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Archive for February, 2010

item of the week : sado workshirt

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Folter Clothing’s Sado Workshirt


image source folterclothing.com

There are a lot of cheesy workshirts out there for guys with patches that have on them “666”, “Evil”, or some random guy’s name.  Check out this Sado Workshirt by Folter Clothing and get a thumbs up in the non-cheese department!  I am really in love with the dominatrix’s faces, giving the graphic a whimsical feel to an otherwise normal sexual depiction.  I think few people know about Folter Clothing, yet you may have possibly spotted this brand at Hot Topic.  If you weed through the terrible stripper-esque fashions there are a hand-full of super sweet duds on Folter’s website!  Check it out!

The Sado Workshirt is available online at www.folterclothing.com.

– Meagan

fashion editorial : modus operandi

Friday, February 26th, 2010

featuring fashions by Stop Staring!, Unique Vintage, T.U.K. Inc., and more


photographer : Jennifer Link
fashion stylist : Meagan Hendrickson
makeup artist : Leane Christine
hair stylist : Erin Moser
models : Katie Buitendyk and Guy William Gane III
assistant : Zach Rose

view the full editorial in the February 10 Issue

new york fashion week highlights : anna sui

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2010


Layers upon layers of different laces, furs, knits, patterns, and textures was the theme of Anna Sui’s Fall/Winter collection at New York Fashion Week.  The collection read as if a 1960s mod met a sherpa and they both were influenced by the layering trend of the 1990s Seattle grunge scene.


The Fall/Winter collection featured the drop waist dress silhouette as the foundation for most of this season’s looks.  Sui seemed take us on a journey into different eras of the drop waist by showing looks from knitted day-wear to ruffled floral evening dresses into 1920s flapper-inspired bridal wear.  This chaotic array of plaids, florals, patterns, sequins, and even some macramé would make ones head spin, but Sui made me a believer that less can be more!  The highlights of the collection were the details in the patterned tights, fur vests, and pops of jewel-tones like; emerald green, plum purple, and royal blue.  Anna Sui always makes a statement by being on the cusp of alternative fashion, always daring and always giving us all something to drool over!


new york fashion week highlights : tony cohen

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Tony Cohen Fall/Winter 2010


Just like the New York chill in February, the set design echoed this theme with a carpeted  runway of black fallen leaves for Tony Cohen’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Born and bred in Netherlands, Amsterdam, Tony Cohen first designed clothes in Italy after going to school in the United States. Cohen attributes his father’s 40 years of woman’s fashion experience that helped him to become a fashion designer.


Cohen takes inspiration in designing from curtain draping, art, and fabric, which is prevalent in his sleek Fall/Winter 2010 collection. The mostly monochromatic collection had a neutral palette of gray, black, and burgundy, featuring draping fabrics and asymmetrical cuts combined to make each piece dramatic. The simplicity of color was overshadowed by the incorporation of rich textiles of fur, leather, and wool. The garments were complimented by seasonal accessories of; gloves, black leather belts, fish net gloves, and silver waist chains. The overall feel of Tony Cohen’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection is easy-to-wear, edgy and sexy, nothing too innovative, but definitely functional and memorable.


