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Gucci picks David Lynch and Chris Cunningham

Monday, November 30th, 2009

This has been a year of changes for Gucci, a new CEO in Patrizio di Marco and the launch of the companies first television advertisement spots. Gucci decided to do it in a rather unusual fashion, by tapping with what many consider to be two of the strangest and most original directors working today. First is the advertisement for Gucci by Gucci, a poppy number featuring a track by Blondie directed by the legendary David Lynch. Elements of Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks, and Inland Empire abound in this one minute spot that drips pure Lynch all over Gucci’s brand, and yet, it works so well for them. It’s beautiful. stylish, offbeat, and has a decidedly hedonistic atmosphere to it, with just a bit of Lynch’s psychological and supernatural twists.

Next is Flora by Gucci directed by Chris Cunningham. It’s not nearly as dark or shocking as many of Cunningham’s video pieces, I would venture to say that what it is, is absolutely gorgeous. The floral aspects of the product are brought to the center in an evocative and ethereal thirty second spot. There is a light and airy feel that is a bit of a departure from the pieces that Cunningham is best known for. But again, it’s such a perfect yet unusual choice for a brand like Gucci to choose both of these directors.

– Luke

the music videos that made 2009

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

While the music staff here at Auxiliary is busy getting their big end of the decade music feature ready for the December issue release, its up to me, your official victim of multimedia consumption to bring you, my loyal readers, my picks for the top videos of the year. These stunning combinations of sound and motion are in no particular ranking.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

Directed by Richard Ayoade (yes, Moss from The IT Crowd) the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ unusually danceable single from earlier this year brings the violence in a glamorous way. A werewolf with MJ moves slaughters the entire crowd and the band in spouts of blood red confetti. It’s the most glamourous massacre I have ever seen. Karen O and and the boys are at the top of their game here.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics : Lip Tar

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
During our visit to the International Makeup Artists Trade Show this weekend in Toronto (a review of the event coming soon) there was one product that everyone was buzzing about so much that we felt it warranted an immediate review.  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics new Lip Tar line, for lack of a better term, blew us away.  A lip product that applies like a gloss but with a color that is richer and more long lasting than most top brand lipsticks.  Available in 20 fantastic colors from neutral tones, through a series of bright and electric colors and, even completely opaque black and white options called respectively, tarred and feathered.  Lip Tar is extremely pigmented, which is fantastic if you’re trying to get those candy like tones, but don’t discount the more neutral shades as well, they provide exceptionally smooth coverage, and apply so easily.  This is an absolutely exciting product line. 100% vegan and cruelty free.


photograph by Luke Copping

I used lip tar extensively on the new beauty editorial I shot for Auxiliary Magazine’s upcoming December issue and it did not disappoint when put to the test.  On camera it is extremely pigmented, glossy, and smooth.  It just looks beautiful.  I was doubly impressed because the shoot involved spraying water all over the models faces, and the lip tar held in place just fine.  Keep an eye out for it in the upcoming issue.  This is a product line that I will definitely be continuing to use and recommend for both professional applications as well as for makeup enthusiasts looking to try something new.

– Rachel Mazurek

no. 6’s signature blazer

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

In rebellion against AMC’s rather boring (so far) reinterpretation of Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner, rock your style a little old school.  My new favorite store Topman is carrying a well cut version of No. 6’s signature blazer, as well as a few other variations on the same theme.  The contrast piping is a nice change of pace from the monotony of both overly simple jackets as well as the overdone silkscreened and distressed blazers that seem to be popping up everywhere lately.  Paired with dark, well fit denim, or a pair of well tailored pants this is a simple element that can be dressed up or down depending on your style.  But i can see it fitting in very well with a preppy, clean cut geek chic ensemble or paired with some more distressed elements to create an upscale hybrid rock look.  The trick with wearing any piece like this with pop culture significance is to drop the sense of irony, don’t wear it because it a fashionable reminder of the television zeitgeist, but because you can make it an versatile and integral element of your own style.


And don’t forget to pick up the new Blue Ray edition of the complete original series here.  Make sure to watch it all in one sitting.  The marathon will only increase the paranoia.

– Luke

item of the week : quinn clutch

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Too Fast’s Quinn Clutch in Comedy Mask print


image source toofastonline.com

I really love the Too Fast brand and their Quinn Clutch in the Comedy Mask print really caught my eye.  Tattoo inspired design, leopard print, and black shiny vinyl, Oh my!  I have to admit I am a sucker for all three!  Handbags are my way of spicing up my normally black-clad attired self and I have to admit I get a little giddy about getting a new handbag.  So please allow me to giggle like a girly girl!

