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Archive for June, 2009

fashion editorial : summer flavors

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Graphic.  Modern.  Retro.  Swimwear gets a revamp with three designers showcasing the versatility of this summertime staple.  Pick a flavor.

featuring fashions by Lolita Girl Clothing, Poko Pano, Insight, Iron Fist, and more.

photographer : Kat Bret
fashion stylist : Numi Prasarn
makeup artist : Bennet Green
hair stylist : Kristin Jackson
models : Dori Bot and Scarlett Dancer

view the full editorial in the June 09 Issue

artist spotlight : Pomplamoose

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Dirwood [who DJed at our June Issue Release Party] shares his latest musical discovery in this artist spotlight.

It’s a fact that I spend way too much time on the internet.  Most of this time is pointless wandering, but as the saying goes, even a blind nut finds a squirrel every now and then (or something like that).  So my latest find is this duo called Pomplamoose who have been recording together since the middle of the summer of 2008.

The duo consists of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn who consider Pomplamoose an indie rock band, but their songs also incorporate jazz, funk, soul, and many other styles. When playing by himself Jack’s music has an experimental flavor to it while Nataly’s solo stuff is much more conservative, but when these two combine forces they balance each other out to a perfect blend of both worlds.

The coolest thing is that not only do they give you quality music, but if you keep up to date with their YouTube page each song comes with it’s own video.  These “VideoSongs”, which the group has coined as a new medium, are edited in a way that is slightly reminiscent of what Lasse Gjertsen did a few years back with his “Hyperactive” and “Amateur” videos.

My favorite song by them is still the one that started it all, “Pas Encore”.  With its groovy bassline and super smooth French vocals it is a great way to start the day.  Also, check out “Beat the Horse” and “Hail Mary”.  Their music is available on itunes and also on their myspace page and you can find their video page on YouTube.

– Darren M. Orlowski

the northside

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

We sent Jennifer Serchia out to explore Northside Festival in Brooklyn, New York organized by The L Magazine.

Considering the perpetual rain this summer, there is no denying June gloom is here, or as my pal Tom calls it, “April hangover”.  Although, it is discouraging having summer on hold, I’ve got to say a good alternative to partying outside is partying INSIDE, as demonstrated by the Northside Festival in Williamsburg this past weekend.  Northside took advantage of the grey weather by utilizing neighborhood bars, restaurants, and galleries to host myriad musical performances (and we all know music, eating, and drinking doesn’t go out of season).  Lists of bands were curated for and assigned venues to perform in so concert-goers could choose their own itinerary, sort of like a musical scavenger hunt.  The cost was $35 for a badge that allowed access into any show hipsters could scurry to in time, an economical approach to concert-viewing.  It was also an ingenious way to promote local businesses and introduce new places to anyone interested.


of faith, power, and glory

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

an interview with Ronan Harris of VNV Nation

Mike, music editor of Auxiliary Magazine, had the chance to chat with Ronan via phone as VNV Nation prepares for the release of a new album and the start of their North American tour.

Where are you right now?

I’m in Hamburg, Germany.  I’ve been up since early this morning, coordinating the upload of the master, which has been fun.

Are you almost done?

It’s out of my hands.  I just have to get some European side of stuff taken care of.  From now on it’s just the interviews, sales sheets, press info, and getting journalists access to all the songs on iPool and all that kind of fun stuff.

How long did it take you to record the album Of Faith Power & Glory?

Well it’s kind of a hard thing to judge because, other then the month before the album is finished, it’s kind of on and off.  It’s basically an ever-going process within the same studio.  I’ll work on a song up to a certain point and then I’ll leave it and go off and work on something else.  I never really have full days to dedicate to the songs; I just build it up and let it build as it goes.  When it comes to the last month you say, ‘right, let’s begin now.’  You start to pick out the songs you are going to work on.  We pick out 13 in hopes that 10 will live.  And basically you start fleshing out the production.  There were four intensive weeks and the last two were the most intense of my musical career.


june issue release party : Lip Service fashion show

Friday, June 12th, 2009

The June Issue release party was this past weekend in Buffalo, NY.  It was a great success and tons of fun, thanks to everyone that made it out!  The first part of the night was fashion, with a Lip Service fashion show organized by Vanity Kills (writer for both Auxiliary Magazine and Lip Service’s Webzine) and myself, featuring models from the Lip Service obsessed web community Lippy Addicts.  Lip Service is a staple of alternative fashion, they are one of the most well known brands, and they’ve been designing clothes since 1985!  The fashion show featured both new Lip Service looks from their spring and summer collections and classic Lip Service looks, or “holy grails” as Lippy Addicts likes to call them, from past collections.

Free Clinic by Lip Service


my label is the internet : the interviews part 3

Friday, June 12th, 2009

When researching the article “My Label is the Internet” for our April09 issue, Alex had the chance to talk with several people directly involved with netlabels.

An interview with Ray from Ekoplex

Ekoplex is Ray Vincent, a multifaceted psychedelic trance producer from Toronto, Canada.  Ekoplex releases music through the netlabel Ektoplazm.

What brought your project, Ekoplex to Ektoplazm?

I’ve actually known Alexander for a long time now and have worked together on other stuff.  He has always been supportive of my music and the psytrance community here in Toronto.

Also I really wanted this album to be handled right.  Sometimes labels can sit on projects forever and in the end can be a disappointment of how everything went.  With Ektoplazm, I knew that Alexander cared as much about this as I did and things would be handled right.  Plus the exposure artists get through Ektoplazm is incredible. (more…)

june issue now available in print!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Print copies of the June Issue of Auxiliary Magazine are now available for purchase online!  They are $15 and available through MagCloud at www.magcloud.com.  Simply follow the link the MagCloud’s site, add the issue to your shopping cart, follow the easy steps to buy your issue, get it delivered to your home, and take with you to read on your couch, in bed, on the train, at a coffee shop, on the beach, by a pool, or wherever!  As always Auxiliary Magazine is available online and in print, so you can still read the issue for free online.

Pick one…

june issue release party

Friday, June 5th, 2009

June 6th @ Club W, Buffalo, NY

Come out and join us tomorrow night as we celebrate the release of the fourth issue of Auxiliary Magazine!  There will be a fashion show featuring Lip Service brought to you by Vanity Kills (writer for Auxiliary and Lip Service) and the web community Lippy Addicts.  Lovely ladies will be walking the runway in the newest Lip Service styles and Lip Service “classics” from their own personal wardrobes.  Lip Service, “the original cult”, is one of the most well established alternative clothing lines.  Based out of LA, they have been designing clothes since 1985 and are available throughout the US in clothing boutiques and chain stores like Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters.  Fashion show is at 10:30, but get there early and receive a free Lip Service calendar.

In addition to great fashion, Auxiliary will be bringing you great music.  Dirwood, a Buffalo native, is back in town from LA for an exclusive set.  In addition the Oracle (one half of Dharma Lab), Darago (Auxiliary, Netwerk23), and DJ Leah (WBNY) will be playing.

Hope to see you there!

for more info visit… www.auxiliarymagazine.com/events

june 09 issue!

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

The June 09 issue of Auxiliary Magazine is out now! June features summer inspired photo editorials, an interview with Mogwai, and Raquel Reed as this issue’s PinUp. It also features a look into Dolly of Dungaree Dolly’s dream home, event coverage of NYC’s Dances of Vice and Stimulate parties, and fashion by Shawna Hofmann, Artifice, Lolita Girl Clothing, Urban Outfitters, Lucky Kat, Tom Tom, and much much more. You can download it HERE for free. Print copies will be available in a week. Enjoy!