ever for the Spring/Summer 2010 season. His ready-to-wear collection features strong lines in sheath dresses and skirts, with classic tailoring reminiscent of 1960s Chanel. Highlights of the collection included; thin obi-like belts, ruched sleeves, and strong necklines. Over all a classic, very flattering collection for many body types and sizes.



attention : singles

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

On March 30th Metropolis Records releases four digital singles; Combichrist’s Scared, Mind.In.A.Box’s  8 Bits, System Syn’s Here’s To You, and Mesh’s How Long.  There will be a physical release of the Combichrist single on May 11th, but I am unsure on any of the others.


Combichrist’s Scarred is their third single of their highly successful album Today We Are All Demons, featuring five remixes, the original, and an extra song “Parental Content”. I did enjoy the “Pull Out Kings Remix”, but overall I felt that the remixes were somewhat unimpressive. The new track “Parental Content” starts off kicking like a good old techno track, with some random samples, and it keeps going that way.  Not your typical Combichrist song, but hey it’s a single and there should be something different on it.

Mind.In.A.Box’s 8-Bits comes off their R.E.T.R.O. album and features three remixes of “8-Bits” and the new track “Last Ninja 2”, which fills the gap of the two tracks on the album, “The Last Ninja III” and “The Last Ninja”. All four tracks are great and the club mix is essentially the track on the album just extended, which as a DJ I felt the album version was too short.


System Syn’s Here’s To You is a single off their forthcoming album Strangers. This seven track single is packed with greatness, you get “Here’s To You” and three remixes of it, a Imperative Reaction remix of “The Inconvenient”, a track called “Lead” and a cover of REM’s “Losing My Religion”.  The single is a strong track with catchy lyrics and just screams play me. This wetted my appetite for the full LP.

Mesh’s How Long, is the second single from their album A Perfect Solution.  This features a club mix for the dance floor, a radio cut for the people suffering with ADD, and an extended version for those with OCD. In addition to this there is an alternate version of “Hold and Restrain” and a new track, “Save Everyone”.


new york fashion week highlights : siki im

Sunday, March 14th, 2010


Siki Im‘s Fall/Winter 2010 collection at New York’s Fashion Week was not your typical menswear design. A mostly black and white collection was filled with; man skirts, kilts, and cropped sweaters, pushing against the normal views of masculinity. The collection read like a sleek business man that combined function with edgy asymmetrical cuts that are pure eye candy. I like the way the kilts were paired with cropped sweaters, accessorized with neckties, trouser socks, and blazers, these pieces all fit together to create a gender neutral silhouette which includes elements from both male and female clothing design. This collection is classic and brings new ideas to the future of menswear and what may become a wider world view of the suit.


kinetik festival 2010

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Auxiliary Magazine will be at Kinetik Festival again this year!  And this time we’ll have a vendor table!  This will be the third Kinetik, an electro/industrial/noise/hardcore festival in Montreal, Canada.  It will be May 12th through May 16th with many performing including… Leaether Strip, 16 Volt, Chemlab, Gothsicles, Combichrist, Decoded Feedback, FGFC 820, Hocico, Nachtmahr, Memmaker, Rotersand, Melotron, Faderhead, Covenant, and more! Kinetik is one of the most notable festivals in North America, not to be missed. And be sure to stop by our table and say hi!

Kinetik Festival 3.0 :: May 12-16 2010 :: Montreal - Canada

more info at www.festival-kinetik.net

lady gaga goes to jail

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Lady Gaga has become an undisputed master of the long form video, much like the epic and legendary “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, Gaga’s videos has become self contained mini movies whose plot is almost as integral to the overall effect of the production as is the music. Her latest video, “Telephone“; featuring Beyonce, continues to prove this point, as well as elevate it above the level of her previous outings. “Telephone” is a mish-mash of pop culture imagery crafted to the highest order of quality. Elements of prison exploitation films like Caged Heat, Quentin Tarantino, Japanese inspired graphics, and the usual quirky and informed styling that has become an integral part of Gaga’s videos. The fashionable Gaga takes it to a new level with the looks in this film, elements of punk, hip-hip, fetish, and found fashion abound. There are just so many nods and tributes thrown in here that it would seem likely to come of as a pastiche of the worst kind, however its handled with a style and sense of care that does make it come together as a whole and complete work, about the only moment in the video that may come off a little forced is Gaga’s Michael Jackson-esque dance moves as she is freed from prison at the end of the first act.

– Luke

item of the week : black satin & organza neck corset by decadent designs

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Decadent Design’s Black Satin & Organza Neck Corset


image source decadentdesigns.ca

Neck corsets are a serious weakness of mine, in fact most neck wear in general is something I encourage every woman (and man) to have a variety in their wardrobe. Accessories make my world go round and the drool factor is through the roof for Decadent Design’s Black Satin & Organza Neck Corset. The price for this lush piece is extremely reasonable as the neck corset is boned with ¼ inch steel boning, which means, it’s a real neck corset. Though not for the faint of heart, it takes some getting used to wearing such an apparatus, yet brings an impressive compliment to your outfit. The key to wearing such an over-the-top piece is to tone down your clothing and amp up the rest of your accessories with, textured leggings, wrist cuffs and possibly some small earrings. I suggest wearing your hair up to show off the gorgeous neck ruffle and not to cover up the nice corseted lace back.

The Black Satin & Organza Neck Corset is available online at www.decadentdesigns.ca.

– Meagan

VNV Nation and SITD in buffalo

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Auxiliary Magazine and After Dark Events presents…

VNV Nation & [:SITD:] in concert
March 26, 2010 @ 8:00 PM
Town Ballroom : 681 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202