music reviews : february 2010 issue

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

music reviews featured in the February 10 Issue


Cervello Elettronico – Process Of Elimination

Die Perlen – Zehn

Electronic Saviors : Industrial Music to Cure Cancer

ESA – The Immaculate Manipulation

Flint Glass – Nyarlathotep & From Beyond EP

Four Tet – There Is Love In You

Helalyn Flowers – Stitches of Eden

Liars – Sisterworld

Nitzer Ebb – Industrial Complex

Owen Pallett – Heartfelt

read the reviews in the February 10 Issue

music review : minimal wave tapes volume one

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

11298 ross_ellis_gatefold

Warning : This CD may get you beat up just for listening to it.
Dragging back out of the shadows uber-nerdy cold synths and icy drum machines fed through a ring modulator, the folks at Minimal Wave have brought back a sound lost over the decades as better technology shadowed its predecessors. Presented here are not classic recordings, but ultra-rare items from the early 80s industrial/synth/post-punk era such as limited edition cassettes and small press vinyl that were probably never meant to be heard by anyone other than die-hard fans and friends. Minimal and lo-fi, it’s the kind of music only geeks, freaks, and Germans in black turtlenecks with monkeys on their shoulders could love, created by art-school drop outs and/or kids that could manage to plunk down the cash for top of the line electronics but had no idea what to do with it. The end result is an amazing time capsule which seems to explain the missing links between the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, Gary Numan, Joy Division, Devo, Kraftwerk and modern EBM/industrial. Highly recommended as both a history lesson for newbies and a surprisingly obscure collection for seasoned veterans.

Sample track : “The Cabinet” by Das Kabinette

– Paul Morin

interviews : Doe Deere of Lime Crime Makeup

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

NYC-based makeup artist, model, musician, and lifestyle blogger Doe Deere simply couldn’t find makeup bright enough. So she created her own “so bright, it’s illegal!” makeup company, Lime Crime which focuses on creating the most intensely pigmented, dare-to-wear cosmetics for the vivid, quirky, and unique. As Lime Crime prepares to enter the retail market in US, Australia, Canada, and UK and plans for several new product releases we caught up with Doe Deere to talk about the road that got her to this point.Read the interview in the February 10 Issue.


interview : Vanity Kills
photographer : Steve Prue
model : Doe Deere
makeup artist : Doe Deere for Lime Crime Makeup
hair stylist : Kristin Jackson
fashion stylist : Catherine Mudford for Emma Bell
fashions : Emma Bell

What is the most challenging aspect of running a one-woman makeup empire?
I wouldn’t call it an empire just yet; I only have a couple employees and a partner. But the most challenging part is learning how to run a business, on the fly! I started out a girl in my attic, and a year later I’m signing checks and making big, scary decisions. But it’s a learning process which I really enjoy.

How lengthy was the process of turning the vision of that perfect brightly pigmented makeup line in your head into a tangible product?
It took a long time, I won’t lie. I’ve been developing the brand since 2005, when I started posting makeup tutorials on my website, limecrime.net. I always had trouble finding eyeshadows and lipsticks bright enough that went on exactly how they looked. That’s how the idea was born. By 2008 I had a solid following online and began reaching out to labs in NY and LA. The webstore went live two weeks before Halloween.

read the rest of the interview in the February 10 Issue

item of the week : cyber baby-doll dress

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Artifice Clothing’s Cyber Baby-doll Dress


image source artificeclothing.com

With Valentine’s Day behind us, as you finish the last piece chocolate, don’t fret that it’s all over! Extend the decadent holiday; buy yourself something shiny and cute! I absolutely love baby doll style dresses and the Cyber Baby-doll Dress by Artifice Clothing makes me want to order one in every color. This style will flatter any body type and the ruffled bust line will flatter any bust size.  Whether you’re a cyber maiden and choose gunmetal silver PVC to appease your robot tendencies or you’re a cutesy lolita-esque doll in pink PVC, this dress is versatile for all looks.  Enjoy!

The Cyber Baby-doll Dress is available online at www.artificeclothing.com.

– Meagan

beauty editorial : celestial bodies

Friday, February 19th, 2010


photographer : Steve Prue
art director : Katie Pellegrino
fashion stylist : Team Rockstar
makeup artist : Katie Pellegrino
hair stylist : Kristin Johnson
models : Ewelina Rak and Dylan Monroe

view the full editorial in the February 10 Issue

the music videos : die antwoord

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010


image source metalbox.co.za

Die Antwoord hit the internet like a nuclear bomb, the energetic South African group (parody?) has been making a huge splash with their eclectic videos, being most recently featured on Attack of the Show. There is more than just the surface appeal to Die Antwoord though, they bring a whole new flavor to rap that is catching people’s ears across the globe. Group DJ Hi-Tek brings some seriously catchy and dance based beats to their music giving it a well produced sound that matches well with their schizophrenic mix of styles and influences. Waddy Jones (aka. Ninja) is an impressive and lyrically accomplished MC, able to lay down some aggressive, tight, and often endearingly self aggrandizing lyrics with a style that may seem silly at times, but always lead one to believe that there may be more parody and commentary going on than you first realize. He seems to walk the line between GZA and GG Allin at any given moment.

