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Archive for July, 2009

the PinUp : Raquel Reed

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Auxiliary’s playful take on the sexy centerfold pin up.  This month we bring you Raquel Reed in Tom Tom.  Flip the page, cut out, and tac on your wall!

photographer : Steve Prue
makeup artist : Doe Deere for Lime Crime
hair stylist : Raquel Reed
model : Raquel Reed

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SALE on all print copies!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

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Print copies are available for purchase online at : magcloud.com/browse/Issue/20556

interviews : mogwai

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

an interview with Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai

Listening to Mogwai is a little like standing outside and watching a violent storm develop – from the first few drops of a light rain and wind to a howling fury of thunder and lightning.  The music moves from cautious, quiet melodies that remind the listener of The Cure or Cocteau Twins to pounding metallic riffs with three guitarists lost in a downpour of distortion.  Their music embodies the aesthetic of the Kantian sublime, in all of its awe and uneasiness.

Paul Morin recently spoke to guitarist/founding member Stuart Braithwaite about the current tour in support of their 7th album, The Hawk is Howling, and about how and where their sublime aesthetic was formed.

How has your sound developed over the years?

Stuart Braithwaite : It’s just trial and error and just circumstance. I mean, after our first album, Barry [Burns] joined us to play piano and we ended up using a little more piano because we had a piano player. For our third or fourth album we started using computers, so we really use whatever’s at hand. I think it’s been pretty organic. We don’t really think too much about what’s going on. We just usually think about the music and what we use in the music tends to come from what we enjoy playing at the time.

Is the electronic influence coming through you or through Barry?

SB : I think we’re all interested in electronic music. It’s mostly Barry and John [Cummings] that use computers when we’re recording.

Are you guys listening to a lot of electronic bands right now?

SB : I think we have been, yeah. I mean, we’ve always been interested in stuff like Kraftwerk, and a lot of dance music, and a lot of Warp records stuff like Boards of Canada, Autechre and that kind of thing. Yeah, we’re definitely interested in electronic

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the queen city gets slimed

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Slime City Massacre director Greg Lamberson

After nearly twenty years Buffalo, NY director and writer Greg Lamberson is working on the upcoming film, Slime City Massacre, the sequel to his 80s cult gem Slime City.  A Buffalo native who has worked in the horror genre for quite some time, Lamberson has become quite adept at the art of making movies with little to no budget.  Having completed such micro-budget films as Naked Fear, Undying Love, and the original Slime City.  Check back soon as Auxiliary Magazine will be providing further coverage of this film as it develops but in the mean time you have a chance to get in on the action, Lamberson is looking for extras in the western NY area to appear in Slime City Massacre.

Extras are needed for the following days : July 12, July 14 and July 18.
The location is the abandoned postal facility adjacent to the equally abandoned Central Terminal Station : 59 Memorial Drive, Buffalo, NY 14206.
Sunday, July 12th – homeless people on platform : 9 am – 12 pm
Tuesday, July 14th – “Den of Cin” a sort of flea market for drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes.  A mix of homeless people as well as “uptown customers” : 8 am – 12 pm
Saturday, July 18th – “Mercenary Weekend” when the titular massacre occurs : 8 am – 2 pm
Clothing : worn, dirty, no copyrighted logos or images.

Check out Lamberson’s other films as well as his award winning horror novel Personal Demons at his website.

– Luke

music reviews : June 09 Issue

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

music reviews featured in the June 09 Issue

IAMX – Kingdom of Welcome Addiction

Depeche Mode – Sounds of the Universe

DJ Hell – Teufelswerk

The Crystal Method – Divided By Night

Fischerspooner – Entertainment

Metric – Fantasies

Moby – Wait for Me

Diary of Dreams – (if)

Kettel – Myam James Part 2

Steve Roach – Dynamic Stillness

Oil 10 – Retrofuture

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fashion editorial : bygone eras

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Perfect for summer, cotton dresses, airy ruffles, and sheer lace reminiscent of past times.

featuring fashions by Shrine, Artifice, Heavy Red, Shawna Hofmann Designs, and more

photographer : Luke Copping
fashion styist : Meagan Breen
makeup artist : Rachel Mazurek
hair stylist : Jennifer Buscaglia
models : Velocity Girl and Rachel Mazurek
assistant : Donnie Richburg

view the full editorial in the June 09 Issue

demons on tour

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Today is the last date of Combichrist’s Demons on Tour; this stretch also featuring Julien-K, Aesthetic Perfection, and Dismantled.  Last weekend the whole Auxiliary crew had the chance to see the tour in Buffalo, NY.

Ryan of Julien-K

Ryan of Julien-K

I can honestly say that every band put on a very solid performance.  There was no waiting through painful opening bands this night.  Dismantled started the night, followed by Aesthetic Perfection, then Julien-K, and ending the night Combichrist.  And there was no waiting through “guy standing behind laptop pressing buttons”.  Each act was a full band, live drums, and energetic performances.


interview : Combichrist

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Combichrist is the brain child and creative baby of Andy LaPlegua, first known here in the States for another of his bands, Icon of Coil.  Andy took time away from that project to create Combichrist’s Kiss the Blade, first released in 2003.  What started out as an exploration of harsh beats and noise has morphed over the course of six years into an aggro/electro industrial project producing four albums and five EPs, as well as a number of remixes.

In the studio, LaPlegua writes and produces the material for Combichrist alone.  When he takes the show on the road the whole project not only comes to life but explodes into full being.  The project has manifested as an exciting and energetic stage act, winding the audience into a frenzied, throbbing hoard bent on losing themselves in the beat.  This kind of high-octane live presentation feeds back into LaPlegua’s studio work for the next Combichrist release, creating a cycle that has an infinitely building momentum.

With live percussion and a commanding stage presence, they pound through each show with fanatical energy, setting this act apart from the sea of contemporary acts that just occupy stage space as their laptops play.  Combichrist seems that they would happily stomp those automatons to dust in their quest to deliver a unforgettable show.  The experience of their live performance in not to by missed and certainly won’t be forgotten by those who’ve lived through it.

Their most current tour adventure, “Demons On Tour”, started off in North America with Black Light Burns before they split off and engaged a European leg.  We caught up with LaPlegua and the current tour line-up, Joe Letz, Z_Marr, and Trevor Friedrich in Toronto just before their show at the Opera House, where they were gracious enough to take the time to meet with us.

photography Jennifer Link
interview Aaron Andrews
Combichrist Live
Andy LaPlegua
Trevor Friedrich
Joe Letz

It looks like you’ve got a long tour ahead, US then Europe; do you enjoy being on tour?

Andy – Yes and no.

What do you specifically enjoy, what don’t you enjoy?

Andy – Nah I mean I enjoy being on tour; it’s rough, but it’s cool. It’s what we do, I guess. It’s rougher to not be on tour.
Z_Marr – Never a dull moment.

Is it the variety that entertains you?

Andy – It is just the life on the road, living in a bus, being on the road all the time; that’s basically what I do. When-ever I am at home it’s really weird.
Joey – It’s really hard to do this, it’s fun, but it’s really hard. And once you get home, you are always like, ‘I needed to be home.’ Then after a couple days you are like ‘what the hell am I doing? I got to get on the road.’
Z_Marr – There is this weird decompression period where I run around trying to find things to do and there is nothing. You wake up and you’re like, ‘fuck I missed sound check.’

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