Fun handbags of different sizes and prints are an inexpensive way to breathe some new life into your current closet.  The price is also a reason to drool all over your laptop; this handy clutch can be yours for just $32.  Your wallet and wardrobe will thank you.  Where else are you going to keep all your beauty secrets?

The Quinn Clutch is available online at www.toofastonline.com.

– Meagan

the music videos : deee-lite

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Pay attention, if you want to see a dance floor fill up in the blink of an eye, simply play this track.  I am still working on a mathematical theorem that will prove Deee-lite may have been the single most fun band to come out of the 90s.  Formed by a trio of New York DJs and club personalities, it was this song, which includes cameos from funk legend Bootsy Collins, and a Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip, that catapulted Deee-Lite into the international party stratosphere.  Notable for its innovative, stylish video and memorable band members that were well ahead of their time.  (If you don’t think Lady Gaga read a few chapters from Lady Miss Kier’s playbook you are fooling yourself.)  Groove is in the Heart became a club and party track of legendary status.  Though the members of Deee-lite eventually went their separate ways they left a lasting impact on music, dance, style, and aesthetics that are still rippling outwards and felt today.  And because I still have overwhelming crush on Lady Miss Kier left over from my adolescence, here are a few bonus videos.

– Luke

clockwork punk by tarina tarantino

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Very few people know her by her designer name, but many have seen her Hello Kitty rhinestoned jewelry creations at mall stores and modeled by Jeffrey Star.  Her name is Tarina Tarantino and her world is covered in bows, rhinestones, and cute yet creepy jewelry and hair accessories.  There are many imitators, but only one Tarina Tarantino.


image source tarinatarantino.com

Her newest collection, Clockwork Punk, really caught my attention.  This collection is steampunk influenced, but it also infuses kitsch with the mechanical structure that is often seen in this style trend.  Tarina’s designs have really brought a different spin to the style by incorporating gears into the decorative aspect of the jewelry.  The use of gold and silver color combinations evoke a very rich and antique feel, but still keep the designs current, fashionable, and easy to wear.

The pieces that really make my old timey heart skip a beat are the Extra-Large Bow Anywhere Clip, the Collage Pendant Necklace, and the Lock and Key Ring.


image source tarinatarantino.com

Tarina Tarantino set out to make pieces that are a steampunk take on the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz and I think that she succeeded!  Check out the site, clickity click on the cute “tin girl” model and enjoy your steamy little hearts out.

– Meagan

fashion editorial : hardware

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Who said fashion has to be safe?  Accessories boasting a harder edge.

featuring fashions by RockLove, Tomtom Designs, Collective Chaos Designs, New York Couture, House of Bias, and more


photographer : Steve Prue
fashion styling : Team Rockstar
makeup artist : Anita Nouryeh
hair stylist : Kristin Jackson
model : Siouxsie Radcliffe

view the full editorial in the October 09 Issue

jimmy choo for h&m

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

On November 14th H&M stores released a limited collection by fashion designer label Jimmy Choo.  The in-store collection is so limited that each customer is only allowed one item per style and size as to maximize the availability to as many customers as possible.  H&M is expecting this collection to sell out quickly due to the limited and exclusive nature of the line.


image source hm.com

The Jimmy Choo for H&M collection includes lady’s and men’s shoes, accessories, and clothing.  Fashions are moderately priced as nothing is over $300, an affordable opportunity to add this luxury brand to your wardrobe.  Some highlights of the collection include; leather studded heels, a one shoulder black leather dress, a lady’s sequined cardigan, men’s grey suede ankle boots, a zebra print clutch, a men’s two piece black suit, and a lady’s chained collar necklace.


image source hm.com

This collection is full of leather; studs, chains, and sequins, really infusing the biker influences that are appearing on runway fashions.  All of the pieces in the collection can be paired together ranging from day casual to edgy evening attire, with the idea that more is more, be dramatic!  The color palate is black, silver, grey, and pops of blue appearing in the form of a suede tunic dress.  All around a very wearable and attainable collection for all fashionistas, male and female.

I highly recommend not missing out on this opportunity in purchasing some great leather pieces as well as nice hardware influenced accessories from H&M. Versatile, sexy and edgy, Jimmy Choo for H&M surely is a fall must have this season.