Keep an eye on their style as well, Yo-Landi Vi$$er may be slated to become the Fergie of the alt scene, like a punk/sexy Lady Sovereign possessing a deconstructed and often thrift store chic style mixed with some interesting twists that very well may get quickly picked up by those in the know looking for something different (I guarantee that her hair style, my current coif obsession, is an early precursor to some styles I am already starting to see make it into the zeitgeist, I cannot wait to see some more runway shows and editorials rocking a look like that).


the PinUp : Kerosene Deluxe

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Auxiliary’s playful take on the sexy centerfold pin up.  This month we bring you Kerosene Deluxe in Lovesick and DGFH7.  Flip the page, cut out, and tac on your wall!


photographer : Andrea Hausmann
hair stylist : Jill Keech
model and makeup : Kerosene Deluxe

view more photos in the February 10 Issue

in the media : 2010 olympian johnny weir

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

The 2010 Winter Olympics opened this weekend in Vancouver.  I personally am not a huge sports fan, but I don’t hold that angsty teenage “I hate sports” mentality anymore.  I have however, always enjoyed the Olympics, especially the winter ones.  After watching trials and build up on Universal Sports (one of the few stations I get without cable) and the opening events this weekend, I know for the 2010 Olympics, I’m following Johnny Weir.

While I don’t know if he’s the best male figure skater based on talent, he is my favorite 2010 Olympian based on style.  The outfits he wears while performing are awesome glitzed, glittered, feathered, shiney, and bold.  His costumes embrace the horrible figure skating ensemble and make it amazing through a glam rock look and attitude.  The outfits are topped with glammed-out black hair and creative makeup.  For his exhibition program this season he chose Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, nodding at another star people love or hate, and who also draws on alternative fashion.

Catch Johnny Weir in men’s short program figure skating today, in the United States it will be on NBC.

– Jennifer

unaussprechlichen kulten : six string samurai

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Auxiliary Magazine would like to introduce its newest writer and column; Adam Rosina and Unaussprechlichen Kulten, respectively. A new column that looks far too deep into the morgues and mausoleums of of cult cinema for those amazing but unsung movies that just refuse to die.

Six String Samurai is a mish mashed, convoluted mess of a film. It’s also wildly entertaining, if you’re willing to overlook its flaws. Shot by writer/director Lance Mungia, turning in his only feature-length directorial credit (unless you count The Crow: Wicked Prayer, and I don’t), and released in those “anything goes” days of 90s indie cinema.  Six String Samurai stars actor/martial artist Jeffrey Falcon (also known for his roles in, well, nothing anyone’s ever seen) as a sword-swinging Buddy Holly look-alike journeying across the wasteland on a quest to become the King of rock n roll.  Along the way it offers its own take on post-apocalyptic fiction, incorporating elements from such diverse sources as the western genre, Japanese chambara films, bad sci-fi movies, and the modern fairy tale. Which is not to say that the filmmakers simply cut and pasted the best parts from other works to create this film, but rather brought together many different kinds of genre fiction and made it their own.


fashion editorial : gaslight romance

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

featuring fashions by Morph, ClockworkZero, Epoque Clothing, Monster Muffin, and more


photographer : Der Wei
fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz
makeup artists : Emily Rosa and Genavieve White
hair stylist : Nicholas Wong
models : Bella Freer and Annie Kookie

view the full editorial in the February 10 Issue