– Meagan

music features : Daniel Ash

Friday, November 13th, 2009

catching up with Daniel Ash

by Aaron Andrews

Daniel Ash, reluctant goth icon, motorcycle enthusiast, DJ, and man of fashion, certainly has an infamous name and reputation in alternative music.  The recent release of a Love and Rockets tribute album is evidence of that.  Ash started out playing in cover bands with the Haskins brothers before all three joined with acquaintance Peter Murphy to form Bauhaus.  At the end of that iconic band, he went on to front Tones on Tail and its follow up Love and Rockets with one and then both of the Haskins brothers.  It’s an impressive list of bands and an impressive body of work.  Despite having a ton to get a swelled head about, Daniel Ash has to be one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever talked to.  He’s forthcoming, friendly and gracious.  Talking to him over the phone was like chatting with a new friend, and he made it seem like he’d love to talk about music or motorcycles whether there was a project to promote or not.


However, he is currently doing press for New Tales to Tell the aforementioned tribute album, put together by friend Christopher “The Minister”.  Christopher is a DJ for Sirius XM radio, a fact that escaped me for a few seconds as Daniel repeated over and over to me that he was a “serious” DJ and I thought, “of course, why do it if you’re not serious?”  Of course, it dawned on me what he meant and I, still kind of shy, meekly suggested, “the satellite?” With the misunderstanding resolved, we moved on to the album itself that Ash had no hand in but evidently his friend The Minister has made a pet project.

read the rest of the interview in the October 09 Issue

item of the week : ghost and pepper

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Gloomth’s Ghost skirt and Pepper shrug


I came across this pair of new designs by Canadian designer Gloomth a few days ago and instantly started thinking how much money I had to spend on a fashion impulse purchase.  This shrug and skirt combo are versatile and very now.  At least for my current style interest, which has been items I can layer and mix (such as shrugs, leggings, arm warmers, etc.) in an urban wander sort of way in a palette of dull muted colors that blend Victorian style elements with futuristic and modern style elements.

This skirt and shrug combo could be used to make a great outfit for going out, but also could be used in everyday more comfortable outfits.  This has been a major point for me as money is tight for me right now, as I’m sure it is for everyone lately, and I can better justify spending money on clothing that can have multiple uses.  The skirt could be paired with a cotton blouse or shirt and leggings.  The shrug could be a stylish addition to a skinny jeans and boots day outfit.  A big plus is that they are both grey, and I’m always on the look out for items that will add a little contrast to my primarily black wardrobe.  I’m a big fan of the shrug, but I normally think of it as an item for my cyber-style outfits, and I love that this shrug has an old-fashioned style.

The ghost skirt is limited edition and both can be purchased online at Gloomth’s website.

– Jennifer

super sonic hump day retro rewind : Scatman

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Most novelty dance hits remain just that, a pure novelty that burns bright for a second and then fades into derision and hatred. Looking back at tracks like Rednex’s Cotton Eye Joe, or anything the Venga Boys did and you will feel faintly ridiculous about the whole thing. Scatman John transcended that, while most definitely a novelty track, Scatman turned out to be more like a fine wine that got better with age. The video is stylish, fun, and not terribly dated. The song is extremely catchy, unique, and has just that right combination of weird/catchy that a whole room of people will rise to excitement if its played, regardless of venue. The song is fucking beloved amongst fans of the genre. His popularity was so great in Japan that even Japanese legendary superhero Ultraman parodied Scatman while wearing Scatman John’s signature hat.

– Luke

bad romance

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Lady Gaga’s new video dropped today for “Bad Romance”, part of her forthcoming re-release album The Fame Monster. Directed by Francis Lawrence the video proves that Gaga will continue to be a driving force in both pop music, style, and alternative fashion. Her meteoric rise to the top of the pop game rivals that of Michael Jackson and Madonna, but its her well edited style and wide ranging visual appeal that is gaining her fans across genre and lifestyle barriers. There is a definite sense of design in everything she does that can be appreciated by even the most casual fans.

– Luke

fashion editorial : boys be ambitious

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Put down the band tee and black jeans.  These looks will have you ruling the night.

featuring fashions by Retroscope Fashion, Shrine, Hause of Howe, Tripp NYC, and more


photographer : Omar Robinson
fashion stylist : Numi Prasarn
makeup artist : Margherita Tisato
hair stylist : Numi Prasarn
model : Michael Hopwood

view the full editorial in the October 09 Issue